After a boring and weak exit from the first round of the World Cup… Who bears the responsibility for early exclusion?

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After a boring and weak exit from the first round of the World Cup… Who bears the responsibility for early exclusion?

November 26, 2022 at 7:00 a.m

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Abdel Nasser Al-Bar

The exclusion of our national team from the 2022 World Cup was a big shock for Al-Annabi fans who were looking forward to the good in the company of Hassan Al-Haydos, but the reality was the opposite of ambitions and wishes. A goal against Senegal in the second round, which made our team with with one goal, and 5 goals conceded, hastened the relegation from the tournament and the elimination from group A, the lower part of the ranking, the Asian champion in three official continental championships and showed great levels, especially in the Gold Cup, in which he reached the semi-finals and third place in the Arab cup, and a great success in the European qualifiers and Copa America, with which the fans of our team strengthened their ambitions before the World Cup by reaching at least the second round.


The question remains who is responsible for this exclusion and early exit from the 2022 World Cup! Is it the technical staff, the players or the administrative staff, and it is a legitimate question that the masses have the right to know, as is the case with international teams that always hold a press conference after the exclusion and exit where they talk about the reasons and clarify public opinion and sports street, because the way the team was prepared recently was accompanied by great turmoil and controversies in the sports street and old players who did not like the way of preparation by removing players from their clubs and leaving them without competition in the league and contenting themselves with only training and friendly matches from which were of no use, as the World Cup required better preparation and periodic participation of players in leagues to gain competition.

The dismissal decision is wrong

The first wrong decision of the coaching staff and officials was to rest and relieve the players from May 2022, immediately after the end of the season, and the coaching staff’s argument was to keep the players away from the pressure of matches and competition so that they would not have an excessive physical load, because Sanchez is afraid firstly of the factor of physical exhaustion and injuries that can affect any player, and secondly because Sanchez felt that the players have become spherical saturation from a large number of participations and tournaments. , and therefore wanted to rest them so that they could enter the World Championship with great enthusiasm and achieve results at the level. But the coach’s calculation was wrong.

long camp

For the past four years, our national team has enjoyed a rich and high-quality preparatory program of the Football Association, which provided everything for the coaching staff and players, but what everyone disagreed about was the long camp that lasted almost a full 6 months between Spain and Austria, and if look at the history of the teams’ participation in the World Cup No team in the world has implemented this plan, but it is impossible for any coach to do what Sanchez did by running a long camp and excluding players from league competition, so that everyone is satisfied with only training and friendlies , and the bearer of the idea must respond.

Two games a week

If the manager Felix Sanchez was afraid of the players from pressure and injuries, how did it occur to him to face the teams of the first group, whose players are mostly active in the biggest European leagues and play two games a week at high levels such as the English, Italian and Spanish leagues, then surely the level of readiness and the difference in the competition would be great compared to the players of our national team who have lived for a long time only from training and friendly matches.

Psychological preparation

It became clear to the players of our team that they were not prepared on a psychological and psychological level for the 2022 World Cup, which was visible in the first match against the Ecuador national team, where tension and anxiety prevailed over the players, that they could not present the required level, and also also happened in the Senegal match, albeit to a lesser extent, and that responsibility rests with the professional staff and their assistants who were supposed to have that role, to motivate the players and keep them away from pressure.

The first team to leave

What happened to those same Al-Annabi fans, and even Arab fans, is that Al-Annabi left the World Cup as the first team, which is the host country, and this did not happen for years during the previous tournaments, and the host country always came to the elimination rounds, exploiting the factor of the country and the audience, but unfortunately our team forgot those two factors as if they were playing in a country and a continent that was not theirs, and he was the one who supported him and stood by him, but the players were out of the tracking field and in a world different from the World Championship in Doha.

Changes are needed

Make sure without any doubt that our team now needs new blood at Al-Annabi, relying on young players and discarding the old guard, including several players, some of whom are at an advanced age and it is time for him to rest, and some of them have fallen a lot in level, and there are those who are better than him in his position, and in the technical staff To quickly start the process of changes and rejuvenation within the team instead of settling on the same names because the team became exposed to the far before the close.

A quick fix

We are not here to criticize the national team or those responsible for it, but things must be corrected, because what happened is considered a setback for Qatari football by exiting and saying goodbye to the World Cup in such a boring way, and everyone must take responsibility and sit down at the dialogue table and discuss the reasons that led to this catastrophic failure of the national team at the World Cup, especially since the Asian Cup and the Gulf Cup championship are just around the corner, and coach Sanchez should discuss solutions and alternatives with his assistants before it is too late, and if God yes, the next one will be better for Qatari football.

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