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Beirut – Children’s bedroom decorations require special attention to make the child feel comfortable, safe and happy, and at the same time have a special design that suits the taste of young children.

Interior designer Lina Yafouri reviews the latest shapes, colors, models and colors for decorating children’s bedrooms for 2022:

Children’s bedroom design 2022

The design of a child’s bedroom must match the child’s personality and preferences. If he likes cartoon stories, the designs are derived from those cartoon characters, or objects that indicate the sport he likes, then it is necessary that the room be similar to his personality and environment.

Storage spaces must also be provided to arrange all the items in the room to look just right, as well as to provide good space for him to move around and play.

It is desirable to choose quality pieces of furniture to ensure the safety of the child, because children are always doing some distracting work to explore and learn about their surroundings.

The children’s bedroom must also comply with the standards of protection and safety for the child, which means that it must not have sharp protrusions so as not to injure the child while running and playing.

A layer of foam or wood can be placed on the walls of the wall, so that it is easy to clean when writing on it or when it gets dirty from food and other things.

As for the floor in the room, it is better if it is made of parquet because it is easy to clean and does not cause pain to the child in case of a fall, God forbid.

In the child’s bedroom there should only be toys that are appropriate for his age and that do not harm him, so there is no need for any electrical or electronic device that could harm him.

Choosing the shape of a child’s bedroom is based on encouraging his imagination and mind to think. It should be square or circular, because these shapes are important.

Design of a modern children’s bedroom with a double bed system connected by a simple ladder (Pixels)

Ideas for decorating children’s rooms in 2022

There are many unique ideas for decorating children’s rooms, says interior designer Yafouri, including:

  • Adding a colored wooden library that houses stories and simple decorative pieces.
  • Stick the finished “sticker” on the wall in various shapes such as roses, trees or any child’s favorite shape.
  • Beautify the children’s room by decorating the ceiling with luminous stars or by using colors to design it in the shape of the sky with white clouds, which makes the room more elegant.

As for the drawings on the walls of children’s rooms, there is no fear of mixing a lot of colors that give vitality and beauty to the child, along with drawing planets, stars or butterflies and various drawings according to the special taste of the child. .

It is necessary to have more than one lighting unit, each with a function, including the main lighting of the room, in addition to other quiet lighting by the bed.

Forms of children’s rooms

The decorator points out that the latest designs for children’s rooms in 2022, whether modern or classic, come complete with two beds, for boys or girls. And if the area of ​​the room is small, then a bunk bed is used.

There are also children’s bedrooms with two beds with a wardrobe and chest of drawers, and the principle is to maintain enough space to have room for playing and writing homework.

The latest designs of children’s rooms

2022 is the year of bedrooms with modern designs based on upholstered wallpaper, and these designs require large spaces, according to designer Yafouri.

Cabinet drawers can also be designed by mixing two colors, for example between yellow and white in the decorations of children’s bedrooms from the latest fashion trends, and some attractive drawings are added to the wall.

3 The design must be suitable for each child and his personality, as well as his preferences and things he likes and likes - (Pixels)_
The design of a child’s bedroom should suit each child, his personality, preferences and things he likes (Pixels)

Children’s bedroom design – boys

A child’s bedroom can be designed according to the things he likes. For example, a bedroom suitable for children, boys who love football, contains a bed, curtains and a carpet depicting football, which gives the decor the splendor and vitality of a child.

Interior designers come up with unique ideas for decorating boys’ bedrooms in their own style. For example, if the mattress on the bed is chosen for one of the child’s favorite superheroes, he will be very happy, and a rug that connects him with his superhero can also serve.

Children’s bedroom colors in 2022

Brown and its derivatives are suitable for your boy.

Pale gray color is suitable for a child, with decorations in a room near the football field.

White with black fits the design of a boy’s bedroom, especially when it is dominated by the boys’ favorite sport to make them more striking.

Lemon is also suitable for the design of children’s room decoration, because this color is common for girls and boys.

Wood color is suitable for boys and girls if used in the design of modern bedroom decorations.

Children’s bedroom design – girls

Bedroom decorations for girls are characterized by simple details to add a fun atmosphere to the place. The style of royal rooms, palaces and princesses attracts girls, because they strongly relate to Disney princesses and cartoons and want to play that role. Therefore, the furniture can be designed in the form of royal palaces, and wallpaper or games can be added to it.

A bit of fun can be added by finding a special place to play, such as designing a tent or a small room inside her room or setting up a small swing or slide.

