Messi’s dream.. The third title haunts Argentina, and a historic success awaits France tomorrow

Fans of the round witch are waiting for the curtain to come down tomorrow, Sunday, on the activities of one of the most exciting editions in the history of the FIFA World Cup. Where the Argentina and France teams meet in the final match of the 2022 World Cup, the first version of the adult World Cup to be held in the Arab and Middle East regions.

After a series of big surprises and exciting results during the various rounds of the tournament, the race for the trophy in this historic edition was narrow between the Argentine and French teams, as both teams looked forward to the golden culmination of their exciting careers in the tournament by winning their third world title.

The Argentine national team previously won the world title in 1978 in Argentina and in 1986 in Mexico, while the French national team won the title in 1998 in France and in 2018, meaning that they have each won the title once at home and once in guests.

In light of the level presented by both teams in the current tournament and the possibilities that both possess, it is difficult to predict the identity of the winner until the final whistle of the match, especially since each of them has great ambitions to win the title, and each of the two teams has elements that can at any moment settle the match.

During their careers in the tournament, each of the two teams experienced one defeat, and that surprisingly in the first round of the tournament, and it came against Arab football.

Argentina started their career with a surprising 1-2 loss to Saudi Arabia before topping their group in the first round with wins over Mexico and Poland and successfully making their way through the knockout stages to a big 3-0 win over Croatia. in the semi-finals.

The French team also started their career at the tournament with back-to-back wins over Australia and Denmark before suffering a surprise 1-0 defeat against the Tunisian national team, after which the team successfully progressed through the knockout stages to defeat the Moroccan national team in the semi-finals.

The Argentine national team is trying to regain the title it has been missing since 1986, when it was crowned under the leadership of the late legend Diego Maradona.

The famous star, Lionel Messi, dreams of emulating Maradona’s achievement and leading the team to the championship title after more than one failed attempt in the past editions, the closest of which was in 2014 in Brazil when the team reached the final but lost to his German counterpart in clean naked.

Messi, 35, is looking forward to winning the title with the teams this time to add to the list of achievements he has achieved during his professional career full of titles and records, noting that a World Cup title is the only thing missing from the player’s record of achievements.

The Argentine national team is also looking to end the European dominance of the world title in the past editions, as European teams have imposed their dominance over the title in the previous 4 editions.

The Brazilian national team was the last South American national team to win the title in the 2002 edition, while the title was then won by Italy in 2006, Spain in 2010, Germany in 2014 and France in 2018.

On the other hand, the French national team is looking forward to the historic success of becoming the first team to defend the title of World Champion after the Brazilian national team did it in 1962 in Chile.

The national team of France won the title in the last edition after a great march, including a victory over the national team of Argentina itself 4-3 in the second round of the tournament.

During the current World Cup, the French national team also deservedly reached the finals and became one step away from their second consecutive world championship title, and their third in 24 years.

Apart from Messi, the Argentine national team has many weapons that allow them to win the title, such as the talented player Angel Di Maria and the great player Julian Alvarez who has scored 4 goals in the tournament so far, and the team’s technical skills and success in implementing the tactical aspect of coach Lionel Scaloni among the most important are the Elements of Team Brilliance.

On the other hand, the French national team also has more than one element of success, the most important of which is the outstanding level of many elements of the team in the current tournament, led by Kylian Mbappe, the young striker of the team and fellow veteran striker Olivier Giroud, who became the historic scorer of the French national team, and he also scored 4 goals in the current championship.

The French national team is characterized by speed and the ability to change tactics in the middle of the game according to the instructions of coach Didier Deschamps, who led the team to the title in the last edition.

In addition to the fight for the title of world champion, tomorrow’s match will also witness a side race that doubles the excitement of the final, as Messi and Mbappe fight for the title of the best scorer in this version.

The two players share the ranking of the best scorers of the current tournament with 5 goals each, and Alvarez and Giroud share the second place of the ranking with 4 goals each, which makes them also in the race for the title of scorers in this version.

And when the two teams meet tomorrow, it will be their fourth head-to-head clash in the history of the World Cup, where they met in the group stage in both the 1930 and 1978 versions, with both Argentine teams winning. times, while the victory in the last version in 2018 was for France in the first face-to-face in the roles.elimination of the World Cup.

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