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Astana – Nimat Al-Khora

Director General of the Islamic Food Security Organization Yerlan Baidolet said that Jordan is an important country in Asia and the world.

It also needs it for exchange and cooperation in the field of food security, which it characterizes despite the scarcity of water, indicating the need to benefit from it.

In an interview with “Anatabat”, Baidolet added that there are no obstacles for Jordan to join the organization, but its officials say that the only obstacle is money, which indicates that the Islamic organization is very different from other international and Western organizations that ask for money and do not agree to accept the membership of countries except with the payment of obligations. And that the Islamic Organization does not consider money as an obstacle for joining its membership, and that it opens its doors to all Arab and Islamic countries and has the ability and understanding to wait for years for any country to pay its financial contributions after joining the organization.

He pointed out that the number of member countries of the organization is currently 37, including 26 countries that have not yet paid their mandatory contributions, and despite this, they are all treated at the same level.

He said that Jordan should also join this organization because there are more than two million refugees of various nationalities in Jordan, and relations and cooperation must be developed with them in order to provide them with the necessary assistance in case of joining the organization.

And he said, “He met the minister of agriculture, Khaled Al-Hanifat, a year ago in Jordan, and he agreed to join the organization, and this year when he visited Jordan, the minister said, “There is no money to join,” and then he said that if Jordan joins the organization, he will pay his dues when he becomes available.

Regarding the organization’s role in providing aid to refugees and recipient countries, including Jordan, Baidolet stated that humanitarian aid is limited only to member states of the organization, and that the aid is paid in full without deduction, adding that the organization has been working for 3 years and maintains workshops and conferences for refugees in order to help them work on small projects and Afghanistan is an example of this, to which the organization provides humanitarian aid, which attaches great importance to it, emphasizing that in order to help Jordan in this field, the organization must be a member of the organization .

Baidolet pointed out that the organization helps its member state that asks for help and will not help any non-member country, noting that other international organizations refuse 30 percent of this help, while the Islamic Food Security Organization provides full help without any deduction.

He pointed out that this organization is currently implementing 3 projects in Afghanistan, among which are agricultural projects, where it supplies small machines for digging and tilling the soil, and the value of the project is now 300 thousand dinars, and after a while the value of the projects becomes very valuable.

Regarding how to activate cooperation between Islamic countries and improve their capabilities in the field of achieving food security, Baidolet said that the idea of ​​establishing the organization came after many questions about the weaknesses of food security in some Arab and Islamic countries, despite the fact that these countries possess all what their members need in terms of land, money and human skills. in the area of ​​food security.

He stated that the problem faced by these countries is how to distribute money well, because most Islamic countries strive for development in the field of food safety through international organizations, and that the role of the Islamic Food Safety Organization in this field is carried out through experimental regional projects, emphasizing that the Republic of Kazakhstan today gladly takes over the headquarters of the Islamic Food Safety Organization for the work of helping Islamic and Arab countries.

He added that three years ago, Arab and Islamic countries, including the Arab Gulf countries, began to wonder why huge sums of money were being spent on Western organizations without the desired benefit from them, and that it was a matter of cooperation between Arab and Islamic countries. is the only solution represented in the union between countries and the application of Islamic values, tolerance and brotherhood, emphasizing that the strong intention and determination of the Prije organization is to move towards development and cooperation between Arab and Islamic countries in order to achieve food security.

Baidolet said the organization has promoted agricultural practices that rely on environmentally friendly technologies by setting up a program called “climate management,” which studies soil salinity and drought.

She also created a water management program in agriculture, which is all related to the environment and its preservation, along with the use of smart agriculture, which relies on drip irrigation and the use of minerals, because they do not pollute the environment and do not reflect any damage to it.

He pointed out that the organization is following plans for the development of the production of strategic goods, the most important of which are rice, wheat, dates and cassava, which are among the 9 most important strategic goods in the world.

He added that Russia and Ukraine are among the largest exporters of wheat, and that Islamic countries, including members Egypt and Libya, suffer from a shortage of wheat, so the Islamic Food Security Organization is working to cover this shortage and sufficiency through member states, and there is no need to purchase wheat from countries outside the organization’s member states.

Baidolet concluded by saying: The organization has achieved food security for its members because it works closely with them, because these countries are visited in coordination with the competent authorities, led by the Ministry of Agriculture in those countries, and all the requirements of those countries that the organization fulfills, and the priority The organization today is focused on the accession of Arab countries and achieving security. It has full food and the organization strives to increase all its members and provide them with assistance.

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