FilGoal | News | The fact that the women’s football team is back in Ismaili… is also a story of two different generations

Club Ismaili opens its doors again for the return of women’s football after more than 11 years of break.

The club has set June 19 as the start date for the first training session After opening the doors, we accept applications to enter the sector.

And he spoke With Nancy Al-Qadi, a member of the Ismaili Board of Directors who is in charge of adopting the idea of ​​women’s sports activities, about the decision and the scenes of the comeback, she says: “The return of women’s sports activities within the club was in my candidate program, I took care of that from the beginning. When I became the first woman elected as a minor member of the board, it inspired me, I watched the women’s teams all over Egypt, so I felt that empowering women in sports in this great club now my turn.”

What is the return plan?

She added “We want to fully return to women’s sports activities, and this will not be limited to football.”

And I continued “But for football, there is a plan We will not be a women’s team, but we will establish an academyIsmailia is known as the birthplace of football talent, so why not start from the ground up and then produce a team capable of participating in tournaments and major forums.

And done “We have started accepting applications for entry from 5 to 17 years old, but there are always exceptions according to talent. The entry fee will be £50 and the subscription will be £250 a month.”

Let’s go back a bit to two different time periods to find out what happened to the Ismaili women’s football team to make them absent from our present world.

The first phase

In 1998, the Egyptian Football Federation decided to launch the first women’s league, after strenuous attempts by those interested in the file of women’s football, headed by Sahar El Hawary, a former international judge.

Club Ismaili became the first popular club to establish a women’s football team and participated in the first edition of the league and the Egyptian Cup for women’s football.

A useful initiative, but it was aborted in its infancy and the activity froze after only one season. You might think that failure was her ally, but what happened was the exact opposite. He contacted Azza Hussein, a former player of the first women’s team in Ismaili, to reveal the scenes from that period and the reasons for the freezing of the first women’s team in Ismaili, if she said: “The story began in 1995 when Sahar El Hawary decided to gather girls to play football. We gathered at every opportunity on football forums to demonstrate that we had something to offer, and then three years later she finally got the support to hold the first women’s football league under the supervision of the federation.Egyptian football.

and completed “Mimi Fayed was our coach. I remember my teammates, Red Al-Rashidi, Nour Jalal, Sabah Abu Al-Ella, Amal Abdel-Karim, Mona Muhammad “Bunduq”, Awatif, the goalkeeper, and Hanan Atti.

And she added “8 teams participated in the league. The game lasted only 70 minutes. We played a great season, but in the play-off game to determine the league champion, Al-Ma’aden won against us and crowned the league, and we won the second place.”

What is the reason for freezing the activity?

Azza Hussein replied: “I clearly remember the event. It was the final of the Egyptian Cup against Smouha. Sahar Al-Hawari insisted on playing in Ismaili Club’s main stadium. It was the first time we played in a stadium of this size, and it happened to be a friendly match between the Cairo national team and their counterpart Al-Qanat, which will take place after our match.”

“The fans filled the stands. We felt nervous. We had never played in front of such an audience before. We had many questions about the size of the stadium, the view of the audience, and we lost the game by one goal. .”

“The public did not accept it, we saw the anger, and after that the club decided to freeze the activity.”

Second phase

In 2008, Al-Ismaili decided to restore women’s sports activity that had been suspended for 10 years, he opened the door for exams and welcomed newcomers, but after only one year something unexpected happened. (In the 10 years the team was away, they stopped in the Egyptian Women’s League for 4 seasons, from 2003 to 2007).

Communication Nour Naguib, the current coach of the Suez national team and a former player of Ismaili during that period, says: “The club opened the door again for exams. I came from Suez to apply and I was accepted. Our coach was Tariq El-Gamal, and I remember my colleagues, Nashwa Mustafa “Toto”, Wala Saeed, Iman Wala Ahmed, Noura, Taboo.

And she continued “We started playing in the second league. The obvious crisis we faced from the first day was the membership fees from the club, but that was not a problem for us. The cost of transport from Ismailia to Suez was £6. The coach was helping. We all just wanted to play football.”

And I continued “We were getting equipment such as the men’s first team and accommodation, but the main problem was wages.”

and completed “We actually got promoted at the end to the Premier League when we beat Sohag in a play-off game at home 1-0 and got £500 and then activity froze after that.”

What causes activity to freeze?

And done “We only played one season and we finished it in 2011, when the revolution started, it was difficult to move between governors, and the clubs already started to face financial crises, and the Egyptian Women’s League stopped for a year, at that time Ismaili decided to fire the players and freeze the activities.”

And from the nineteenth of June, the Ismailis will return to receive mathematics again, but with a completely different plan than before: an academy for the care of young women.

What distinguishes this experience is that the approach is completely different from previous attempts to break into this area, hoping for a different result, which is success.

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