“Where are your days, Mito?”… Hajj Metwally’s fourth wife was actually his second… There is a surprise in the identity of wife #1!!

“Bribery” was the most famous word for “Olfat”, the fifth and youngest wife of Hajj Metwally, who was played by artist Monia in the famous series “The Family of Hajj Metwally”, which was shown 21 years ago.

At the end of the series, “Hajj Metwally” manages to discover the materialistic intentions of “Olt”, who deceived him with her beauty, youth and sweet words, and that she loves him out of greed for his wealth, so he divorces her. and keep the rest of his original wives.

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20 years after the show of the series, a picture of the artist Monia spread, and Monia appeared in the picture with her age, which is why everyone remembered her in the Hajj Metwally series and compared the picture now with the picture in the series that was presented in 2001.

Where Monia appeared in the role of a spoiled girl who wants to marry a rich man to fulfill her dreams, so she decided to marry Hajj Metwally who is married to 3 other women, Amina, Nima Allah and Madiha.

Monia said in a previous interview that she sees no problem with a man marrying more than one wife, as long as he is fair to them, like Hajj Metwalli, and the women are ideal, like Hajj Metwalli’s wives.

Monia then revealed that she is the second wife of her husband Mamdouh Youssef and that it does not bother her, and she also confirmed that his first wife is her friend.

After a long marriage, Monia and Mamdouh officially separated in 2012, and she then declared that she would devote herself to artistic work and taking care of her children.

However, this did not last long as Monia remarried to Iyad Al-Degwi, and their wedding ceremony was held at the Al-Jazeera Police Club, and the ceremony was attended by a large number of artists and media personalities, including Nermin Al-Fiqi, Mirna Walid and her husband, Omar Al-Degwi, and media, Suhair Shalabi, and media, Mamdouh Musa.

Monia wore a dress designed especially for her in Lebanon, and after the wedding, the newlyweds traveled to Turkey for their honeymoon.

During her interview with the Bahraini website Al-Bilad, Monia said: “It is the children who hold back the artist, not the marriage, but in general, the calculations are different before children and after children with regard to the mother. The children are not to blame for the mother’s preoccupation and moving away from them during the day When God blessed me with children, I devoted myself to the role of mother, which he considered the most important role in his life.

The great composer Baligh Hamdy watched her sing at a wedding in Alexandria, so he asked her to enroll at the Arab Music Institute to complete her studies, and he chose the name Monia as her nickname.

She started her acting career starting in 2001, and among her most famous works are The Women Are Coming, A Woman’s Journey, One Thousand and One Nights, No Deal and Al-Sit Asila. On the singing level, her most famous songs were called Mito, which is the name of the dale that the star Nour Al-Sharif called in the series Hajj Metwally.

About her singing ideal, Monia said: “Faiza Ahmed, who sings her works in front of the audience, achieved great fame with my performance of the song Hamal al-Asiya, Ya Qalbi, as I love the singer Shadia.”

Monia rose to fame in 2001 when she participated in the series “The Hajj Metwally Family”, after being selected by director Muhammad Al-Nukli.

It was not considered her first work, so before that she participated in the film “Noor and Fire” with Laila Elwi and Wafaa Amer in 1999, after which Monia presented many works between film and drama, including the series “Moon of September” with Mervat Amin, and “A Woman’s Journey” with Nadia El-Gendy, and “Al-Sitt Asila” with Fifi Abd, “Hanan and Hanin” with Omar Sharif and Second Wife with Ayten Amer and Amr Abdel-Jalil, and her latest work is was the series “Entering the forbidden”.

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