Kindergarten 1444 Kindergarten Class Names, Their Goals and Origins

Names of 1444 kindergarten classes, their goals and their establishment. All the institutions that are present in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia run many Kindergarten classes for all the children of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A great role is played by these educational institutions in the preparation of children and their preparation for the pre-school stage, since they possessed personalities during this period. A colorful and beautiful imagination, integrated with an educational atmosphere. The following lines will show you everything related to kindergarten class names.

Teaching in kindergarten

Kindergartens are open institutions for the upbringing and education of children not yet of school age, in which children are prepared and prepared for integration into society, fun and education are combined, and all means are provided for the development of communication skills and learning skills, where they begin to appear socially motives, they have it. At this age, it is easy to shape these causes and get them on the right track by giving them enough support to be ready for school.

Forming a kindergarten class

In 1816, Robin Owen, Director General of Scottish Education, thought of opening a class to teach the children of women who worked in factories, and at that time education was limited only to the school stage). He founded it for playing and practicing various activities in the year 1837 AD, in “Bad Blangenburg” and it was just a social experiment designed to prepare children for the transition from home to school, opening the first kindergarten in the United States of America in 1956. AD, and the first free kindergartens were opened in the world in 1870, in the United States of America, where they were founded by a German businessman living in New York in order to provide free education to all children of all educational levels.

As for the beginnings of kindergartens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is 1995 AD, / 1396 AH, the date of establishment of the first kindergarten, and it included 10 classes, each class includes 200 girls and 16 teachers, then the General Presidency for girls, education established a large number of kindergartens, where the number of kindergartens reached (26) in 1402 AH, and in 1413 AH the number reached (117), and in 1420 AH the number reached approximately (316), while In 1428 of the Hijri year, that number reached (1512), and since then it continues to expand and becomes an indispensable part of the educational process.

Kindergarten class goals

Kindergarten teaching aims to train and prepare children, as we have already mentioned, along with a number of other goals and principles that it adheres to since its foundation until today. Below I can refer to its most important and prominent goals.

  • Encouraging the spirit of cooperation and participation and introducing children to good habits and behaviors that must be respected.
  • Providing a healthy learning environment that encourages self-development, love of science and inculcation of good values.
  • Developing the child’s social skills and helping with innovation and creativity.
  • Application of physical activities appropriate to his physical ability and build.
  • Encourage children to discover their talents and teach them to read and write.
  • Follow modern educational theories to develop children’s learning skills.
  • To develop children’s personality and encourage them to express themselves and discover themselves in order to reach a more independent personality.
  • Developing the child’s senses following cognitive, skilled and emotional learning methods.
  • To give children the opportunity to use their energy and abilities in a positive and useful way.
  • Providing the child with full opportunities to prepare for a flexible transition from kindergarten to school.

The role played by classes in kindergarten

Kindergarten teaching has a great role in the formation of the first personality of children in the early period of life, and it is a very delicate stage in which it is necessary to pay attention to everything the child goes through in order to create an environment for him, and we can do that, mention the important roles they have kindergarten classes as follows

  • Kindergarten is a compensatory environment for the home because it provides the child with the necessary security, and is characterized by providing a warm and suitable environment for learning and fun, according to an integrated system of teaching and learning.
  • It is an important transition period because it prepares the child for entering school, and it is a new phase that is completely different from the home atmosphere and household activities that are practiced in the first years of the child’s life, methods, abilities and following modern theories. The child’s psyche is ready to pass through that experience.
  • The mini-school environment develops the child’s personality and trains the child’s psychological, physical, skill and emotional aspects to be ready for the school environment and the restrictions that are set in it, makes him respect the system and follow good behavior, as well as motivates him to communicate and cooperates with the environment that surrounds him.

Tips for choosing names for kindergarten classes

Choosing a class name in kindergarten is a very important stage that is no less important than the other stages of preparing and creating classrooms, because that name is considered the title of the children’s little world and must be recognizable. and an attractive name that attracts children’s attention and fits into their little world, so there are some tips and guidelines that you must follow when choosing the right name, and below we will show you the most important of these tips

  • Choosing names that match the girls and their interests, if the class is for girls, but if the class is only for boys, names that express them and their choices must be chosen.
  • Installation of billboards and posters that correspond to the chosen name. For example, if the name (Pink World) is chosen, it is desirable that the classroom be decorated with pink tools. Therefore, when choosing a name, it is necessary to think about the setting and how to use the name.
  • Choose names that reflect children’s aptitudes and abilities to help them channel their energies and discover their talents. For example, children can meet and listen to their suggestions.
  • Avoid difficult and complex names and try to simplify the problem as much as possible so that the child can say the name and remember it easily.

Kindergarten class names 1444

There are many names that can be given to kindergarten classes, and below we will show you some models that reflect the attitudes and ideas of children in this age group, and you can easily choose from them.

  • Little geniuses.
  • Islamic teachings.
  • Little artists.
  • Little geniuses.
  • Young inventors.
  • A few scientists.
  • little butterflies
  • Kindergarten Anđeli.
  • smiling faces.
  • He likes flowers.
  • industrious bees.
  • girls hair.
  • Ants work hard.
  • small hands.
  • little hearts.
  • Raindrops.
  • Drops of dew.
  • Rainbow.
  • wild flowers.
  • Pink dreams.
  • blue dreams
  • Magic hands.
  • blue beads.
  • Little dreams.
  • starfish
  • Smart bee.
  • Information hunters.
  • Banner of heroes.
  • ship of knowledge.
  • Small shoots.
  • The world of creativity.
  • children of heaven
  • Future heroes.
  • children’s planet
  • The garden of childhood.
  • birds of the sky
  • surfaces.
  • scientific girls.
  • Creative guys.

Names of approved kindergartens in the Kingdom in 1444

After mentioning the names of kindergarten departments, we will show you a list of approved kindergarten names in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with an explanation of their addresses, and through the following points

  • Rawdat Al Sharafiya is located in the eastern region.
  • Rawdat Riha is located in Riha district.
  • Buthaina Al Ansariya Kindergarten is located in Al Wessam area.
  • Al-Shifa Kindergarten is located in Al-Muhammadiyah Al-Shifa area.
  • Kindergarten 1 is located in King Khalid Residential City for national interest.
  • The third kindergarten is located in the Al-Khurma area.
  • The fifth kindergarten is located in the Al-Salama district.
  • Hessa Al-Sudairy Kindergarten is located in the Ant Valley.
  • The eighth kindergarten is located in the Al-Faisaliah district.
  • Al-Khariq Al-Janoubi Kindergarten is located in Al-Khariq Al-Janoubi area.
  • Asma bint Abi Bakr Kindergarten, located in the Tamaran region.
  • The elementary kindergarten is located in the air base.

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