References and referendums… Questions about women and their work outside the home

Shafaqna – His Eminence, the supreme religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Al-Sayyid Al-Sistani, “may his shadow be long” answered questions about women and their work outside the home.

Question: What is the legal ruling on women’s work for a living?

Answer: It is not forbidden to her if it is not contrary to her legal obligations, but it may be obligatory, as if it depends on him to provide for the maintenance of herself or the maintenance of those who are obliged to spend on her, such as her children, by the loss of their father and grandfather , according to what is known among the jurists, may God be pleased with them.

2. Question: Are there special conditions for women’s work?

Answer: The basic condition is that the work does not conflict with her religious obligations, including covering and veiling, including not going to places where one is not protected from falling into sin, including taking care of the rights of her husband if she is married, and including taking care of the rights of her parents if they are lives.

3Question: Some beauty salons for women need workers. Is it permissible for a religious woman to beautify naked women who are beautifying themselves in front of strangers, whether they are Muslim or non-Muslim?

Answer: If it is considered as contributing to the promotion and spread of evil, then they have no right to it, but achieving this title is very far.

4Question: A Muslim nurse working in an outpatient clinic, the nature of her work requires her to touch the bodies of men, Muslims and non-Muslims. Is it permissible for him to do this, knowing that leaving a job is difficult due to the lack of opportunities to get a job, then is there a difference between touching the body of a Muslim and touching the body of others?

Answer: It is not permissible for a woman to touch the body of a foreigner, whether he is a Muslim or not, unless there is a necessity that removes the prohibition.

5. Question: Can it be said that a woman’s work in her husband’s house, according to the custom of cooking, sweeping, and the like, has reached the level of a critical condition, so that not specifying it in the contract does not affect the determination of her obligation?

Answer: A man’s willingness to marry with a woman doing all or part of the housework in Eastern societies in accordance with customs and practice does not fulfill the meaning of the condition because it is based on the fact that the origin is a marriage that is limited to the woman’s obligation to do the housework and there is no such restriction, because it is common for a woman to perform these tasks voluntarily or with the perception that it is required by law or custom in order not to fulfill the obligation imposed on her within the contract.

6Question: What is the decision about women working in the field of medicine?

Answer: It is allowed, taking into account the provisions of the holy law.

7 Question: Is it permissible for the husband, if he agrees to his wife’s work, to stipulate that she gives him a part of her salary that he determines? And if you don’t give it to him, he asks her to stop working?

Answer: If the wife was not employed before the marriage and did not stipulate that he work, he is allowed not to agree to her working outside the home except for that, but if she agrees without conditions, then he is not allowed to do so. after the employment contract, determine that or prevent her from continuing her work.

8Question: I am an employee in the company and there is one employee working with me in the same office, and in many cases there is no one, what is the decision about this?

Answer: It is not allowed if you are not sure that you will not fall into the forbidden.

9 Question: State how long a woman whose husband died has to wait and what actions are allowed for her if she was an employee and went shopping?

Answer: Her waiting period is four months and ten days and she must avoid what is considered adornment in her clothes and body and nothing else is forbidden to her.

10 Question: Is it permissible for a Muslim woman to work in a nursing home with the elderly, knowing that among them there are patients who, due to disabilities, need care for wearing diapers and washing, and of course if she washes him in the bathroom. , is she allowed to put a towel over his private parts?

Answer: There is nothing against that, but avoid looking at intimate parts of the body and avoid touching the skin by wearing gloves, for example.

11. Question: Is it allowed for a wife to work in one of the companies where women and men work together, in case her husband does not agree to work?

Answer: If her freedom is not prescribed in the field of work, then her work must be with the consent of her husband.

12 Question: If the husband sees that the wife’s work abroad will negatively affect her duties at home, does he have the right to prevent her from working?

Answer: If a woman leaves her home for work or for any other purpose, if it is not with the consent of her husband, then it is forbidden, even if it does not conflict with the performance of her household duties – such as the custody of her child – and let alone if so, knowing that it is not the duty of a woman in her husband’s house to serve him and his needs unrelated to conjugal pleasure – such as cooking and cleaning – unless he has conditioned him to that effect.

13 Question: Are there special conditions for women to work outside the home?

Answer: The basic condition is that the work does not conflict with her religious obligations, including covering and veiling, including not going to places where one does not fall into sin, including taking care of the rights of the husband if she is married. , including taking care of the rights of the parents if they are alive.

14 Question: If a woman’s work is allowed, is her work in public fields where interference is acceptable?

Answer: It is disliked for her to mingle with non-Mahram men, even if she abandons all forbidden things. If she is not safe from falling into the forbidden, she must avoid it.

15 Question: Does a woman have the right to work without her husband’s permission, assuming that she should do so, and without violating her husband’s rights?

Answer: She has no right to leave the house without his permission. Yes, if she contracts as part of the marriage contract for him to continue his work outside the home, or if the contract is based on it, then she has the right to bind him to the fulfillment of the conditions.

16 Question: If a woman who leaves the house to work in government departments is within the limits of the hijab and leaves her adornment, is this permitted, with the consent of the guardian?

Answer: If it is with respect to all legal boundaries, including security for oneself that it does not fall into the forbidden, even as a joke and fruit with a stranger, then there is no objection, otherwise it is not allowed.

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