4 main reasons why a husband neglects his wife emotionally and sexually

There are many reasons why a husband neglects his wife emotionally and sexually, some of which fall on the shoulders of the wife and others on the shoulders of the husband. He begins to emotionally neglect his wife, so the matter can escalate to a long-term break in intimacy, because the husband does not find the feelings and emotional support he needs, so today we will tell you increasing reasons and reasons behind the husband’s attachment to this approach.

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The husband’s emotional and sexual neglect of his wife

Undoubtedly, the unacceptable behavior of the husband, especially if it is excessive and repeated sexual neglect and shortcomings in the intimate relationship, will encourage the woman to reconsider the reasons for this behavior of her husband, because this behavior is not the same. It reflects the nature of men in general, for them a close relationship is an important factor.

  • Here, the woman feels intense anger and sadness, and these feelings negatively affect her and reduce her self-confidence, and will inevitably lead to a gradual change in her feelings towards her husband, as the marital relationship begins to enter into a relationship. The beginning of a state of instability, and therefore the search for the most important causes and motives that lead to these changes, will benefit both the wife and her husband, especially if each of them starts looking for solutions to the problems they face.
  • A husband’s neglect of his wife always starts from an emotional point of view, and this includes not providing adequate support to his wife on all social, psychological and other levels, for example, he does not show her any gratitude or respect. He doesn’t appreciate his efforts and has nothing against expressing the feelings of love he once had between them.
  • All this results in a large accumulation of negative feelings in the wife, and the matter develops when she ignores the husband’s sexual needs.
  • The husband begins to ignore the wife’s private requests during intercourse, and even if his request is clear and obvious, he does not fulfill them and may not show any interest in this aspect of the relationship at all.
  • Good feelings disappear between husband and wife, and small and beautiful details such as sharing daily events or spontaneous conversations that help revive this relationship are lost.
  • In the end, the woman realizes that her husband prefers to spend most of his time alone, avoids spending time with him or even with him, avoids talking to him or seeing him.
  • It should be noted that there is a difference between emotional neglect and emotional abuse, because the latter involves completely unacceptable actions, such as the husband’s resorting to verbal and physical humiliation, and the woman’s constant complaining about all her actions and comparisons. His wife in a dry and extravagant way with other women.

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The reasons for the husband’s emotional and sexual neglect of his wife

Whether the neglect is emotional or sexual, there are many reasons why a husband ignores his wife, and some of the reasons for a husband’s emotional and sexual neglect of his wife are simple, spontaneous and often temporary and therefore easily remedied. Others require more effort on both sides, with the need for external intervention that occurs when contacting an expert to find a suitable solution, and here we will explain the most important reasons that led to the neglect of the husband. his wife:

1- Unintentional negligence

  • This reason is one of the simple and spontaneous reasons we mentioned earlier, and here the husband does not neglect his wife on purpose, and often the reason for this neglect is that the husband is busy with his work or anything else that requires strength. concentration. And do more.
  • It can also be caused by exposure to many external pressures such as financial, family or business problems.
  • In this case, the woman may feel neglected for a while, but that feeling soon disappears, and after the husband’s problems are solved, things return to normal, because it is not the husband himself who has changed, but the circumstances. Change behavior short Egypt and affected.

2- Conditional love

  • Some couples can only show feelings of love and care while they are in a relationship.
  • Emotional neglect in this situation occurs because the husband feels neglected by his wife, which means that he does not get enough attention from you as a wife, so he treats you in the same way.
  • This kind of behavior causes the accumulation of many negative emotions, especially anger and indifference, and the neglect becomes mutual in a short time and spoils the marital relationship.
  • Even both partners may need a long time to come to terms with these feelings, especially if there is no reason for dialogue and understanding between them to help bring the two parties closer together again.

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3- Lack of sexual attraction

  • This reason is one of the most painful reasons for women, but it can also be one of the strongest reasons why a husband ignores his wife emotionally and sexually.
  • It is possible that the husband has lost his sexual attraction to the woman, but at the same time he does not want to reveal the truth of his feelings because he is afraid of the breakup of the family or his wife’s reaction. Often the reason behind this feeling is the husband’s interest in another woman.

4- Inability to express feelings of love

  • The husband may be one of those people who find it difficult to express or talk about their feelings, and this problem extends into childhood, so these people often lose the desire to communicate and tend to feel more alone and lonely than other people.
  • In this case, it is difficult to describe this behavior as neglect, according to psychologists, because the husband is considered sick and lacking in expressing his feelings, and this does not deny that he still loves his wife and feels good feelings towards her. for him.
  • The reason for this mental state is that the child grew up in childhood, so the husband may be one of the emotionally neglected children and grew up with these feelings, but they were suppressed in him and led to his behavior. In that way, but in this case, it should be noted that neglect is usually just emotional neglect.

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How do you deal emotionally and sexually with your husband’s neglect of his wife?

When a woman feels emotionally and sexually neglected, she is dominated by negative thoughts and is surrounded by numerous questions, and in some cases this can turn into mental illnesses such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression.

This is about the couple having to make a decision and decide to leave or start looking for a solution to this problem, and it is always advisable to consult with experts from one or both parties in the relationship, but we will also provide some solutions that can help solve this problems through expert review:

1- Express your feelings effectively

  • You need to express what you feel by learning how to communicate with your husband more openly and clearly.
  • You should also talk to your husband, so after talking to the one who makes you feel left out and listening to his answers, you will get the other side of the story and solve the problem.

2- Apologize for the mistake

  • Avoiding arrogance, arrogance, and apologizing for a mistake are among the biggest mistakes spouses make when ending marital relations.
  • Therefore, if after talking and communicating with your wife, and the two sides have finished clarifying things, it turns out that you are wrong about some things, then you really need to apologize, and not try to make excuses. Unfortunately, this will not help you improve your marriage relationship in the long run.

3- Showing trust to the other party

After evaluating your relationship with your spouse, you must be willing to make the necessary efforts to resolve the issues that exist between you and make sure that during this time you approach your spouse so that he feels safe that he will help you. The connection is successful again.

4- Rekindle the feelings of love

  • Every now and then you should take an interest in reliving the fun times you had with each other.
  • Spontaneously approach your companion, try to do more things together, renew communication between you and revive mutual love.

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That’s how we discovered the reasons for the husband’s emotional and sexual neglect of his wife and proposed four steps to deal with it and solve the problem of neglect once and for all. We hope it will help you and we look forward to your comments.

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