Minister of Finance: The budget proposal for 2023 will contain reform clauses

The Minister of Finance in the Interim Government, Youssef Al-Khalil, confirmed, during his patronage of the year-end meeting held by the Lebanese Tobacco Authority and Tobacco Inventory “Regie” at its headquarters in Hadath, entitled “There is no goal on the road to success”, “the determination to include items in the draft budget for 2023. A reformist who lays a brick on the road to progress,” hoping “that her discussions will be dominated by the scientific and realistic side, and that political and populist competition will move away from her.”

Al-Khalil described “Regie” as “one of the most successful state institutions in the public sector”, emphasizing that it is “an institution that works and aligns the country with its wealth and the sweat of its children, in order to produce quality and returns that preserve their decent and free living on the one hand, and they provide income to the state and the state treasury on the other hand. While today every linden tree is desperately needed to rise from its most difficult reality financially, economically, socially, and in various areas, at the head of which are political and constitutional complexities.

He praised “the success of the Regie, its management, organization, efficiency, sufficiency, productivity and growth”, reminding that it “does not only finance itself, but also the public treasury, and lends a helping hand to sister institutions, and beyond,” thinking in this context to “the gift he gave to Lebanese students.” Abroad, on a day when the process of banking provision for them by their relatives failed as a result of the emerging crisis experienced by the banks and the collapse of the national currency in the face of the hysterical growth of the dollar.

Al-Khalil said: “There are many public institutions that are productive, as they should be, but today they are not sufficient on their own. On the contrary, they are daily draining the treasury and causing heavy burdens and bleeding. Give credit to Regie, with your hard work and management. We welcome the CEO Mr. Nassif Saqlawi, members of the Board of Directors, employees and all workers.”

Regarding the awarding of “employees of the Region who persistently raised the level of their academic achievements and excelled in the development of their professional competences”, the Minister of Finance said: “To the extent that the institution is classified as successful, with the success of its management and its ability to plan and follow the path of sustainability, human capital with its sufficiency, training and growth has a parallel importance … and today, as you celebrate the end of the year by gathering and paying tribute to employees, you confirm that advancement depends on the ability to complete education and training, and all this in combination can establish institutions which are capable – especially if they are characterized by the advantages of management – to face the difficulties and cope with the changes imposed by the circumstances, whatever they may be.

And he stressed that “the exchange of expertise and experiences, either with foreign countries or between public administrations and institutions, the development of skills and the building of institutional capacities are key elements of the process of advancement in light of the difficult conditions we are going through”. In this regard, he recalled the “experience of cooperation between the Department of Tobacco and Tobacco Inventories and the Financial Institute at the Ministry of Finance (Basil Fuleihan Financial and Economic Institute) in the fields of training, which today is considered exemplary, and with which the importance of imitation and activation of the same in the public sector.” He pointed out that “the results of this cooperation are largely assessed as positive because they contributed to the development of joint planning for the development of competences and skills. effective performance in promoting a culture of quality and institutional excellence, and in obtaining specialized certificates for senior and middle staff in various areas such as leadership and internal audit. It also resulted in models and working mechanisms related to quality management systems, sustainable development, integrated production of tobacco cultivation and public procurement.”

Al-Khalil said: “It is no longer possible to develop the performance of public administration without strengthening and building effective and sustainable partnerships, so we can only emphasize the importance of cooperation between all departments of the public sector as a basis for progress. This cooperation must also be accompanied by cooperation with the private sector and trade unions, as they also play a key role in promoting social dialogue on current issues and challenges, advising and transferring technical expertise on matters of common interest, while creating an enabling environment that strengthens infrastructure and combats corruption. .

He concluded by saying: “As we say goodbye to the year to welcome the new year, we are focused on the preparation of its budget for 2023 and have focused on the reform clauses that can lay a brick on the road to progress, hoping that its discussions will be dominated by scientific and the realistic side, and that political and populist bidding will move away from it. It is accepted only with responsibility, seriousness and conscience.”

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