Al-Bashaer will face young Al-Ahly in the West Asian Basketball Super League

In a good mood, Al-Bashaer Club will open its matches tomorrow at six o’clock Muscat time in the first group competitions of the first edition of the Super League for Western Asia in “Wasel” basketball for the Arabian Gulf region, with a meeting that brings together the Emirati Al-Ahly Youth Club , where the latter arrived the day before yesterday in Muscat, and led a light training session in preparation for the match The first leg, the events of which are held in the main hall of the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Bausher , the West Asian Basketball Super League is a new and important stage for the competition between clubs region of West Asia and the Gulf. advanced, so that it was joined by the local champions of the league in India and Kazakhstan. After that, the two qualified teams advance to the final stage of the West Asian Super League “Wasel” Asian Club Champions Cup 2023, whose champion advances to the Intercontinental Cup, the highest club competition in the International Basketball Federation.

Light exercises

Club Al-Bashair held its final rehearsal on the floor of the main hall at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Bausher, amid high morale and great optimism to achieve an honorable result in the first clashes. Light training sessions included some offensive tactics and shooting from distance and under the basket, with the presence of all national team members, because he is on the list of the club team. The good news is 14 players, Mahmoud Al-Souli, Hadid Beit Bakhit, Tamim Al-Riyami, Ahmed Al-Halhali, Qassem Al-Qasimi, Abdul Rahman Al-Sanani, Ayman Al-Mahrami, Rashid Al-Zuhaibi, Noah Al-Mahrouqi . , and Saeed Amin, physical therapist.

Al-Ahly youth training

After arriving in the capital Muscat, the Emirati Al-Ahly youth team did a light training session, and the team also underwent intensive preparations for this tournament through daily exercises under the leadership of Bosnian coach Zoran Zapović, and in the presence of local and professional players. Al-Ahly youth leads the UAE Basketball League, and is in the ranks of team 12. The players are Saeed Mubarak, Qais Omar, Ahmed Abdel Latif, Mohamed Abdullah, Hamad Eid, Hamid Abdel Latif, Talal Salem, Milan Milosavis, Nikolaxect, Brandon Stephen and Hussein Khaled.


As for the team’s preparations before the start of the match, Mahmoud Sharif Azmy, coach of Al Bashaer Club, confirmed the readiness of the team despite the circumstances. The first match has a lot of details that we hope will work in our favor, because this is the team’s first match in competitions He added: Our goal in this tournament is not to show an honorable technical level, but to achieve good results that will place the team in the second round of this tournament.

Mahmoud Sharif Azmy, the coach of Al-Bashaer Club, also expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of a match stadium for the team’s training during the last period, and said: We had hoped to train in the main hall of the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Bausher, which hosts the match. , but the conditions of reserving the stadium and the hall’s preoccupation with the competitions of some matches prevented us from playing and training on the floor of the hall, but this will not prevent us from showing an honorable and good level in the match.

Tough competitions

Mahmoud Ambu Ali, assistant coach of Al-Bashir club, said: The team’s preparations are normal, and they came through the team’s participation in the general league competitions that started some time ago. He pointed out that super-elite clubs who are the champions of their countries are participating in the tournament, so the competitions will not be easy and will have a lot of difficulty and computational complexity, since it is a question of consecutive matches. the fourth approach, and the clubs in the group, namely Shabab Al-Ahly from the Emirates, as well as Al-Hilal from Saudi Arabia and Kazma from Kuwait, are all big teams. And he has records full of indoor and outdoor achievements, and he has a long basketball history, so the championship meetings will not be easy, but the group in Al-Bashaer Club and our confidence in his capabilities, are capable of winning the first clash and going to the second round.

He added: The financial opportunities available in the Gulf clubs participating in the group exceed the capabilities of Al-Bashaer Club, therefore we call on the private sector and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth to support the team on its journey and enable it to represent the Sultanate of Oman in the best way, commending the efforts Ministry and the Omani Basketball Association, hoping that the team will present a level that meets the ambitions of the sports center.

He added: The team faced several challenges, including that the professionals assigned to the team played only one game in the general league, explaining that the general league system provides for one professional player to participate with the team inside the stadium, unlike the West Asian Championship. , which allows the participation of two professional players. Inside the stadium during the match, and the team did not play any friendly matches before the tournament to experience the professional players inside the stadium and measure the strength of the team or the appropriate way to play in the Wasel Asian Championship qualifiers, considering that the league is in progress and we could not play friendly match in this way, and the club also faced challenges due to access to the fields and the delay of daily training due to the busyness of the main hall that hosts the match, and this is the cause of the exhaustion of the players, but we are trying to perform honorably, to invest the workers on the field and audience to win.


Al-Bashair club player Tamim Rashid Al-Riyami said: We are optimistic about a positive result in the first match. A win in the first game always gives a great incentive to the team to continue and give more in the upcoming games. A good performance in the last Arab Championship in Kuwait, so we look forward to going through this tournament to qualify for the next round from the group stage. Al-Bashair club player Saeed Al-Saadi said: The team is ready for the upcoming match, which is undoubtedly a confrontation that will not be easy. It is significant that in the first group, in addition to the representatives of the Sultanate of Oman, there are Al-Bashaer Club, Al-Hilal from Saudi Arabia, Kazma from Kuwait and Shabab Al-Ahly from the United Arab Emirates, while in the second group the group includes Al-Sadd clubs from Qatar, Kuwait from Kuwait, Manama from Bahrain and Al-Nasr from Saudi Arabia.

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