News 24 | Saudi-Bahrain relations…unified visions, strategic partnership and historic brotherhood

Bahraini-Saudi relations are a model of historical brotherhood and growing strategic partnership, the foundations of which were laid by fathers and grandfathers on the solid foundations of unity of faith, history, language and common destiny, as well as geographical proximity.

The history of Saudi-Bahrain relations dates back to the first Saudi state (1745-1818 AD) and then the second Saudi state (1840-1891 AD), which led to the first meeting between the founding King Abdulaziz Al Saud and Sheikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, where a dialogue was held between them during the two-day visit.

Kingdom and National Day of Bahrain

Saudi Arabia joins the Kingdom of Bahrain in its celebration today, December 16, of the establishment of the modern state of Bahrain under the reign of founder Ahmed Al-Fateh, the 50th anniversary of its accession to the United Nations as a fully-fledged newly created state, and the 22nd anniversary of the assumption of power by King Hamad bin Isa Al Caliph.

The leadership of the Kingdom continuously praised the prominent brotherly relations that bind the two countries and two brotherly peoples, and which everyone strives to strengthen in various fields.

Coordination and harmonization of political issues

The outstanding bilateral relations of the two countries at the political level testify to the great coordination that comes down to the convergence of positions on regional and international issues that are discussed at the summits of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the League of Arab States, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the United Nations and other international forums.

These relations convey the meaning of true partnership and deepening cooperation in all fields, which positively reflects on the unity and cohesion of the Gulf and Arab orders, especially with the extremely important challenges that the Arab region is currently going through, given the geostrategic significance they represent, in which many issues intersect, the economic, security and political interests of the world in light of its important strategic position.

Visions of the two countries for 2030

The visions of the two countries for the year 2030 met, and from that point of view, coordination and bilateral work between the two countries was easy and without any complexity.

The historical positions that unite the two brotherly countries reflect the bonds of brotherhood, good neighborliness and common destiny. The Kingdom opposed Iranian ambitions in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and supported it in opposing subversive projects aimed at destabilizing its security and stability and undermining its independence and national sovereignty. The Kingdom will continue to support the government and people of Bahrain in the face of anything that threatens its stability.

Military cooperation and nuclear security

While Bahrain has always affirmed that it has been and will remain aligned with the Kingdom in its leadership and pioneering role in consolidating and strengthening security and peace in the region and the world at large, and against anything that targets its security and its full support in all his measures to eliminate terrorist organizations.

On the military front, the two countries stand at the same distance towards everything that affects the security of the region and the Gulf, and this attitude is strengthened by periodic meetings of the military leaders of the two countries, as well as by the implementation of joint military exercises between them.

There is also cooperation between the Regulatory Authority for Nuclear and Radiology and the regulatory authority in Bahrain in the field of control of nuclear and radiological uses, nuclear safety and regulating the circulation of nuclear and radioactive materials across border crossings.

Bridges of love

The King Fahd Road, which connected the two kingdoms, contributed to the strengthening of social and economic ties between the two countries and helped develop the tourism, entertainment and trade sectors in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Dealing with economic work and facilitating the transfer of capital between the two countries.

The King Hamad Bridge project will also be a future bridge parallel to the King Fahd Bridge and complementary to the Gulf Rail Network project.

Economic and commercial relations

On an economic level, Bahrain is the Kingdom’s second trading partner among the Gulf countries and 12th among the world countries. A recent report by the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry published last November showed; The volume of trade between the two countries increased to 1.004 billion dollars during the third quarter of the current year 2022.

The kingdom is also Bahrain’s first trading partner, since ancient times, since the latter’s economy depended on pearl hunting, and since it was the main center of the pearl trade in the Gulf, as they are extracted from the Saudi shores and offered for sale in the pearl markets. in Bahrain, in addition to the dates, livestock and industries that the Kingdom exports. Handmade for Bahrain.

The Kingdom represents strategic economic depth for Bahrain, as it is a large economic market for the Bahraini private sector to promote Bahraini goods and products. Bahrain also represents an extension of the Saudi market in promoting national goods and products.

And as an extension of the economic cooperation between the two brotherly countries, the King of Bahrain, Sheikh Hamad bin Isa, and the Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, opened a new oil pipeline in 1440 A.H. in cooperation between Saudi Aramco and Bahrain. Bapco, with a pumping speed of 220,000 barrels per day and a maximum capacity of 350,000 barrels per day. It is 110 km long and connects the Abqaiq refinery in Saudi Arabia and the Bahrain refinery in Baku.

Tourism is booming

Tourism movement between the two countries is witnessing tremendous growth thanks to the measures taken by the two countries regarding entry and exit through the King Fahd Pass, including allowing Saudis and Bahrainis to enter both countries with ID cards only, in addition to Bahrain’s efforts to the development of tourist activities by establishing advanced tourist facilities and encouraging family tourism and one-day tourism, which attracted a large number of Saudis due to the geographical proximity.

Since its independence in 1971, Bahrain has witnessed a comprehensive renaissance in all economic, educational, health and other development areas, and has established a modern and diversified economic structure that has cemented its position as a major commercial, financial and tourism center in the region. .

In addition to being cost competitive, having easy access to the rest of the Middle East and a solid trade infrastructure, the Kingdom of Bahrain has extensive experience in understanding and responding to the needs of foreign companies.

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