Pastel colors attract girls, and strong colors of pink and purple can be adopted. It depends on the girl’s wishes, but in the case of bedrooms, it is preferable that the colors are relatively calm.

11 The gradation of purple, which is actually purple, is suitable for all designs of modern rooms for girls - (places to communicate)_
Purple shades are suitable for all designs of modern children’s rooms (website)

Girls’ bedroom colors for 2022

Pink was the king of colors in girls’ bedrooms in the past, and it still is today.

Likewise, cream color is the most preferred color in decorating bedrooms for girls, and fuchsia color is also suitable.

In addition, the purple color is suitable for all modern room designs for girls.

Classic children’s rooms in 2022

There are those who look for classic children’s bedrooms that match the rest of the interior of the home, and children’s rooms always rely on two beds designed in dark wood on a light brown base.

The classic style is characterized by elegance, and in children’s rooms it is possible to combine more than two colors, but on condition that they are coordinated, and not to choose fabrics that have many patterns because they are not in accordance with this style.

It is possible to choose some fun designs with a classic style to make children’s bedrooms more enjoyable, especially if the children are young, and to design two beds one above the other, to give children space to play, and the beds can be designed with side drawers for storing children’s tools and toys.

Modern children’s rooms in 2022

Modern children’s rooms are the most common today, and their colors vary like blue, white and gray.

And the decorator advises you to look at the latest new children’s rooms to determine the shape, colors and decor of children’s rooms, because there are a large number of distinctive decorations, and parents can be very confused, so it is better for the child to participate in choosing the decor of his room so that he can grow in healthy and psychological environment.

2Decoration designers often create unique ideas for decorating boys' bedrooms with their own character - (Pixels)_
Interior designers often create unique ideas for decorating children’s bedrooms with a special character (pixels).

Modern children’s bedrooms with two beds in 2022

A modern design based on two tiers of beds connected by easy-to-use ladders, this design is suitable for elementary-aged children.

There are also distinctive designs of children’s rooms that contain one bed and another bed that is designed in the form of stairs under the bed, and this design is suitable for children’s rooms that are small in size, and also allows guests to have their own bed when sleeping.

Modern Turkish children’s rooms in 2022

Turkish decorations for children’s bedrooms are the most sought after, especially if they are modern, because of their beautiful design features.

Children’s rooms need some heavy curtains if the sun’s rays come in directly, so there are always two curtains, one light and one heavy, to block the sunlight.

Square carpets are also suitable for modern children’s rooms, and circular carpets in beautiful colors can be chosen for large rooms.

4Turkish decorations of all designs and bedrooms are considered the most sought after, especially if they are modern Turkish because of their advantages and wonderful qualities associated with beautiful room designs
Turkish children’s rooms are currently the most popular (Pixaby)

Children’s bedroom with two beds, wardrobe and chest of drawers

Children’s bedrooms with two beds, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers are among the most modern forms of rooms that have become widespread because they take advantage of a small space with decorations suitable for children.

It is one of the latest trends because it provides all children, whether they are playing, sleeping or studying.

The presence of wardrobes in the children’s bedroom helps to have more storage space in the house, in addition to the fact that this form has become one of the most beautiful choices.

As for the chest of drawers, it is a must in girls’ bedrooms as it has a mirror that helps in decorating and putting daily use on it.

7Colors for children's rooms 2022 are based on lively and modern colors that evoke a feeling of joy and happiness, and bring satisfaction and joy - (Pixels)_
Colors for children’s bedrooms 2022 are based on vivid and modern colors that bring pleasure and joy (Pixels)

Children’s bedroom wall colors in 2022

There are many beautiful and varied colors for children’s rooms to suit the tastes of boys and girls. The colors of the walls are one of the main elements that influence the decoration of each room so that the child does not feel bored and monotonous, so they need to be chosen carefully, and the most important of them are blue, yellow, pink, gray and brown.

Among the characteristic colors for girls in 2022: Pink color in all shades from light to dark. One of the most fashionable colors for girls’ bedroom walls is green and yellow.

Among the paint colors for boys’ bedroom walls in 2022: Children’s bedroom colors 2022 are based on lively and modern colors that suggest a feeling of joy and happiness, which are suitable for girls and boys, including shades of light purple with blue with fuchsia or lemon with olive.

However, the color of the wall must be coordinated with the color of the bed, curtain and cabinet, and if it is pink, the bed with the cabinet should be chosen in a neutral white color.

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