The Qatar World Cup leaves a lasting sporting legacy

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The Qatar World Cup leaves a lasting sporting legacy

December 21, 2022 at 07:00

World Cup in Qatar 2022

Mahmoud Al-Nusairi – Muhammad Hassan – Muhammad Kasabi

The State of Qatar, during its preparations to host the World Cup, wanted to give the issue of heritage the necessary importance in order to achieve the highest level of benefit from the sporting heritage of this tournament, which was held for the first time in the Arab and Middle Eastern region.

The Qatar World Cup legacy issue has been based from the outset on the benefits of hosting the World Cup for the State of Qatar, the region and the world at large. Which has become established among the Qatari cadres and would represent the fundamental foundation for hosting more major sports events in the near and long-term future, especially since the State of Qatar enjoys a notable reputation at the level of international sports bodies, which makes it a destination for tournaments in various sports disciplines.

Abdullah Al-Mulla: Our staff are the true legacy of the World Cup

Mr. Abdullah Al-Mulla, Chairman of Al-Ahly Club, extended his warmest congratulations and blessings to His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the country, and His Highness Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir’s personal representative, following the impressive success which was witnessed by the state of Qatar as the host of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

The president of Al-Ahly Club confirmed that the unprecedented success witnessed by Qatar’s hosting of the FIFA World Cup still resonates around the world, and represents the best response to the campaigns of skepticism that have affected the hosting for more than 12 years.

On the legacy of the World Cup after the end of the tournament, Al-Mulla said: “The real legacy of the World Cup is what His Highness the Emir emphasized in his speeches, which is the investment in the human element, as the Qatari staff who worked hard and honestly took the majority leadership positions in the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy and other organizing committees of the World Cup.”

He added: “We have many advantages in the near and far future, such as the World Swimming Championships, the Asian Diamonds and the Asian Games, so I believe Qatar’s expertise will be effective in organizing the most successful sporting events in the future.”

The President of Al-Ahly Club stated that the State of Qatar has built various sports facilities that have hosted World Cup competitions with the logic of heritage and sustainability, stressing that many Qatari clubs will benefit from these facilities, as they benefited from the great legacies of the 2006 Asian Games. “Clubs will benefit from the World Cup facilities,” he said. What must be preserved for future generations in line with Qatar Vision 2030.

Ali Al-Msifri: We left them with words and responded with deeds

Mr. Ali Al-Musifri, President of Al-Markhiya Club, extended his warmest congratulations and blessings to His Highness the Emir of the country and His Highness the Father Emir after the great success witnessed by the State of Qatar as the host of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Al-Musaifri emphasized that the World Cup experience was a very positive one, and the goal was achieved by building sustainable legacies such as infrastructure and sports facilities. Surely, these things will be used for many years, and we will remember every moment we lived decades from now.

As for those who questioned Qatar’s ability to host the World Cup, Al-Mesifari said: By God’s grace, the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy has succeeded in achieving its goal of making the tournament a success and bringing it to safety, which was the testimony of all those who came to Qatar during the World Cup.

Al-Musifri concluded his speech with the words: “We left them with words and responded with deeds.” Qatar responded appropriately by organizing a football wedding. It is worth noting that even those who criticized Qatar when he was in his country, when he attended the Football World Cup, testified to Qatar’s excellence and success.

Khalil Al-Jaber: Sports and tourism center of the world

Khalil Al-Jaber, President of the Qatar Swimming Federation, praised the great legacy of hosting the 2022 World Championships for Qatar in every way, which will make Qatar a sports and tourism hub of the world. He said: “One of the biggest gains we have achieved by hosting the World Cup in Qatar 2022, in addition to changing the stereotypical image of Qatar at the international level and dazzling the whole world with its very great abilities in organizing and hosting, the World Cup has left us a historical legacy for future generations , and this is a first in terms of huge sports facilities that future generations will benefit from, including international stadiums, major training centers and others, which will enable the hosting of the biggest international sports events with great ease, while gaining major tourist facilities such as the old port in Doha, the Lusail track, Qatar, Corniche and other areas and infrastructure that dazzled all visitors to Qatar at the World Cup. And will remain a very important tourism legacy that makes Qatar a major tourist destination in the coming years, with hands-on and field experiences gained by the youth Qatari managers in the organization, through all is the management of the biggest global football event with the competence and testimony of the whole world, and this will always make it ready to ensure the smooth running of any event. A major international event hosted by Qatar, be it sports, economic, cultural or any other field.

