She gave up her little girl because of her dream of getting rich… and when she regretted it, the court surprised her!!

He would caress his little daughter as if she were his only friend in his life, he would hand her a bottle of milk, then quickly take it out of her mouth and they would laugh together. Then he grabbed her two small hands, wrapping them tightly with his big fingers, as if he was afraid that someone would snatch her from him.. After playing with her for a few minutes, he threw his tired body on the sofa, and in a few seconds he fell asleep, a little didn’t rest, he was woken up by a loud knock on the door of the apartment, a loud voice calling his name… he quickly got up, walked towards the door, the visitor was a stranger, he hadn’t met him for a day, there was no conversation between them, just what happened was that the visitor convinced himself that the owner of the house was the person who opened the door, handed him the paper, and asked him to sign, then quietly left.

They were not united by a common dream at all. He is a simple, contented young man, content with his condition and difficult circumstances. He tried hard to improve his situation, but these are his possibilities, and this is his existence that he accepted. As far as she was concerned, it was is rebellious against everything, indignant at poverty, she was looking for quick enrichment, even if it was at the expense of her dignity and the people who were closest to her.

Marriage was a common thing that brought them together. He met her by chance at the institution where he worked. She was coming to finish some papers for her father’s pension. She looked at him with her wide eyes. He was attracted to her. He entered and finished all the papers she needed .one.

The girl then felt that this young man possessed a treasure, but did not appreciate it, and his work could bring him money, all he had to do was manipulate the papers and earn millions of pounds from his pension.

Dana and the girl returned to the institution again, asked about this gallant guy, thanked him when she met him, took his phone, after which the two communicated, the engagement and the wedding took place.

She was by his side like an angel throughout the year of engagement. She contented herself with encouraging him to continue his work, as he was thinking of traveling abroad. I told him that he could make millions, he just needs to “lighten up” his brain” just… Despite this, the young man did not understand what his fiancée wanted.

And the girl decided to endure everything, because she knows what she wants and how to achieve it. She is well aware of the importance of her husband’s work. She agreed to get married in the family home. She made sure that she had no time for problems and gaining the enmity of her husband’s family. available.

A month after the marriage, she whispered her words in her husband’s ear, began to protest against the situation and told him that she was not happy in the family home, and in his heart doubts arose from the people closest to her, she told him that his brother looked at her uneasily, which prompted him to leave the family home and rent an apartment in one of the city’s neighborhoods.

And he was really at her disposal, his father was content to just watch and agreed to leave the house, having recently realized that the woman his son married was not a woman, but a demon if she continued to enter the house for another day to kill her brother brother.

The wife realized that she had achieved part of her plan, her husband moved out of the family home, became the king of her hands and obedience, but she did not understand her husband’s good morals, upbringing and faith, which everyone knows.

And she waited until God blessed them with a beautiful child, she sat with him, and prepared everything, to announce her plan and carry out what she had been waiting for years, she told her husband that life was difficult, and the conditions were stronger, and day by day they became unable to pay the rent, and threatened with eviction, she was the one who spent the money until her husband could pay.

She came up to him and started spraying poison in his ear. She said: “One of my cousins ​​will bring some papers and you have to finish them in order to get a pension. He didn’t object.

And he knew he was waiting at home for his wife’s reaction to her cousin’s expulsion, but she told him what she wanted: “I asked him to manipulate in order to make money. I told him their conditions were difficult.” He refused and ordered her to pack her bag and return to the family home. The apartment belongs to the owner, and he is going back to live with his father.

The wife did not protest, she was content with silence, and in the early hours of the morning she dropped the child off at a neighbor’s house and left the house without returning, and after she asked to give up custody of her daughter, he decided to forget her and permanently erase her from his memory. .

And that husband lived in the role of father and mother for the whole year, setting aside half of his salary to buy milk for his daughter.

And that little girl was the girlfriend of his life, he left his father’s house, rented an apartment for them and got permission from his work to work from home to take care of his little daughter.

And the girl grew up, passed two years, and began to play in the house, seeing nothing but him, and he saw nothing but her, following him in every movement inside or outside the house, the movement of her lips was in a hurry, he wanted her everything say.

But that strange visitor darkened his life, brought back to him a past that he did not want to bring back from his memory, and that visitor was an employee of the Ain Shams family court, who came to tell him the date of the lawsuit. filed by his ex-wife to gain custody of their infant daughter, after she divorced her second husband.

And the father threw the report on the ground after tearing it into small pieces, ignoring everything, and all he cared about was his little girl, he went to her room, hugged her tightly and whispered in her ears that he will not leave her, regardless of the consequences.

The husband attended the first session, he stood in front of the judge, holding his little girl in his arms, ignoring his ex-wife who was standing in front of him in court, he closed his eyes, and his mind fought so that her features did not want to appear, he did not wanted to remember who she left behind in his crisis and asked for money.

He asked the judge to give him a minute to speak, then began to recount his tragedy from beginning to end. The judge said: “This one standing next to me, unfortunately, one day was my wife. After a month of marriage, I discovered that for her I am a treasure that needs someone to untangle it, an honest husband.” , must become a thief in order to be rich and fulfill her dreams.

But, my lord, judge, she could not untie my talisman, she refused all her forbidden tricks, and when she despaired, she threw my little girl with our neighbor, and then disappeared. For months, my lord, the judge, I communicated with her, but without reply, until her brother asked me to divorce her, in exchange for her giving up my daughter.

For two years, Your Honor, I have been struggling for my little girl. I spent half of my salary on buying milk for her. I quit my job and dedicated myself to her upbringing. If she reacts and recognizes it, then it is right away.

And next to my lord the judge, my little daughter is a part of me, she doesn’t know anyone but me, she’s been with me for two years, we sleep and wake up together, I’ve learned everything for her… .. and I hope she’ll stay in my guarding until my last breath.

Then the judge listened to the wife who was trying to win the favor of the court, she cried and claimed that her husband pushed her to run away, she said: He wanted to return us to the family home, and that was impossible for me.

And he continued: “I could not, Mr. Judge, return. I asked for a divorce, but he refused. I had no choice but to fulfill his conditions for the sake of my freedom. I gave up my daughter and obtained a divorce.”

And she continued: “I married another man, but it didn’t last long. Now I need custody of my daughter, and that’s my right as a mother.” The court discussed the case in several sessions, carefully examining everything. two stories before that, each of them claimed wrongdoing to gain custody.

However, the story of the witnesses prevailed, and everyone claimed that the wife was cruel, abandoned her daughter and ran away, after which she voluntarily renounced her, in exchange for a divorce and marriage to a rich man.

They said that she was separated from her ex-husband and daughter for two whole years, she did not communicate with them, and she left her husband to take responsibility for his little daughter.

The court confirmed that this wife abandoned her baby girl at a neighbor’s house, and renounced the minimum requirements of motherhood for her by ceasing to breastfeed the child for no reason, even though she was of breastfeeding age, violating the divine command in the Qur’an. verse, surah Al-Baqara, “And mothers breastfeed their children for two full years for those who want to breastfeed until the end.”

The court confirmed that it is not sure that this girl will be handed over to the “wife” due to the lack of minimum conditions for the validity of guardianship over a young girl. rule rejecting her request. Session adjourned.

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