Employees of Khalda Petroleum Company appeal to the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources to save them from corrupt hands after the merger with Qarun Petroleum Company.

Khalda Petroleum Company addresses the largest companies in the joint sector, which play a key role in the development of the resources of the oil sector, as the company witnesses extensive plans aimed at increasing production, especially after the activation of the merger with the sister company. , Qarun Petroleum, as part of the merger process, and with regard to restructuring and development plans. From an accurate and comprehensive review of the level and competences of the leaders in this new company, so that it becomes a model in comprehensive modernization, and this was already planned by the Ministry of Petroleum, but on the ground, there seem to be those who have special agendas against ministry policies in exchange for reaping personal gains.
And within the framework of the changes related to the merger project of the Khalda and Qarun companies, which came into force, and as there are questions about management methods that indicate the ignorance or disrespect of the leading people for the regulations and laws that regulate work intentionally as a kind of demonstration of the power of authority, there is one from the company head who manages the projects Those who deliberately involved the company in cases of obvious administrative abuses that are pending before the Egyptian courts and yet escalated in the organizational structure created after the merger despite clear violations of the laws and regulations governing the work or because they were not aware of them without supervision or accountability from the side of the management, and there we must stop a lot. How can a leading official in a large company in the oil sector ignore or ignore the regulations and laws, which are the constitution of his work and which define the scope of his non-absolute powers in the light of the directives of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources for application of modern methods cf development, structural development, digital transformation, green energy, and so on And his transgressions did not stop at this point. Those who did not feel safe from punishment were ill-bred. Instead, he persisted in displaying power and the ecstasy of power by recommending one of his close friends for a leadership position in the current organizational structure. Ray has now updated it and linked them to a relationship that raises questions, because the images of this strange relationship crossed the normal boundaries of the work and went beyond it to become a (deep) relationship that is difficult to describe and its results are visible to all workers because was focused on the discrimination and empowerment of just one person despite his lack of right to harm. Welfare of work and circumventing and circumventing all standards that govern the performance of leadership and the behavior of the responsible manager from the allocation of a personal car and allowing absence from work due to its connection with external activities that the employee may not perform in addition to work and counting those days as work duties and the use of a company car in those external activities as well as other luxurious means that were provided to him, and then recently his appointment to the leadership position was bypassed and exceptionally recommended, because he did not spend the time of deployment to the position of general director and ignored his colleagues and those who are better than him and who occupy the same position as the general manager in the organizational structure of the field and all this happens without the company’s leaders paying attention to the negative impact of this flagrant transgression on the well-being of the business, since each of them cares about his position and privileges only and the interests of those close to him. And phrases that are not at all appropriate for the level of the oil sector, such as “whatever comes by force, you take with consent” began to appear in the meetings of one of the leaders with some of the workers. and “what they will announce about it will be carried out by force against anyone” and other similar statements that should never be used or spoken publicly because they are. and against what the ministry is working on, because the politics of the oil sector always takes into account the value of the human element, its development and respect, and the politics of hand-wringing has never had a place in the politics of the oil sector. .
In the state’s approach to improving economic indicators, executive bodies, including the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, which plays a leading role in the development of the national economy, are working on the greatest possible return of invested funds and rationalization of consumption. However, we find that there are leaders who masterfully squander the company’s money and resources, starting with the waste of resources. Humanity with arbitrary decisions of abusing employees who are functionally disciplined for the benefit of others, and the company has witnessed intense activities in one of the departments, which is the Projects Department . , to issue arbitrary deportation orders over the past two years, in violation of regulations for oil sector workers and instructions from Egypt’s General Petroleum Corporation.
The purpose of successive expulsion decisions is to remove some from the scope of work appointed by the decisions of the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources without taking the necessary approvals and some other decisions with the aim of gathering a circle of followers and users around them. one of the managers especially without supervision. Indeed, the president of the company makes this type of decision without considering the regulations and instructions of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, claiming that for such abuses there is support from the leadership of the government and the ministry in favor of one of the workers whose nature of relationship with the director general of the administration we mentioned above.
And there is another picture of the waste of the company’s resources, for example, unjustified wastefulness in the use of private cars in the company, which the company president gives to some close associates as a gift without standards, despite the recommendations of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources regarding the rationalization of the use of cars. We find that the same person who wastes human resources in one of the company’s departments has traffic violations that prove the misuse of a company car intended for his use in relation to work, but what happens is that he uses it completely personally, and this same person exerted pressure to the president of the company that one of the workers is given a personal car by people close to him without rights, because he occupies the position of delegated general director, which is a precedent that is considered the first in the oil sector, and the car has already been assigned, despite all standards and not respecting decisions and recommendations Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources in this regard.
And he was not satisfied with that, as the Egyptian oil sector adopts the implementation of an ambitious plan of structural development and digital transformation and the merger of companies located in one geographical area or managed under contracts with one partner and one investor in order to maximize performance, and this is related with an ambitious plan coming into force to merge the two companies Khalda and Qarun into one agreement. The merger plan includes several phases that have already begun with the creation of an effective organizational structure. Evaluation processes were carried out for those occupying management positions to maximize development opportunities, provided that it included workers in the main center in Cairo as a first stage. And there the transgression began again under the same person’s pressure on the company president to recommend his close friend who does not meet the comparison conditions, who has been assigned a car and whose workplace is in Cairo, bypassing the organizational structure. structure, since his job is based on the company’s work areas in the western region, and this person was recommended In an effort to take a leadership position without merit, he also issues his annual suitability reports with a rating of excellence from he took over his manager and his close friend , with whom he has questionable relations among the employees of the administration. This is what causes workers to resent these abuses.
We believe in the integrity of the engineer, the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, and his desire to address this type of abuse

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