The Minister of Youth and Sports, the Governor of Sharkia, in the inspection of the Abu Hammad Youth Center and the monitoring of sports activities

Mohammed Hamdi

Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, and Mamdouh Ghorab, Governor of Sharkia, visited the Youth Center in the city of Abu Hammad to monitor and inaugurate a series of sports activities and investment projects carried out in the center, in the presence of Ahmed Abdel Moaty, Deputy Governor, and Dr. Dine Al-Rifai, member of the Board of Directors of the Football Association and supervisor of the women’s football file, Dr. Mahmoud Abdel-Azim, undersecretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, MP Ahmed Fouad Abaza and MP Tharwat Sweilem, members of the House of Representatives, Professor Wajih Sidqi, leader of the center and the city of Abu Hammad, and a number of leaders of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The visit began with the Minister of Youth and Sports and Governor Sharkie inspecting the construction of 3 swimming pools at the club, which were built as part of the directorate’s investment plan to increase the efficiency of youth centers in the governorate.

The Minister of Youth and Sports and the Governor of Al Sharqi went to inspect the library of the Youth Center to monitor the activities of the Meshwari workshop, which aims to empower young men and women for a better future and prepare them for work. market by developing their skills and abilities and providing the necessary advice to establish their own small projects that bring in income and provide them with a decent living.

The Minister of Youth and Sports confirmed that the ministry pays attention to the development of youth centers in all governorates as a youth and sports outlet for young people and makes available to them all sports and social activities, pointing out that Sharkia governorate is witnessing the implementation of numerous investment projects in the youth sector and of sport with a financial cost of £183 million to build an informed generation Able to take responsibility and contribute to the building of the country.

Governor Šarkija, for his part, confirmed full support and support for the youth and sports sector, overcoming all obstacles and creating an appropriate atmosphere for working on the development and raising the efficiency of youth centers and sports clubs for their important role in shaping awareness and conscience among young people as an effective force for the construction and development of society, which is fully in line with the vision of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic to build a man.

The minister and the governor also visited the workshop of the program “Get to grips with us”, which was held as part of the national program for countering rumors and their impact on national security, and which deals with the concepts of national security, its importance, goals, challenges and risks with that the Fourth Generation faces and how to deal with them, the mechanisms of its implementation, its danger to society and how to deal with lies and rumors on social media.

The visit also included the Minister of Youth and Sports and Governor Sharkia opening the Women’s Football League for Egyptian Youth Centers featuring 20 teams from members of the Governor’s Youth Centers in the age group between 15 and 20, which was established in collaboration between the General Federation of Youth Centers the youth of Egypt and the Central Administration for the Affairs of Youth Organizations at the Ministry of Youth and Sports. We wish the participants a successful sports tournament in which the clubs and top sportsmanship will dominate.

The opening activities of the Women’s Football League began with the singing of the national anthem, followed by the recitation of verses from the Holy Qur’an, and then the line-up of participating teams from the province was shown in the youth centers (Hiya City – Bardin – Faqous 1 – Faqous B – City of Abu Hammad A – City of Abu Hammad B – City of Abu Hammad C – Al-Awasja Bahia – Tenth of Ramadan – City of Kafr Saqr – Al-Sanafin Al-Qibliya in Minya Al-Qamh – Kafr Al-Saida – Kafr Al-Aasar – Kafr Al-Hasr – Nasser in Zagazig – Sabih Bahia – Deyerb Negm City) Then a presentation was presented to the women’s football team in Qalyubia governorate, followed by a presentation of technical paragraphs and sports that won everyone’s approval.

The Minister of Youth and Sports and Governor Sharkia wanted to take a commemorative photo with the athletes to encourage them to continue playing sports and participate in all regional and international sports forums and raise the name of Egypt high.

During the opening activities, Dr. Maged Al-Azazy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Federation of Egyptian Youth Centers, presented the Minister of Youth and Sports and the Governor of Sharkia with the emblem and tame of the league as a sign of appreciation for everyone’s role in supporting sports and creating a suitable atmosphere for young people and youth to engage in sports activities. Women’s football for youth centers started the first match between Abu Hammad City and Kafr Al-Saedi youth centers in Minya Al -Qamh.

At the end of the visit, the Minister of Youth and Sports and Governor Sharkija toured a number of investment projects in the center, which included the establishment of a sports games area, cafeterias and 14 shops in the youth center to maximize the resources of the center to serve cultural, sports and social activities that the center offers to the people of the city of Abu Hammad.

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