“Tunis Village” on the shores of Lake Qarun in Fayoum… a special treat for a modest budget

Despite the desire of many tourists to spend a fun vacation of a special nature far from the beaches, the budget could be a real obstacle to the realization of that desire. But before you retire and throw away your dream under the pretext that you don’t have the money needed for an unforgettable vacation, know that Egypt has destinations for all tastes and pockets, the most important of which is the “Tunisia Village” on the shores of Lake Qarun in Fayoum (northern upper Egypt). ).

Travelers can often enjoy relatively cheap travel when the place enjoys a variety of tourist attractions, and this is what characterizes the village, since you make the decision to visit it while in Egypt, you will not need to book regional airlines because it is close to Cairo, because is in the immediate vicinity About two hours from the shooting range next to the pyramids in Giza.

Villas and hotels with beautiful views and unique architectural design (Tunis Village page)

So you can rent a private car or choose a bus, and when you get there, you will find many hotels, private homes, camps and cheap activities, which offer all-inclusive options and you will find what you are looking for in terms of cleanliness and comfortable rooms and restaurants.

“Village of Tunisia” is a destination for tourists looking for peace and relaxation, and at the same time it is a destination for those who want an atmosphere of adventure and practicing various activities in it. Whoever you meet is welcome as if you were one of their family.

Cultural activities for the whole family (Art Center on Facebook)

Switzerland Evelina’s story with the village

This special combination was made up of the history of the village, which until not so long ago was just a beautiful piece of the Egyptian countryside, drawing its charm from the picturesque nature until it changed and became a tourist destination preserving its ecological character, when a couple visited it and fell in love into the place and thought of its excessive beauty and calmness in stability. They are the poet Sayed Hijab and his wife, the Swiss artist Evelyn Bureh, who loves ceramics, and whose love for him grew after she saw the residents professionally making ceramics and ceramics in the ancient Egyptian way.. This was the turning point of the village.

Flowers and greenery surround the homes (Fayoum Safari Trips Facebook page)

At her hands the village of Tunis acquired its present privacy and wide fame, when she and her husband built a house for them there in the manner of domes and gates which prevail in the village, close to the style of the old Tunisian houses, which are surrounded by greenery on all sides, and even when she separated from her husband, she decided to continue living there, and founded the first school for teaching and producing ceramics, pottery and handmade carpets in the region, and gradually the unknown village became a global center for art and tourism visited by different nationalities and a permanent exhibition handicrafts for which international annual festivals are held, and it has been called the “capital of Egyptian village art”.

Villas with beautiful views and unique architectural design (Tunis Village website)

The first thing that will catch your eye upon arriving in the village is the spread of olive and palm trees, and it will not be difficult for you to find a suitable place to live. In addition to the numerous hotels located on Evelyn Street, which is the main “long” street in the village, there are dozens magnificent villas and palaces. And if you are looking for more privacy, I advise you to choose to stay in one of them, enjoy absolute peace, a private pool and an architectural style based on domes.

Also, when you go up to the balcony, there is a surprise that pleases your eyes, such as a view that gives you a wide view of a rare mix of water and greenery, and you are lucky if you can find a villa in the time you travel with a view of the Qarun Lake with its with a stunning view, even if all the houses Lake view is not available, because there are other charming views that lead you to the simplicity of life and nature, such as tall trees and various flowers, along with old houses built of stone, sand and mud in the manner of the historical architect Hassan Fathy. You may be happier if your rented house is located near a famous artist who owns mansions and palaces there.

Houses that allow recreation and privacy within the village (Tunisian Village website)

What is surprising, according to Mohamed Sayed, a tour operator and owner of a tourist camp in the village, is that the rental price of these villas is fixed and does not change between Egyptians, Arabs or foreigners, unlike what is common in Egypt. It ranges between 3 and 7 thousand Egyptian pounds, which is a low figure compared to its privacy and beauty.

It has all the necessities of life, including rustic furniture, along with a green garden that may contain a private pool, and you can order all the food you want from one of the restaurants scattered around, but Syed points out that no residents are allowed to make any noise, which is a necessary condition. for stay.

