Male and female issues in 2022… The dispute has divided Egypt’s screens into two sides

During this year, men’s and women’s issues have been at the center of public opinion in Egypt, and media platforms have incubated different points of view in this regard.

During the year 2022, the screens were divided into two sides, the first defending men’s rights and holding women responsible for his misery, and the second advocating for women and seeking greater benefits for them.

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The funny thing is that these two trends were led by two female media figures, one of whom was considered by the public as the leader of the male defense front, and the other as the leader of the wave of women’s advocacy, which we will review in the following lines.

men’s party

On the other hand, its advocates blamed women for the problems that men go through, and others saw that the work of the wife caused an imbalance in society, and in between, the issue of polygamy has a pause.

Yasmine Ezz

Egyptian media, Yasmine Ezz, took her show “People’s Words”, aired on MBC Egypt, as a platform to defend the Egyptian man. No episode is devoid of advice for women to deal with their husbands, nor does it blame women for the problems that arise within the homes.

During the current year, “Yasmine” came out to her audience with several opinions, all of which were in favor of the man, including: “A ship with two captains sinks. Before getting married, you must be aware that the captain of the boat is the husband,” and ” I am sure that the Egyptian is the kindest man on the face of the earth, we are by nature good and sensitive people, and it is natural that they are affectionate.”

As already mentioned, “Yasmine” claimed during a group of advice to wives that this would make them happy in life: “The key of an Egyptian man is to answer with the present and yes”, while she believed that the husband had the right to search the wife’s cell phone.

The support given to this man by the Egyptian media did not limit him to the context of married life, but extended to the brother’s relationship with his sister, as the case reached the point of saying: “A woman should bring a bell to her brother in the house, and when it rings, in front of find a cup of tea or coffee.”

“Yasmine” has previously caused controversy for her defense of a wife who accepted a reconciliation with her husband after he severely beat her before the start of the wedding ceremony, after the woman filed a complaint against her husband last October.

Ahmed Karima

dr. Ahmed Karima, a professor of comparative jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University, said during his guest appearance on the “Nine” program shown on Egypt’s Channel 1 last May that a woman should help her husband marry another woman, words that opened wide the door to his criticism .

The Egyptian preacher attributed the reason for his statement to his desire for a woman to contribute to her husband’s chastity, so that he would not commit immorality, pointing out that the work does not mention a man’s permission from a woman before marrying another woman. Islamic law.

Lina Chamamian

In the same context, the Syrian singer Lina Shamamian expressed her willingness to marry an Egyptian man, for a number of reasons that she stated in an interview she conducted for the “Meniz” platform via “Facebook”.

And the Syrian artist said: “By the way, it’s very nice. The pampering I see from an Egyptian, I haven’t seen it from another man, and you don’t have to be in a personal relationship with him to pamper you. He has a part of gentleness, a mixture of shyness and respect” with given that he has a “big heart”.

Amid the controversy sparked by the Syrian singer’s statements last October, “Lina” later apologized, explaining that her words had been mangled.

Engy Ali

Egyptian media outlet Engy Ali attacked the idea of ​​equality between men and women, saying that the issue has caused a number of social problems and caused an imbalance.

“Women today have taken their rights at all levels. This is my point of view and my opinion. All life is Adam and Eve from the beginning of creation,” said “Engy”, during her guest appearance on the program “I am Saeed” shown on Egyptian satellite channel “Cairo and the People”.

She added: “I advise women who press their husbands with demands beyond their financial means to remain calm. A kind word makes all the difference. We have become stingy even with words. Yes, an Egyptian woman is the most powerful woman in the world, and people love an Egyptian man and his sense of humor.”

Women’s party

On this front, its affiliates called for women to gain greater rights and also tried to exempt them from several things that were always included in their duties and responsibilities, which caused a great storm throughout 2022.

Radwa El-Sherbiny

Media Radwa El-Sherbiny took the “She and Wes” show she hosts on the satellite channel “CBC Sofra” as a platform to support and support women, criticizing husbands on a number of issues, and accusing him of causing crises that undermine family stability.

Radwa’s opinions have been mixed on the matter, but what has been criticized the most this year has been her talking about her personal life, and her achieving several successes after the split, until many felt that her bragging about it would encourage women to divorce.

Egyptian media said during one of the episodes of her program: “What happens when a woman divorces and marries 4 or 5 times? And if my husband does not like me, I will ask for a divorce from him and marry someone else.”

Heba Qutb

dr. Heba Qutb, a marriage counselor, made numerous statements that later brought her to court.

During her guest appearance on the show “Al-Hekaya”, shown on MBC Egypt, she surprised everyone by pointing out that a wife is not obliged to perform a number of duties in her home: “There is nothing that obliges a woman to cook, there are women who demand from their husbands to cook just like them.”

Subsequently, Heba believed that the Egyptian did not say pleasant words and that he was gentle only in “forbidden relationships”, until she was accused in the court process of “insulting the Egyptian”.

Suad Saleh

dr. Suad Saleh, a professor of comparative jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University in Egypt, caused controversy when she revealed that a woman is not required to serve her husband in the home.

Souad Saleh, guest in the show “Bil Al-Usul” which is shown on the Egyptian satellite channel “Al-Shams”, said: “A woman cooks and sweeps in her house as chivalry, virtue and benevolence, not as a matter of obligation.”

Nihad Abu Al-Kumsan

Lawyer Nihad Abu Al-Qumsan, a member of the National Council for Human Rights in Egypt, caused a stir when she spoke about a mother receiving a salary from her husband in exchange for breastfeeding her child.

The above occurred during a video clip that the Egyptian lawyer shared on Facebook, and because of which she was subjected to an attack that lasted for days.

Later, Nihad said, in a previous interview with Al-Ain News, that she referred to the differing opinions of imams and jurists on the matter, noting that her statement was taken out of context: “There is no such thing as a breastfeeding fee.”

Useful Shiha

A few days ago, the Egyptian media Moufida Shiha harshly attacked the husbands, saying that they deliberately cause crises with their wives.

During the presentation of the “Al-Sattat” program, which is shown on the “An-Nahar” satellite channel, Moufida mentioned: “A man is aware of what will make his wife sad, and he deliberately does it repeatedly, and later complains that the woman is the cause his misfortunes.”

Egyptian media added, addressing their speech to an Egyptian: “End of indifference and you will see that the problems are gone. The misfortune is caused by you deliberately disturbing your wife.”

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