Ideas for activities to celebrate the New Year 2023 with children

Many of the ideas on this list are appropriate for young children and many will remember them, but there are a few extra things to keep in mind when celebrating New Year’s with a toddler who goes to bed early… unlike celebrating with older children , which have remain awake; Watching at twelve o’clock is not easy with children.
These tips can help you celebrate the New Year with young children:

1 – Celebrate New Year’s Eve in the “noon” time slot

Celebrate the New Year at noon

if you have small children; Maybe you don’t want them to stay up until midnight.. You’ll mess up their sleep schedule; So celebrate the new year early with your children. Turn the clocks back a few hours, start the countdown and enjoy an early sleep on New Year’s Eve.

2- Organize a party at home

If you can’t take your kids to the party, bring the party to you; Because if your child makes the party unbearable, at least you will be at home, ask your friends to bring their children and create a ‘kids zone’ with lots of games, snacks and even screens; To keep everyone happy and entertained all night.

3- Prepare a luxurious family dinner

Prepare a fancy family dinner

Pour sparkling apple juice into crystal glasses for each child in your family and set the big table for a real celebration with your kids, whether you’re making all their favorite meals or ordering takeout; It’s so fun to get everyone dressed up in fancy dress for a family dinner party.

4- Prepare your own speeches

The celebration of the New Year is not complete without giving a speech full of wishes for the coming year. Let each child remember what he experienced in the past year, whether it was good or sad, and write down his wishes for the New Year, and make sure that the speeches of small children will be fun and I am funny at the time.
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5 – Allow them to sleep with or sleep with their friends

Let them spend the night at their friends’ or sleep over at theirs

If your kids will insist on staying up all night when their friends spend the night with them; Let them sleep over on New Year’s Eve, invite a few of the child’s friends over for the night and enjoy the countdown on TV together, with plenty of snacks… Their parents will be forever grateful for a night without kids, and hopefully they’ll return the favor next year. .

6 – Take your children on a family trip

Before the clock strikes the New Year, take the kids on a picnic near your house or camp with them on the beach; The atmosphere of the Gulf allows for such gentle adventures. Pack snacks and take your kids to an activity they won’t forget.

7- Design a question tree

Create a question tree

Let your children participate in the preparation of a small custom-made tree, and hang papers on it asking them to inquire about something, so you can move away from material demands; You have already given them the gifts in any case, and after they sleep, you can attach them with pieces of paper on which you will answer their questions, as much as possible, and let them read them in the morning… But be careful not to get infected. them with questions that have specific dates.
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8- Share their favorite game

It’s a celebration without staring at the TV all night… by preparing board games on New Year’s Eve with the kids; Let everyone choose their favorite game to share.. You can also play old fashioned house games, which are easy to play and don’t require any tools, like charades or 20 questions.
To add a fun touch to your celebration, organize a Zoom night with friends or family who don’t live nearby if you want to ring in the New Year with them.

9- Design your own cards

Design your own cards

Get your kids together and teach them how to design New Year’s cards; Spending an evening making crafts at home is a great way to celebrate the New Year. Let them design what suits their family members, even those who are far away from them, and maybe make greeting cards for members of homes for the elderly. With this you can take home the next day to share with them yourself You will teach them who During this activity, think of others; Which gives them the ability to give.

10 – Pamper yourself at home

End the year with a spa night at home with your kids.. Buy some kid-safe beauty products, give them manicures and pedicures, and put masks made from natural materials on their delicate faces. You can do these activities while listening to music or watching an interesting movie; Where you can choose one of your family’s favorite holiday movies or watch winter movies.

11 – Challenge and implementation game

A game of challenge and execution

Your children can play in this funny way, writing funny commands on pieces of paper and putting them in the drawing container, according to the lottery, which will fulfill the request, and everyone in the company will laugh.. Like the game that talks to your shoes, or touch the darkness.

12 – Enjoy the dance

You can make it a night out by having your kids help create a dance party playlist full of all their favorite tunes, but don’t forget to include yourself in the songs you love, a chance to introduce your kids to them, then move the living room furniture out of the way; Let’s set up the dance floor, turn off the lights, and here they and I create the most beautiful movements.

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