But if you prefer to stay in a hotel in the same place, you will find various eco-friendly ones, including “Toot Palace” or “Labs Inn Resort and Spa” or “Al-Waha” or “That Al-Mosafer “. Meat and eggs cooked in city ghee in the morning, ducks, pigeons, tortillas or fish for lunch. You will also find gyms, health clubs and a children’s playground.

Stunning nature and skating on the sand

If you prefer to enjoy scenic views without going too far from your place of residence, you should go to Qarun Lake and have dinner in a quiet place while looking at it and observing its vastness and watching rare and migratory birds in their season which suitable for winter, or rent a boat and go on a trip on the lake to see the sunset in its full glory is here, but if you want a special romantic atmosphere and spend your honeymoon, you can ride a horse and walk it to the beach for a long and pleasant conversation in nature with your partner.

Despite the extreme calmness, nothing stands in the way of those who want to embark on an unforgettable adventure or practice different activities adapted to all ages, and not make a single member of the family bored during a visit to the village, because, for example, only “Wadi Al-Rayyan” can do that to organize several tourism programs thanks to its wealth, according to Muhammad Sayed: “At the top of these programs is the sand dune skiing activity in the Wadi El Rayan reserve, which is considered one of the best places for this hobby in the world because of its soft and deep sand dunes. Rent a quad bike or join a team of adventurers formed by one of the tour operators there to practice this sport soon, especially since the weather makes it the best time to do it in autumn and winter.

It is easy to rent a skateboard there, and I advise you, considering the softness and depth of the sand, if you are a beginner, to choose a light wood one, and the fees for sand skating in Wadi El Rayan are about 100 Egyptian pounds, while the rental “ boards” about 30 pounds, but if you don’t prefer You can play football, volleyball, racquetball, fast football in the places equipped for this. A visit to the waterfalls located about 40 kilometers from the available village in Wadi Al-Rayyan, which is preferred by young people, where fun and frolic are available. In the reserve you can enjoy a ride with a parachute, the price of which ranges from 60 pounds to 15 pounds. That’s right.

Valley of whales

If you are a lover of history and cultural tourism, you have an irreplaceable opportunity to see antiquities that take you back to ancient times. According to adventurer Mustafa Rahim, you should not miss visiting “Wadi Al-Hitan”, which is a unique tourist destination and includes many complete skeletons of whales that were once lived in the area, and the bones Jaw, ribs and vertebrae of a giant whale are horizontal in the ground and present an incredible shape that will surprise you, and was chosen by UNESCO as one of the best world heritage sites.

If you want to live in an atmosphere of mystery and uncertainty while enjoying nature, you should visit the “Enchanted Lake” whose colors change during the day with the sun’s rays, which, according to many legends, earned it its name, but Rahim is another story; And that is that this lake located in the middle of the desert and surrounded by mountains on all sides is not known from where it draws its renewable water with a constant level, because its source is still unknown!

You can also see it with a special view from the top of Mount Mudawara, which you must not miss if you are a fan of ecotourism, because ancient sea sediments such as the Cave of Angels, which are 45 million years old, appear.

Camping and yoga

One of the most beautiful things you can do when you visit the village of Tunis is to organize camping and astronomical observations, and follow the movement of meteors and their fall in the evening until sunrise, and from the intensity of tyranny to the splendor of nature and silence, there are sports such as yoga, meditation and psychotherapy sessions organized by some camps there, especially north of Lake Qarun. There is a weekly event that includes these activities at “Camp Qatrani”, which is not far from the village.

Also, when visiting the village, you can participate in many other activities that are expected this winter, after a two-year break due to the “Corona” pandemic, including the “International Ceramics Festival” and the “Sand Skating Competition of the Enchanted Lake” and the “Fayoum Art Center” by the artist Mohamed Ablo . , which includes the only museum of its kind in the Middle East, the “Caricature Museum”, and of course the School of Ceramics founded by the late artist Evelyn awaits you in the village.

The funny thing is that some of the tour operators in the village follow the authentic Egyptian marketing method, which is to raise the slogan: “We do not hold the guest responsible until the trip is over.”

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