She lived with her husbands.. Forensic medicine surprised the Nourhan case!!

This is a gruesome crime..words cannot describe it..and eyes shed tears of grief for the death of mercy and love.Feelings freeze, surrendering to the devil and his whims that control our thoughts and actions.

In one of the neighborhoods in the province of Port Said, where a mother and her family, consisting of a daughter, two sons and a husband, lived a peaceful life, then suddenly that life turned upside down…because the mother was killed by her daughter and her boyfriend, and the family was destroyed.

How did a girl from Port Said kill her mother and her boyfriend?

The case arose thanks to the success of the officers of the Criminal Investigation Department in Port Said province, uncovering the mystery of the case that shook public opinion, not in Port Said, but in the whole of Egypt, due to the murder of the supervisor of workers at Al-Hayat Hospital of the Comprehensive Health Insurance System in Port Governorate Said, when they did not think of the first stories of the accused for the murder of his mother, during which she tried. – the neighboring perpetrator, claiming that her mother was killed with the intention of stealing.

After the accused was pulled over and confronted with contradictory statements, she confessed to all the details of the crime, which the accomplice in the crime had to confess in its entirety.

The representation of the two defendants for their crime at the scene of the crime is the best evidence that they committed the incident with the participation and agreement to kill Port Said’s labor supervisor, Dalia Al-Hoshi, at the hands of her son and their neighbor.

The crime scene showed that the girl and the neighbor were alone in the apartment of the girl’s family, Nourhan Khalil, and did not expect the mother to return early from work.

Immediately after the victim’s mother entered the house, seeing the girl and the neighbor together, her anger flared up, fearing that their affair would be exposed.

Here the murderous neighbor brought a hammer to finish her off. Here, the victim’s mother begged her daughter to allow her to repeat the statement, and after she repeated the statement almost 3 times, the neighbor told her that it was enough, so he fell on his head in front of her daughter, and he crushed her.

The perpetrators were not satisfied with what they had done, but the girl brought a pot of boiling water with which she doused her mother until she was sure of her death. During that period, the girl warned that the date of her brothers’ return was close, so she and the perpetrator thought the body in a cell phone to hide it until the papers are sorted and the victim is resolved to hide the evidence of the crime.

Since the perpetrators did not succeed, the neighbor thought of scattering the contents of the apartment, to make it look like it was a theft.

Namely, the girl stole gold and money, opened the windows and informed the brothers that she had received a call that their mother was injured and taken to the hospital to direct them to get out of the house. so that she could complete the features of her crime.

The victim’s friends started searching for her in hospitals, and they had to inform her husband to return home from work to open the door and find the painful accident.

When the father asked his daughter: “Where have you been?” She told him that his mother was tired in the hospital, so I went to her there, as if God wanted the perpetrator to fall into the hands of the researchers who were investigating the story.

An inspection of the apartment showed that among the folds of clothing there was also a short-sleeved T-shirt, which, when asked by the family, one of the victim’s sons confirmed that it belonged to their neighbor, but when asked by the neighbor, he denied and confirmed that he was out of the house during that time, but surveillance cameras confirmed that he did not leave.

Accusing him of being a murderer, but he said that I am present at home every day in the absence of the family, but he blamed the murder on his daughter, and she unfortunately said that he killed her, and they admitted the crime before the prosecutor’s office.

Sayings of the killer, victim’s daughter’s friend
In the conflict, the main accused, a 14-year-old minor born in 2008, the victim’s neighbor, a Port Said worker supervisor, admitted that he agreed to marry the victim’s daughter, his accused partner, after the end of his sentence for the crime he committed, pointing out that the accused , the daughter of the victim, loves and has no feelings for her fiancé, with whom he had several sexual relations and had sexual relations with her husbands. and made her a virgin.

The answer of the accused Najla, the victim, a 20-year-old supervisor of Port Said workers, came that she would not marry him and that she does not think of marrying him, despite what happened between them in the relationship because he is not at her level, as if it was up to her to choose a life partner or not, as if she knew what punishment she would face, up to life, if she got out of it. her murdered mother’s hands, and with the partnership of the first accused, her soul, after which her life in the forties begins.

Amidst the astonishment, the investigators confirmed that the victim’s daughter had forgotten that the punishment could reach the death penalty, given that she exceeded the age limit for minors, as is the case with the first accused, her partner in the proceedings. , which can be the maximum sentence of 15 years that can be imposed on him under the provisions of the Child Act, even though he is a perpetrator.

Prosecution investigations showed that the accused, the victim’s daughter, allowed her criminal partner to enter the family home in Port Fouad, Port Said province, to commit the crime using the tools he brought with him.

The two defendants gave detailed confessions about the incident in which they killed the victim, Dalia Al-Hoshi, a supervisor of workers at the Al-Hayat Hospital of the Comprehensive Health Insurance System in Port Said province, mother of the accused Nourhan, and a neighbor of the accused Husein for insisting on separating them and approving their daughter’s engagement with another.

The investigations carried out showed that the accused lived with his partner Najla, the victim, who was in an extramarital union with her spouse and had broken her virginity, according to the finding of innocence based on the decision of the State Attorney’s Office, which confirmed that the accused was a woman and that she hasn’t been a virgin for a long time.

Smashing the victim’s head with a hammer
Eyewitness testimony also established that the accused neighbor in the case smashed the victim’s head with a hammer, which he hid in order to commit the crime, and struck several blows, during which the victim tried to run away, so the daughter handcuffed her until the perpetrator ended his life.

Eyewitness testimony established that the victim, after losing strength, asked her daughter and the abuser to let her recite the statement, and during that period the accused neighbor asked his partner, the victim’s daughter, to bring a knife to slaughter her, so she brought but the knife refused to cut the throat of the victim’s mother while she was repeating the statement, so the accused was not the daughter of the victim. The supervisor of Port Said workers, but she brought a glass object that she gave to her partner to complete the execution of her crime.

After the victim repeated her statement 3 times, the perpetrator told her that her time in this world was up, and stabbed her with a knife to take her life.

For its part, the public prosecutor’s office in Port Said decided to extend the detention of the two suspects for 15 days while the investigation is ongoing, and to send the phones of the accused for technical expertise, and to deposit the forensic decision with the case files.

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