What will we do in front of the yellow wind?

“Your best wives are those who are dear to their families and modest with their husbands.”

God’s Messenger, may God bless him and his family

What is the relationship between the Holy Prophet’s hadith about the qualities of a good wife and the title of the topic about how to fight against the “yellow wind” that is blowing through our country and our societies these days?

These winds are not among the climatic phenomena that plague us from time to time, but a metaphor for the promotion and comprehensive mobilization of what is called “homosexuality” with a linguistic cloak that hides the ugliness of the act, which is homosexuality for men and lesbianism for women, with the aim of convincing some to reconsider the rule of marriage between a man and a woman, and putting the conditions of the relationship between the spouses into question and questioning their integrity.

In the face of these winds coming from “outside”, we hear opinions from the inside that there is no need to deal with the problem and exaggerate! Then the theorizing and continuous conversation about moral and religious values, the integrated social system in Islam and the Holy Qur’an with the legacy of the Ahl al-Bayt, peace be upon them, all this is limited to the bookshelves stacked in libraries, and there is no practical application in the field for various reasons, so don’t blame others. Because they spread and influence, and that’s partially true, and it’s also true; The political factors that go into making way for foreign cultures and ideas to enter hearts and minds, and we’re not here to talk about that, as much as we’re interested in shedding light on what should be done in this particular case of a point in time.

Let’s think about prevention before treatment

It is an old and well-known adage that circles the tongues to connect it with instinct and logic, but the strange thing is that this mental rule is not there to be replaced by a rule; Create a disease, then create a cure! This is a hypothetical rule – of course – and its owners do not reveal it, but the reality we live and touch with all our senses confirms this bitter truth that has been imposed on us and the whole world since the last century, and which reveals the imbalance and contradictory dealing with human issues in this life, such as; Health and disease, social relations, issues of war and peace, we have seen how serious diseases appear in western countries developed in the field of medicine? And how sexual diseases such as “AIDS” and then mental diseases such as; “Depression” is spreading in parallel with the development of healthcare and the construction of state-of-the-art hospitals equipped with the latest technology, medical equipment and drugs? Over time, it became clear to us that the reason lies in the wrong diet, the wrong sexual relations, and even the wrong social life, which caused all this schism in the lives of Western people, and then these negative phenomena spread to most countries of the world.

The same goes for inventing wars and political conflicts between countries, such as; Problems with borders, bloody conflicts over power, causing national divisions that cause wars, and I don’t think I need examples from our country where wars and political crises live after all the facts have been revealed to everyone and how the Americans and the British have created hot spots of tension which can explode at any moment, and the war between Iraq and Iran Then the invasion of Kuwait and the American war for its liberation, and the ongoing war in the mountains and valleys of Kurdistan; Iraq, Syria and Turkey are the best evidence for what we are saying. Despite all this, we believe that some people see Washington and London as the savior and axis of the solution, and even a model of a happy life.

The Western system today is in a big dilemma in front of its audience immersed in depression and complex sexual problems that disrupt their lives, after their inability to solve this specific problem by allowing or even encouraging abortion to get rid of girls and women. and then continue their sex life with the freedom they have been given, they have devised a new way of solving it – They think it is the legalization of marriage between man and woman, and woman and woman to solve the emotional failure that is terribly widespread.

We do not intend to check the success or failure of these attempts, their side effects and repercussions, but we are looking for a way to deal with the social and psychological crises of Western man. This ugliness of this practice was the result of the pressure on the World Health Organization to make a decision in 1990 that abolished the fact that “homosexuality is a type of mental disorder” as psychologists advocated from the beginning of the twentieth century, so that whoever practices homosexuality, male or female, not to feel shame and guilt He “chooses a way of life that he likes, and that corresponds to the conditions created for him by the Western system.

justification This is the only lifeline that the West sees in order to get rid of responsibility for the results of the wrong actions and wasted lives of concerned politicians and capital owners.

We see this method and choice (justification) being followed in some of our countries that have been blowing yellow winds for decades, until we hear and see calls that the crime of adultery is not described as a shame and a sin, from both sides; A man and a woman, as well as the consequences of this ugly act, which is a child from adultery, are all the product of social and economic conditions, and even political ones that push a person on this path, and then; Don’t worry about all of them!

Therefore, we are not surprised by an international show that has been speaking in Arabic for more than seventy years, addressing Muslim listeners who read the Qur’an and have Sharia, morals and etiquette, and behind the microphone a woman speaks with astonishment about men who marry more than one wife , then they don’t allow women to do the same, “Isn’t that a conflict”?!

Tribute to women

An abundance of ideas and theories were discussed on this topic. Those who in the West talked about the freedom of women, and in the Islamic East about the rights and dignity of women, and the two are indisputable in principle, but what is required is a correct application that corresponds to human nature. , and practical confirmations based on all these theories. Otherwise, how could an Iraqi woman – for example – touch her rights and freedom at a time when clothes that show the charms of the woman herself are also promoted as a source of sexual excitement for men, then with a lot of wonder and amazement we hear someone talking about “turning a blind eye to men”! And why should men look at women on the street?! And the strangest question; “Is a man forced to watch and get involved in the excitement?”?! And we heard that from the owners of satellite channels a long time ago, and from the owners of internet sites nowadays, so does that mean that we create a disease and then invent a cure?!

Scientists discovered a long time ago that the most important factor for the failure of married life is sexual stimuli on the street and in various media, especially among men. An emotional relationship when lust and sexual excitement are limited only between them, and not violated by anyone, and the same applies to a girl and a young man; The sexual desire that God – the Almighty – planted in the soul of every person, accompanying him from his birth to his death, must be respected and preserved until it is used in marriage, and not in any other matter.

Perhaps this explains to the honorable reader the reason why we have chosen the hadith of the Holy Prophet at the top of the article, because the dignity and happiness of Hawa’s daughters are guaranteed while she is under her father’s care. “humiliation” turns into submission and interaction, as opposed to rebellion and tyranny, and that’s why there was a warning – and this is a digression from the context – from the Noble Prophet not to do it the other way around, because the results would be disastrous.

Honoring women is not limited to ceremonies honoring the ideal mother, the honest employee, the educator and the dedicated doctor. Encouraging marriage and creating a successful family, and even educating a girl from childhood to be a mother in old age, by introducing her to the entire ethical system and integrated social system in Islam, and how in that system she can achieve happiness for herself and those around her, and what is the most important thing, to live safely from the yellow wind regardless of its strength.

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