The date of Al-Masry and the Arab performers coincide; Wednesday 21.-12


Al-Masry and Arab Contractors match date, Al-Masry Club VS The Arab Contractors; Fans of Port Said Club and Contractors Club are getting ready to watch the match of these two teams next Wednesday 21/12/2022, and we will find out about the live broadcast, the channels broadcasting the clash, the lineups of the two teams and a summary of today’s matches and their results.

Live broadcast of Al-Masry and Arab Contractors match

Next Wednesday, 21.12.2022, the team of Al-Masry Club and Arab Contractors Club are preparing for a football match that brings the two teams together for the eighth week of the competition as the first match, hosted by the new Suez Open Sports Club that was founded in 2008 , and live broadcasts of the Egyptian Premier League matches can be followed through our Sport Index website, which brings you everything related to the round witch inside and outside the Arab countries, including the date of the Al-Masry and Arab Contractors Match.

Channels that broadcast the date of the match Al-Masry and Arab Contractors

You can follow Al-Masry and Arab Contractors match date, Al-Masry Club VS The Arab Contractors, through channels that have the right to exclusively broadcast the competition, such as Ontime Sports HD 1 channels, or through standard channel technology with the presence of a distinguished group of Egyptian sports analysts .

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Time and date of the match between Port Said and Arab Contractors

The fans of the city of Port Said, Suez, and beyond, next Wednesday, December 19, 2022, are preparing to watch the match between Port Said and the Contractors Company owned by Othman Ahmed Othman, which will broadcast the date of the match Al-Masry and Arab Contractors exactly at five o’clock in the evening for the Arab Republic of Egypt and countries’ time. And other capital cities Cairo time, here are the 7 most important capital cities that you want to follow the contest as follows:

  • Cairo / Tripoli / Khartoum: at five in the evening.
  • Riyadh / Damascus / Doha: precisely at six o’clock in the evening.
  • Dubai: seven o’clock in the evening.

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The upcoming team of Arab Contractors

The upcoming lineup of the Contractors team

The date of the match between Al-Masry and Arab Contractors comes after Omar Fayed, Abdel-Rahman Khaled and Farouk Kapoor were booked, Hilal, in their previous meeting against Enppi Club. It has become necessary to avoid mistakes and distance as much as possible from receiving red and yellow cards and flexible and fluid play and around the composition. The potential of the team that will play according to the 4-4-2 plan is as follows:

  • Goalkeeper: M. Abu Al-Saud
  • Defensive sides: Muhammad Shawqi Gharib / Omar Fayed / Loay Wael / Farouk Kapoor.
  • Midfield: Abdul Rahman Khaled / Ahmed El Shimi / Joseph Oshaya.
  • Forwards: Mohamed Salem / John Okoli / Lopes Hinestroza.

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Line-up of Al-Masry Port Said club tomorrow

Port Said club team tomorrow

The match between Al-Merreikh and Haras El-Hodood ended in negative hostilities between the two teams last Friday 16/12/2022, which made it difficult for the team from Port Said as they had to win that match against the contractors, and grab the win, score goals and repel attacks. He is expected to choose the team’s technical coach The first in Port Said, Hossam Hassan, made that plan during the match between Al-Masry and Arab Contractors 3-4 -3 as follows:

  • Goalkeeper: Mahmoud Gad.
  • Two defense corners: Amr Moussa / Amr Tariq / Abu Salima.
  • Midfield: Amr Al-Saadawi / Elias Al-Jallas / Osama Al-Shall / Emeka Easy.
  • Forwards: Ziad Faraj / Mohamed Abdel Latif / Frank Mbila Atuka.

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Predictions for the result of the match between Al-Masry and Arab Contractors

The Al-Masry club team, Al-Port Said, occupies the eleventh place with seven points, because they played seven matches, which is the eighth for the two teams together. Thus, in one game they drew four, and lost twice to Ceramica Cleopatra, which ended with 3-0, and the second against Zamalek, losing 1-0. Arab Contractors Philippines won 10 points as a result of these matches, because they lied in two, tied in four, and lost in one, the Pyramids team slept, and the match ended with a score of 2-0, and then the two teams had to train intensively and play with burning, and the clash will most likely end today, Wednesday 21: 12:2022 A match date Al-Masry and Arab Contractors, with a win in favor of Arab Contractors Sporting Club 2 against, no answer.

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Results and summaries of today’s matches, Tuesday 20.12.2022.

Today’s matches in the Egyptian Premier League ended with these results for each team and the names of the players with goals, as follows:

  • Enpi 1:2 Ishmaelites

In the 90th minute, Fawzi scored from a penalty kick for the Enppi team, while for the Ismaili club, Yao Anwar scored a goal in the 16th minute, and Baher Al-Mohammadi scored a goal in the 90th minute, as a result of a penalty kick.

  • Vanguards of the Army 1:0 National Bank

The team of Al-Tale defeated their counterpart Al-Ahly Bank with one goal, Ahmed Samir scored for zero, and today is the date for the match between Al-Masry and Arab Contractors.

  • Pharco 1:2 Al-Ahly Club

Mohamed Sharif scored in the 90th minute, after the tie between the two teams, and the goal for Pharco was scored by Ahmed Sharif in the 36th minute of the competition, and was preceded by Ahmed Abdel Qader’s first goal for the Al-Ahly club. in the 30th minute of the clash.

  • Zamalek 3:0 Haras El Hodoud

The Zamalek team played a much better game and scored 3 clean goals for Youssef Osama Nabiya in the 15th minute, for Ahmed Sayed Zizou in the 55th minute and for Mahmoud Abdel Razek (Shikabala) in the second half, more precisely in the 78th minute. match, and we will wait together for tomorrow’s match between Al-Masry and Arab Contractors.

Who is the champion of the latest edition of the Egyptian Cup?

Club Zamalek crowned it by defeating Red Genie with a score of 2-1 in the final competition that was held then, on July 21.

Who is the captain of the Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi team?

After a council meeting chaired by Kamel Abu Ali and contractual procedures, it was decided to inform captain Ihab Jalal to take over the duties of the technical department of the first team football in the Egyptian club for a period of one season, starting from the start of the current season 2022/23.

How many times did Egypt’s Port Said win the league?

From the beginning of its history to this moment, the Egyptian club has won 22 official championships, 17 times for the Canal Region League, 3 times for the Sultan’s Cup, one for the Egyptian Federation Cup in 1992 and one more time for the Egyptian Cup in 1998.

When were the Egyptian Club and the Arab Club of Entrepreneurs founded?

The Egyptian Port Said Club was founded on March 20, while the Arab Contractors Sports Club was founded in 1973 as the official sports club of its regional construction company, which bears the name (The Arab Contractors Company) after its owner, a businessman (Othman Ahmed Othman and Partners) .

With that, we came to a conclusion and addressed several questions related to the date of the Al-Masry Club VS Contractors match. Live broadcast between Port Said, contractors, operator channels, the composition of the two teams and the expectations of the competition between them tomorrow, Wednesday 21/12/2022.

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