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“Nessens” in Arabic language dictionaries means blowing cold winds, and this meaning is used in many Arab countries, especially in the western region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the slang of the people of Sudan, it is used in the sense of conveying and spreading news, and “nasnas” in the language is a small monkey that moves easily and gracefully from one place to another, hence the analogy, and God knows best.

The first of these “fitnesses” happened to me. Someone told me about it. There was a beautiful young woman, Haifa, married to a man who loved and adored her. The ship of dreams moved quietly and gently, and God opened the door for the husband, so money flowed in abundance in his hands, and they were blessed with sons and daughters, and they built a nice house and acquired a luxury car, and everything went well until that day did not turn their lives upside down. A relative lived with them intermittently, and the husband had a dear friend who was very close to him. One day, the family, including a “cousin”, was invited to a wedding ceremony outside the capital. The husband was exhausted that day, having spent a long time trying to finish work for his company, so he excused himself for going to the occasion and entrusted their cousin to accompany the woman, on the condition that they would excuse his presence. Everything went in the best order, and the wife completely “led”, because she was known for her elegance and brilliance. Everyone returned late from the event, and the husband was in a deep sleep at that time, so he felt their presence only the next morning. The husband went to work as usual and left everyone to sleep, but he was surprised by their relative standing in front of him in the office without any agreement or warning. The man sat down anxiously, trying to hold on and not get excited, and immediately got down to business without any introductions, as if he was carrying a heavy burden that he wanted to get rid of. In short, he told him that his wife spent the entire occasion while she was “alone and laughing” with a person he did not know, and he drove her home at the end of the night, while he returned with the children. This hit the husband hard, because he loved his wife very much and trusted her to the limit, and now he discovers that she mingles with strangers and even dares to return to the house with one of them “in the middle of the night” without fear or shame. He returned home as if the worries of the whole world had “piled up” over his head. The situation continued and the difficult days passed by, as if it were months or even eons, and the woman was confused about her matter. Indeed, all her attempts to get closer to her husband were unsuccessful, until he tired of this additional burden. , so he exploded with rage, screaming. The words came out of his mouth like bullets. The woman waited patiently until he calmed down before blowing up in his face. The surprise is that this person is so-and-so, the son of so-and-so, and he was like a brother to her, because he grew up with them at home, then traveled to one of the Gulf countries and returned shortly, and I do not know the “narrator of the novel” I don’t even hear about him. This young man was known in the family for his piety and good manners. The husband felt the enormity of the mistake he had committed, which should have destroyed a well-built nest, but he withheld the source of the “information” because he was afraid of the consequences for the “relative” who, with unfounded “intimacy”, almost separated two people connected by love and sincerity .

The second “humanity” is something of a different kind, because its influence was deeper and more painful. A well-to-do family. The father has a private business that brings in plenty of money. He built buildings and provided the children with everything they need and don’t need. Life went on smoothly and quietly, and the sons and daughters obtained higher education, were employed in prestigious jobs and founded independent families, except for the oldest of them, who helped his father in running the business until his father was suddenly struck by an illness that did not give him long he did not die. The children faced a situation that was not taken into account, because the father was everything. They met and decided that the older brother would continue to manage their father’s business, with the proviso that he would periodically inform them about the progress of business in the company, and they assigned each a monthly share until the end of the year, when they would conduct a comprehensive and complete inventory, and each would receive his part equally. Things went on like this for a while until the eldest daughter’s husband, “Yusus,” started telling his wife that their older brother loved himself more than he deserved, and that their trust in him might have prevented them from seeing it. The sister did not believe at first, but her husband’s “persistence” on the “waswas” forced her to pass on her suspicions to the other brothers and sisters until they were convinced of the elder brother’s betrayal. it began to eat away at the flesh of the strong relationship between the brothers who were close in love until it ended with them deciding to dissolve the partnership and let each go their separate ways. All this and the elder brother does not know anything about the matter, but he reluctantly agreed to his brothers’ wish. After some time, the brothers discovered that their older brother was innocent in all of this, and that the reason was the “obsessive whisperer” of the eldest daughter’s husband, but “the sword preceded the humiliation” and he “predicted what he sensed.” “

As for the second meaning of “softness”, i.e. the blowing of cold winds, it leads us directly to poetry, poets and the desert, where the blowing “softens” the body, excites passions, and feelings and melodies spring from it. chest. Among the truest poets of the desert were those who were called “Al-Hambata” and it was a group of people who lived a life of danger roaming the valley looting camels and halal things without fear or fear, because they were brave riders. The phenomenon of “Al-Humpta” in Sudan is an extension of the same phenomenon that spread in the Arabian Peninsula during the pre-Islamic period, but appeared in the Badia of Kordofan, Al-Batana and the Blue Nile during the period of the Sennari states. “Hambata” were brave people of good morals and chivalry who did not attack the weak and poor, but took from the rich and gave to the poor. Many of them became famous among them, and the most famous of them was “al-Tayyib Wad Dahwiya,” who was a famous poet who did not shy away from dust. One of the follies of his poetry was that he was arrested for the serious crime of robbery , he found the accused in the guard arrested for stealing an “oil bucket.” He admitted it, so he mocked him and sang saying:

From the power of ignorance, Mani pulses settled

And they didn’t tell me at the time of the question, I read

If Mane’s stingy sharks are cold, I have become

Even if the virgins are free, there are no oil canisters

As for “Al-Hardal”, he was a poet of a school different from that of Al-Hambatah, since he belonged to an ancient family from the family of Al-Batana, so his life and poetry were upright like his environment and upbringing.

The sure news is that they said the lining was sprayed

Saria bubbling in the morning did not expand

Hag stallion or cockroach and Besht forums

And the mother of the legs on the side of the team was having dinner


Another time:

Sure news tonight Ahmed Gabo

They said the valley was flowing and they separated

They asked us why we were sitting

Neither Masrufn nor Zoln Bentslabo


As for “Jeddah, Land of Prosperity and Misfortune”, the poet “Prince Khaled Al-Faisal” sang while in ecstasy with “Nessa” of the cold air, the lyrics sung by the artist “Muhammad Abdo”, which we made the title for this article, the words of which read:

Every time we forget the breeze, it carries the breeze, peace

And if Suhail loomed in the breadth of the south

Accept symbols of love

You have a lover who always forgets his word

Ask God and hope for me day in the morning and in the evening

Until the excitement builds and he tweets saying:

Oh tampon Malik and wool

There are no clouds or rain

No breeze, no flower

There are no birds or trees

Not with other people

And all this because of “feminization” and fresh air. May God bless everyone with good health and your safety.

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