United Bank and Baheya Foundation sign a joint cooperation agreement

The protocol was signed today by Ashraf El Kady, Chairman of the Board of Directors of The United Bank and Engineer Tamer Shawky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Baheya Foundation.

The signing ceremony was attended by Lamis Negm, Advisor to the Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt for Social Responsibility, and Laila Salem, Board Member and Bahia’s granddaughter. In the presence of a group of leaders of The United Bank and Baheya Hospital: Nevin Kashmiry, Deputy Managing Director for Business Sectors of The United Bank, Moataz Al-Qasabi, Deputy Managing Director of The United Bank, and Jihan Abu Hussein, Head of Ethara Community Development Department, United Bank .

By Bahia Hospital Mohamed Khalifa, member of the Board of Directors, Majid Hamdi, member of the Board of Directors and Dr. Gilan Ahmed, Executive Director of the Foundation.

The Protocol on Joint Cooperation, which was signed today on the sidelines of the Conference of People and Banks – the eighth edition – foresees that the United Bank will continue to direct the support and support of the Baheya community to the institution in terms of material and moral support. Which supports her journey to provide decent quality medical services to citizens. With the completion of development and construction plans for Baheya Hospital in Sheikh Zayed.

Yes Baheya Foundation – one of the largest charitable organizations that treat women’s breast cancer free of charge, conducts an early detection process for the United Bank women’s work team, free of charge, periodically, and in accordance with the applied quality standards for the service. Baheya Hospital also provides necessary treatment for cases confirmed to be infected at the expense of The United Bank. In addition, we offer a special discount for additional services such as x-rays and analyzes of all kinds inside the hospital corridors.

This is in addition to the Baheya Foundation organizing numerous seminars and workshops to raise awareness for The United Bank women’s team on ways to fight breast cancer and the most important tips and guidelines for preventing this disease of various types. As well as methods for conducting self-examination. And the importance of early and regular examination of women. Which contributes to the expansion of health care and the reduction of the number of infections.

Commenting on the signing of the Community Partnership Protocol, Lamis Negm – Advisor to the Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt for Social Responsibility – says that this protocol is a model of the commitment of the banking sector to support the health system and its services provided to the Egyptian citizen. This is achieved through a community development strategy and partnerships with civil society institutions to support the implementation of health projects and provide the best services in the field of health, under the leadership of the Central Bank of Egypt.

Health is equal to a full life, with the meaning of the words hope and humanity. Therefore, Lamis Negm called for the unification of efforts in order to contribute to the fulfillment of the priorities of sustainable development, which leads to the realization of a tangible and direct impact on the health of citizens.

Lamis Negm confirmed the acumen of the banking sector under the leadership of the Central Bank of Egypt and its keen interest in health care projects such as hospitals and health centers as an urgent priority in the new republic. This contributes to the improvement of services provided to citizens and the provision of greater opportunities for improving the quality of health services.

On behalf of The United Bank, Ashraf El-Kady – President of The United Bank – expressed that today’s signing of the joint protocol on cooperation with the Baheya Foundation is a real translation of the process of cooperation between The United Bank and the Baheya Foundation to eliminate breast cancer for Egyptian women.

El-Kady emphasized that the protocol confirmed the strategic direction of the United Bank in supporting sustainable health activities and practices that affect the basic needs of citizens, and health care is on top of that.

Ashraf El-Kady emphasized that social responsibility is one of the most important pillars of the United Bank’s strategy to achieve sustainable development in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2017. And that by contributing to the development of local communities and providing the necessary health care to citizens.

For his part, Mr. Tamer Shawky – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Baheya Foundation, expressed his satisfaction that he is participating with The United Bank. He expressed that the Baheya Foundation is a model of joint efforts of civil society and economic institutions in the country. This is part of a community engagement effort aimed at shedding light on breast cancer in women, especially given the annual increase in cases and the need for community health care and awareness.

Tamer Shawky confirmed the imminent completion of the construction of the Bahia Sheikh Zayed Hospital, this large humanitarian institution, and expressed optimism that women suffering from cancer will receive free treatment and ease their pain.

He added that the level of health care within the Baheya Institution is at the highest level. As well as managing the hospital in a new, developed style and approach that aims to provide the best quality for citizens. As well as the transfer of expertise in the field of training, development and interactive education.

Laila Salem – member of the Board of Directors and Bahia’s granddaughter confirmed that the Foundation always strives to strengthen communication links with its partners and is especially proud of the partnership and cooperation of The United Bank due to its high status and influential and effective role in supporting Bahia and her struggles and seeking support Bahia Zayed and contributing to the success. Her message is to always remain in the background of every Egyptian woman

She added that this collaboration has a special place because it coincides with the beginning of the countdown to the inauguration of Bahiya Zayed with the arrival of 2023 and the reception of the first woman during the first months of the year, which is positive for the interest of Bahiya and her warriors and allows more work in full swing for success Bahia’s roles. Zayed completes the success of Bahia El Haram

It is worth noting that the Baheya Foundation is a charity organization specializing in free early detection and treatment of breast cancer for women, which has been operating since 2015 and as its achievements has managed to receive thousands of women since its establishment until today. different in providing treatment services from early detection to radiology and chemotherapy. Hormonal treatment, as well as thousands of surgeries and psychological support

And as a continuation of this effort, Baheya aims to completely eliminate waiting lists and strives to complete the equipment of Baheya Sheikh Zayed, which aims to receive almost half a million women annually, which requires all Baheya supporters to consolidate all means of cooperation to complete the path of appeasement, early detection and treatment of every woman without a list Waiting and providing the best service in terms of excellence and international standards of medical quality.

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