And time is the rule – Saudi newspaper Al-Watan

The present robs us of many thinking minds and golden pens, and instead of picking the most beautiful flowers and winds from the garden of life, we find before us swamps of staleness, superficiality, and insolence; Stagnant, stagnant water recovers everything that is shocking and encroaches with all its splendor on morality and principles and invites that thought and creativity… Morality is considered backwardness, humility is weakness, criticism is injury, review is ignorance, and violation of the rights of others is skill and acumen! The smiles of innocence and shyness disappeared, the faces settled into false laughter, and the hands rushed to the applause of hypocrisy! We are surrounded by corrals that thunder and not rain, a lot of noise without flour and dough! Pencils are bought and sold for those who pay more, and pencils are decorated with thanks and awards from unknown sources. Shops are distributed to all who are willing to pay, and then an ordinary thinker turns into a genius, a weak writer into a powerful one, a charade poet into a master of songs, and a peeling artist into a torch of civilization…. Thus, these false personalities advance to the forefront of cultural, artistic and literary scenes, and are presented as role models for the growing generations. As if the arena, with its distractions, is not enough for the downward spiral. nothing but ignorance and a terrifying erosion of consciousness for the youth of the future, despite the great benefits of reading! The Roman philosopher and politician Cicero was right when he said one day: “These are hard times… Everyone is writing books!”

Flaunting fancy prizes gives fans, friends, followers, friends and even family members the belief that you have achieved something, but buying, begging or even cheating and forcing yourself to collect prizes is not a way to build sustainability, because once people realize the weakness of the product, you will lose everything you spent on building it. False confidence and no amount of money or any number of rewards can bring him back, and like a ghost he will vanish with the fading of the light! Culture, rather than thought, is the behavior and lifestyle produced by thinkers, writers, poets and artists. Works that speak for themselves and do not need noise to spread. They may appear late, but others remain to disappear and disappear!

Today, anyone on earth who has access to any of the social media can post and become an influencer on the scene, regardless of the level of advancement or decline it offers, because it requires no experience or training, just post. By sheer luck, the clip spreads, and its owner becomes one of the influencers who are proud of themselves and believe that they have reached the highest ranks in science and culture, so they go out into the Internet space and talk with confidence about everything and nothing; From nuclear fission to the null hypothesis! Collective taste has become terribly distorted, and it is easy to convince yourself that the cobbler produces wheat.

Even today, anyone in the world who has a keyboard and a screen can write and publish on the Internet, but can everyone be a writer? Can anyone willing to take music lessons or join a gym go so far as to compose a song or compete in the Olympics? It takes years of training, not to mention talent!

It is not difficult to determine the reasons for the proliferation of some writers of newspapers, magazines and blogs, while deep and rich works go unnoticed, or for the mass sales of some books, while other books sit on the shelves for years, just a brief review of recent studies in sociology and behavioral science, we will find more than one explanation, it is important that the reality indicates that there are creative essay writers who have given up their pen after despairing of being ignored by society, and we also find ignoring the books of contemporary thinkers, writers and poets who are struggling to pay the cost of living, while hackers win the literary lottery and sell their books that Not only lack dramatic construction, but also lack development and depth of character drawing, or a clear lack of rhetorical structure, not to mention lack of originality, yet become one of the best-selling and widespread authors! It’s really sad that a large part of the public doesn’t realize that the mere dissemination of a work does not make its owner creative, but follows the flute into the abyss of culture!

A writer is first and foremost a thinker, constantly observing and analyzing the world. He is not an extrovert, but an introvert. He not only examines what goes on within him, but studies and examines the actions of others… their words… their feelings… their behavior… their impressions… their successes their failures; He tries to see the world through the eyes of another, while at the same time he observes the social, political and economic systems around him, separates them and explains them to himself in order to understand them, and tries to figure out why they failed or how they could be better… For hours, and sometimes weeks, he thinks about the reason for the strength of one word and the weakness of another. A writer always looks at the big picture while focusing on the small details. He is above all an artist with a fertile imagination and a scientist who understands how all these parts fit together and combines them to present them in one harmonious crucible. He seeks to find answers and then shares them in a way that enriches the world with his words. That is how the writer lives through his works that, whenever they are valuable and rich enough, achieve immortality for their owner… And the fragile and boring works of climbers disappear in terms of content and thought, because a good work should not be presented or advertised, but should be sought… Global Fund for Creativity It became open to us, not witnessing who is gone, but who is still being searched for today, and that is why we can say that although there are lights that are not valuable, there will remain lights that do not dim… and time is the judge.

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