Health: As part of the initiative of the President of the Republic, 214,000 newborns were examined

10:38 am

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Books – Ahmed Gomaa:

The Ministry of Health and Population announced that as part of the Presidential initiative for the early detection of genetic diseases in newborns, under the slogan “100 million healthy people”, 214,000 newborns have been examined since the initiative was launched on July 13. 2021 until today, with the aim of reaching a healthy generation without diseases and causes of disability.

dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesman of the Ministry of Health and Population, said that the ministry is currently working on the first phase of the initiative, which aims to detect 19 genetic diseases in premature babies, in the incubators of the Ministry of Health and Population. Hospitals for health and population In the second phase, it is planned to carry out a health examination of all newborns. Delivery in all health units throughout the country.

For his part, Dr. Wael Abdel Razek, head of the health care and nursing sector, indicated that the 19 diseases that were detected include (congenital hypothyroidism, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, bean anemia, cystic fibrosis, hereditary hyperlipidemia, phenylketonuria, tetrahydropterin deficiency, organic acidemia, hyperisovaleric acid, hyperpropionic acid/methylmalonic acid, maple urinary disease, tyrosinemia – type I, hypergalactosemia, hyperhomocysteinemia, hyperarginine, hypercitrullinemia, ornithine carbamoyl transporter deficiency, fatty acid oxidation, biotinidase deficiency).

Abdel Razek added that the examination is performed by taking a blood sample from the child’s heel and analyzing it in the laboratories of the Egyptian Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which are equipped with the most modern international devices in the field of detecting genetic diseases, explaining that in the case of a positive sample, the child will be referred for a confirmatory test for the disease, and that he will start receiving the necessary treatment “for free” according to the protocols established by the scientific committee of the initiative.

For her part, Dr. Hala Abdel-Rahman, coordinator of the Initiative for Early Detection of Genetic Diseases, said that 42 centers have been allocated for the treatment of genetic diseases of newborns, in cooperation with the Supreme Council of University Hospitals under the Ministry. higher education and scientific research, and that these centers are successively expanding to all provinces of the Republic. She explained that these centers provide “free” treatment and periodic monitoring services for children suffering from any genetic disease, in order to help them live normally, with providing support and counseling services to parents, to reduce the chances of having children with any genetic disease.

dr. Hala Abdel Rahman explained that the 42 centers are distributed across the provinces of the Republic as follows: (Al-Mahkama Medical Center, Rawd Al-Farag Medical Center, Ain Helwan Medical Center, Old Cairo Medical Center, Genetic Clinic in Al- Demerdash Children’s Hospital, Demerdash Ketogenic Diet Clinic, Al-Jahd Clinic Digestive System Clinic at El-Demerdash Children’s Hospital, Digestive System and Liver Clinic at Abu Al-Rish Japanese Hospital, Ketogenic Diet Clinic at Abu Al-Rish Preventive Medicine Hospital ( Cairo Governorate) ) and (Genetic Counseling Clinic at Ophthalmological Children’s Hospital, Center at Student Hospital, Clinical Genetic Center at Smouha Hospital, Ketogenic Diet Clinic at Smouha Hospital, Metabolic Diseases Clinic at Smouha Hospital) in the province of Alexandria, (Clinic for ketogenic diet in the National Research Center, Sheikh Zayed Medical Center) in Giza Province, (Child Care Center) in Beheira Province, (Trial Clinic vni system at University Children’s Hospital) in Ismailia Governorate and (Center for Menia Sindoub Medical Center, Children’s Clinic of Mansoura University Hospital (Dakahlia Governorate) and (Center at Free Egypt Hospital, Suzanne Mubarak University Hospital) in Minya Governorate and (Shibin El Medical Center -Koum, Al-Kabd Institute in Shebeen, Shebin El-Kom Health Center in Menoufia Governorate, (Zagazig University Children’s Hospital, Shereshima Medical Center) in Sharkia Governorate, (Genetic Counseling Center) in Port Said Governorate, (Medical Center Kiman Fares) in Fayoum Governorate, and (Genetic Counseling Center in the Directorate of Health Affairs) in Qena Governorate, and (Genetic Counseling Center, Center at Al-Iman Hospital, Assiut University Children’s Hospital) in Assiut Governorate, and (Medical Saeed Center in Tanta, Draw Central Hospital, First Child Care Medical Center, Digestive Unit at Tanta University Hospital, Genetics Unit Tant University Hospital and (Gharbia Governorate), (East Nile Medical Center) in Beni Suef Governorate, (Third District Medical Center) in Damietta Governorate, (Mahrous Island Medical Center, Sohag University Hospital) in Sohag Province.

dr. Hala Abdel-Rahman emphasized that 42 centers dedicated to the treatment of genetic diseases provide free detection and treatment services for all children suffering from metabolic diseases of all age groups, and also dispense the necessary drugs or food provided to them free of charge. .

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