Centers for settlement and arbitration.. Young MPs reveal the details of the first debates for the Law on Sports

The Committee for Youth and Sports of the House of Representatives published a press release on yesterday’s initiation of the first hearing in connection with the Prime Minister’s decision on the draft law on amendments to some provisions of the Law on Sports, promulgated by Law no. 71 of 2017, in the presence of the Egyptian Olympic Committee and the Egyptian Paralympic Committee.

dr. Mahmoud Hussein, head of the Youth Committee, confirmed that the Committee relied on some broad lines during the discussion of the aforementioned draft law, including an emphasis on compliance with the law under the Olympic Charter and international agreements signed by Egypt in the field of sports, including the United Nations Convention in in the field of sports that President Abdel Al-Fattah Al-Sisi in 2015.

He emphasized that there is no conflict between the articles of the draft amendment and international conventions, adding that the law is a collective work involving experts and those involved in sports, university professors and legal experts in order to arrive at the best proposal. formula for its articles, which is applicable and compatible with international standards and deals with the negative effects that disrupted the practical application of some articles of the Law on Sports during the past period.

During his speech, Engineer Hisham Hatab, President of the Olympic Committee, confirmed that the legislation is the inherent right of the House of Representatives, indicating that the Board of Directors of the Olympic Committee has reached a consensus on changes to the law in coordination with the International Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, in accordance with the Olympic charter and international charters and agreements signed by Egypt, regarding the relations of the state represented by the Ministry of Youth and Sports with clubs, the Center for Sports Settlement and Arbitration, sports investments and executive regulations of the law.

In the same context, Counselor Mohamed Diab, legal advisor to the Minister of Youth and Sports, confirmed the draft amendment that was prepared based on the proposal of the parliament, adding that its articles were revised several times in collaboration with the Egyptian Olympic Committee to arrive at the final draft of the project which submitted by the Government, indicating that His Excellency has indicated that it has been established that sports federations are technically competent for the tasks entrusted to them, and that they have established a series of controls and rules that regulate the work of sports bodies in a way that does not deviate from the framework of the Olympic Charter and the idea of independence of sports.

At its meeting, the Youth and Sports Committee discussed articles related to the Egyptian Olympic Committee and the Egyptian Paralympic Committee included in the draft law, which included:

A – Regarding the replaced materials: They are presented in articles no. 3 (referring to the determination of basic systems by the general assemblies of sports bodies in accordance with the law, its executive regulations, the Olympic Charter and international standards, and their approval and publication), and 36 (referring to the jurisdiction of the Egyptian Olympic Committee), and 66 (referring to the Center for Settlement and Sports Arbitration and its specialization), and 68 (in connection with the establishment of the Center for Settlement and Sports Arbitration, duration of membership and date of convening).

B – Regarding the added materials: It consisted of articles number 1 (relating to the addition of the definition of the Egyptian Paralympic Committee to the definitions contained in the article) and 21 bis (relating to the prohibition of combining membership of the governing board of more than one sports body), and 32 bis (inadmissibility of connection with any sports organization – with the exception of the Egyptian Olympic Committee and sports federations – with an association, body or club unless after obtaining the approval of the central administrative authority).

The discussion was about the fact that the draft law prescribes the establishment of the basic systems of sports bodies in accordance with the law and its by-laws, and those present praised the existence of a by-law for the law that contributes to the establishment of control for the formation of management boards of sports bodies, which may not have been included in detail into the law, and the opinions are different Regarding the rulebook on sports bodies, where some saw the need to create a single rulebook for sports bodies, especially after the experience of developing an independent regulation for each sports body proved to be unsuccessful, while others saw that the establishment of a single regulation for sports bodies contrary to the Olympic Charter, which emphasized the independence of sports through the right of general assemblies. Sports bodies have the right to set their own statutes, and the law resolved this issue by setting out guidelines for the use of sports bodies that could not set their own statutes.

They also discussed the need for women and persons with disabilities to be represented in the board of directors, especially in light of the tendency of the International Olympic Committee to increase the representation of women in the board of directors of sports bodies, and in accordance with the international agreements signed by Egypt regarding persons with special needs. .

During the committee’s debate on articles 66 and 68 of the draft law relating to the Center for Conciliation and Sports Arbitration, Counselor Mohamed El-Demerdash, Chairman of the Body Committee of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, noted that the decision was made by the Court of Cassation in 2019 that all legal texts related to the Center for Settlement and Sports Arbitration to the Supreme Constitutional Court due to suspicions of unconstitutionality, he appealed to the commission to postpone the discussion of those two articles until the decision of the Constitutional Court in January.

At the end of the meeting, the committee decided to continue discussions regarding the Prime Minister’s decision on the draft law on amendments to some provisions of the Law on Sports promulgated by Law no. 71 from 2017.

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