Types of macaw parrots and the most important information about them

The mako parrot is considered one of the most famous parrot species, and it also comes in many different and bright shapes and colors. It is also considered an endangered bird, but there are still many different species, shapes and colors, and because it is one of the most important birds, we must get to know it. Types of macawsFor more information on this bird.

Types of macaws

This type of bird is considered one of the most popular pet birds that many people prefer to have, because it is fun and has an attractive and beautiful color,


There are many colors for parrots, especially for this species, but unfortunately they are species that are threatened with disappearance and extinction, and this type of bird has many species, which are included in the following:

  • Golden blue macaw.
  • Green winged parrot.
  • Also a species of macaw parrot.
  • Hyacinth macaw.
  • There is also a hybrid macaw parrot.
  • A parrot that has a blue wing.
  • A military macaw, or military macaw, was also found.
  • Crimson parrot.
  • There is another type Types of macaws It’s a type of code.
  • Yellow Collared Parrot.

Types of macaws

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Blue macaw

There is more than one type Types of macaws blue, which is as follows:


Golden blue macaw

This species of blue-gold macaw is one of the most famous species of intelligent parrots, and it is also considered one of the largest in size, it is approximately 3 feet in length, and this length is from the beak to the end of the tail. .

But like this Types of macawsIt is considered unsuitable for people who are just starting to raise pet birds, because it moves around a lot and has many needs other than cats and dogs, and it is also one of the birds that often makes sounds that resemble screaming sounds.

They are also one of the species that defend themselves with their beaks, as they chew on those beaks when kept in any cage.

In addition, it is one of the species that is closely related to its owners, and is considered one of the best types of pet birds that are familiar with people.

Blue-winged macaw

This species Types of macawswhich has blue color in its wings, and is one of the species characterized by friendliness and closeness with other parrots,

And with people that she also raises, but she communicates more with people and is known for her positive relationships and interactions with people.

It is also one of the types of smart parrots, which react very quickly to interaction with people, respond to all the commands of the trainer, and understand them.

They also respond to all the training that the breeders instruct the parrots to do, including this type of parrot Types of macaws Zarqa always prefers to be busy, because she can’t sit or stay idle, she gets tired of sitting or working.

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Types of macaws

Types of macaws

Information about the macaw bird

The Macaw parrot is considered one of the largest and most interesting birds that can be kept in homes, gardens or anywhere, and there are many species Types of macaws The entertainment that individuals can get is as follows:

Green winged parrot

This type of macaw is one of the most famous birds, and it is a kind of delight because it has beautiful green wings, and it also has a very distinct personality, in addition, like many other macaws, it has a very distinct personality and responds to all commands and exercises given to it. they report from the coach.

It also has an excellent ability to communicate with breeders, and is one of the best pet birds suitable for breeding, because it is not tired, not at all harmless and communicates very well in the social environment around it.

Macaw Han

This species is also one of the most important species of parrots, but it is a very small species and also, like other species of macaws, it is very intelligent.

It also has a great ability to communicate, responds quickly to training and is very suitable for new bird breeders, because it is simple and small in size, and the breeder will not be exposed to attacks at all, because of its small size.

Ruby macaw

This species is also wonderful, and colorful, but it is one of the largest species of parrots, especially the macaw, because it is elegant and beautiful in form, and has unparalleled cunning.

But due to its large size, it can be a bit difficult to take care of it, as it needs to invest some time and effort while taking care of it.

It is also not considered as a pet species of macaw, although it may be suitable for breeding, but not for people who are new to breeding birds and animals, because it needs people with experience and patience in breeding animals and birds of all kinds.

The macaw is eating

The parrot is one of the most important species of birds, especially the macaw parrot, because there are many species, but it only eats some specific types of food, namely:

  • He eats a lot of vegetables, such as cucumbers, beans and carrots.
  • It also eats some types of fruit, such as mangoes, apples and oranges.
  • He also eats boiled eggs, which are very useful for him because they provide the body with plenty of calcium and proteins.
  • He also eats some grains, such as peanuts, some nuts, corn, and peanuts.

It is important to note that it is necessary to take care of the food that the parrots eat. Vegetables and fruits must be well washed, and it is preferable that they are served bulgur with their meals. The type of food that is given to them must be gradually changed every 3 days.


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