Fertility decline and aging in America and Europe | Articles and studies

A recent study warned of a continuing decline in male sperm on six continents, which has increased to more than 51% in the past five decades.

Plans to control overcrowding in Third World countries seem to have backfired on Western countries, which organized conferences, set policies and spent money to stop population growth.

Fertility statistics published by international organizations show that the West is on the brink of a demographic catastrophe, but not enough attention is paid to it despite its devastating impact on the future of Western nations. The number of births has fallen below the natural replacement rate, which is 2.1 births for every woman in generative age.

The latest United Nations statistics for 2022 indicate a decline in the fertility rate in North America to 1.6, in Europe to 1.5, in Australia and New Zealand to 1.6, in Latin America to 1.8, and in Asia to 1, 9. In Africa, the figures show a high rate, with an average birth rate of 4.2, and in North Africa, where the Arab countries are located, the rate is 3, which means the continent’s population is surviving against the aging of the rest.

Even Asia, which was ahead of others in population growth, is now facing a setback due to birth control and control measures. China, which imposed a one-child policy from 1980 to 2016, has decided to back off and allow three children per family to maintain its workforce, and South Korea, with a population of 51 million, has reduced its fertility rate to its lowest level. the global average, which is 0.9 per woman – or less than one child – Its population is expected to halve in 2050, so it has decided to provide grants and awards for each child born to encourage more offspring.

And since European countries are the most affected by low fertility, they fill the labor deficit by opening the door to immigrants, and they cannot refuse them, but some countries want to erase the identity of immigrants, especially since most of them are Muslims, so we find a country like France in constant struggle to impose its secularism and restrictions on Islam. France has the highest fertility rate in Europe, 1.8, due to its Muslim citizens of African descent.

A strike of magic against a magician

Since the last century, circles in the West have been trying to impose birth control and sterilization of men and women, to stop population growth after accepting the failed Malthusian theory, which claims that population increases in geometric sequence while food increases in numerical sequence. sequence, and books and newspaper pages are full of information about conspiracies being hatched against people in the third world to stop their growth.

The theory about the golden billion and salvation from the rest of the planet’s population spread, about which Russian President Putin spoke a lot recently, and many reports and documentaries appeared about the conspiracy of global freemasonry to satisfy a billion people and get rid of them. the rest, but it is strange that global fertility trends give signs that confirm that attempts to sterilize people are not delusions and are not accusations, but there is information that confirms them, but the surprise is that the West itself is damaged.

A recent study warned of a continuing decline in male sperm on six continents, reaching a rate of about 51% over the past five decades, and indicated that the largest, fastest and most alarming decline since 2000 is occurring in the Americas. , Europe and Australia.

The study was prepared by an international team based on 223 specialized studies conducted over the past fifty years, with data collected from more than 57,000 men from 53 countries.

The study, published in the journal Human Reproduction published in November 2022, showed that the international team called on medical institutions and decision-makers in the world to look for the causes and move quickly to find solutions, especially since this decline will affect the state of health in General!

Despite what scientific studies have shown about the existence of hidden and unknown factors to sterilize people and reduce their fertility; The biggest factor in the decline of fertility in the West is the collapse of civilization in America and Europe, which played a major role in the destruction of the family, and thus in reducing the number of births.

Civilization breakdown and family elimination

In 2050, the world population will reach 9 billion, and all this increase will be in Asia, Africa and Latin America, while one hundred million people of European origin will disappear. In the year 2000, the total number of inhabitants of Europe, from Iceland to Russia, reached 725 million, and in 2050 this number would drop to 600 million. There are other estimates that say that number will be reduced to 556, all of whom will be elderly and elderly.

All the Western writers who wrote about the extinction of the West talked about the moral collapse, the destruction that happened to the natural family consisting of man, woman and children, and its replacement by distorted models of the family that God revealed to her authority, and this sabotage of societies came as a result of secularization, the departure from Christianity and the worship of man himself, and the overcoming of disgust and the worship of pleasure and enjoyment, and the deepening of the spirit of absolute selfishness.

The majority of young people in America and Europe are not satisfied with one, and do not want to bear the burden of a wife and children, and women’s societies fought against common sense and organized campaigns against marriage, calling for alleged equality in everything, including the enjoyment of multiple relationships, so they they made pills and contraception for women, then they legalized abortion for her and prepared all the causes for interference and deviations, so societies turned into disintegrated entities dominated by decadence.

And with the unraveling of sexual drives, satanic deviations appeared that had no end, and capital contributed to supporting the currents of deviations until it became the dominant trend in society, crushing values ​​and morals underfoot, and we saw part of that civilizational collapse at the World Cup in Qatar , when a handful of perverts tried to pass deviation as a civilized and human right!


Strangely enough, the capitalist institutions that have destroyed values ​​in Western countries continue their attacks on our countries, and seek to destroy our societies by destroying the family, but in more clever ways after failing to achieve their previous plans, by changing laws, setting up obstacles, delaying and preventing marriage, encouraging abominations and corrupt values, the fight against religion and the impoverishment of governments. Corruption and preventing them from playing their part in securing jobs and housing, and making young people’s dream of starting a family impossible.

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