Ali bin Ghanem Al-Kuwari: World Cup facilities and facilities are a sustainable legacy

Mr. Ali bin Ghanim Al Kuwari, President of the Qatar Volleyball Association, praised the historic achievement of Qatar in the success of the World Cup in Arab countries, and said: We are proud as the officials of this great and dear tournament. Thank God, everyone was impressed by the tournament and the great organization that was during the World Cup.

Al-Kuwari added: Officials in alliances from other countries spoke about their presence in Doha that everything is different in Qatar. Some stadiums are of Qatari and Gulf heritage, such as Al-Thumama Stadium, which is designed as “Al-Qahfiya” and Al-Bayt Stadium, which is designed as “House of Poetry”.

Al-Kuwari continued his speech and said: Perhaps the most beautiful thing I witnessed during the World Cup is that Qatari people, citizens and residents, carried the success of the World Cup on their shoulders, and showed the customs and traditions of Arabs and what Muslims are like in their dealing with foreign fans in all places, whether in stadiums or at events accompanying the tournament.

On the legacy of the tournament, Al-Kuwari said: Everything in Qatar is a legacy from now on. For example, tourism in the past was not as prominent as it is now, so now everyone knows who Qatar is, and today we finished the World Cup a few days ago, and we see that there are still tourists in Qatar, the World Cup, the world is on a big and promoted Qatar in a special way.

Al-Kuwari concluded his speech by talking about the Western media and said: Since we got the honor of hosting the World Cup in 2010, the Western media has not passed a single day without insulting Qatar. The answer came to them on the field in the biggest tournament in the world, which is the best tournament in history.

Dr. Nasser Al-Hajri: Al-Bayt Stadium is a legacy for the people of Al-Khor and Qatar as a whole

dr. Nasser Al-Hajri, Director of Al-Bayt Stadium in Al-Khor City, confirmed that the World Cup stadium has become a global icon after witnessing the opening ceremony of the World Cup, indicating that the project was designed from the outset to leave a community legacy for the people of Al -Khora, Qataris and all residents, and said: The stadium contains many facilities that make it a sustainable legacy. volleyball, and a track for teaching horse and camel riding. The Qudrat Development Center, through the Duha Seat Program, has allocated a seat for the elderly in one of the stadium facilities for the first time in Qatar.

Al-Hajri emphasized that the great legacy of the World Cup stadiums represents a sporting and social victory that will benefit the entire Qatari society, provided that these stadiums are placed under the supervision of an independent administration that will be formed to organize matters related to the legacy of the eight stadiums and sports facilities as a whole.

Al-Hajri confirmed that an Aspetara branch, a commercial complex, 2 cinemas, a 5-star hotel and a Nomas center branch will be built at the stadium in the coming period.

He also pointed out that from the very beginning the State of Qatar wanted to attach the utmost importance to sustainability during the design and construction of the Al Bayt Stadium, because the seats in the upper part of the stands were designed in such a way that they could be dismantled after the end of the World Cup in Qatar 2022, in order to increase the number seats reduced to about 32 thousand seats, with a donation of seats that will be moved to other countries to benefit from the construction of their stadiums and sports facilities.

Manahi Al-Shammari: This legacy will benefit everyone

Mr. Manahi Al-Shammari, President of Al-Shahaniya Club, confirmed that the World Cup in Qatar surpassed all the perceptions that the masses had before the first Arab World Cup. Most optimists did not expect a World Cup of this size and with this peculiar image.

Al-Shammari continued: By God’s grace, no one complained about poor organization or lack of accommodation, for example, and others. Everyone could choose their own place to live, and all residential groups were present at all prices, and this is the duty of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Probate. On the sustainable legacy of the World Cup, Al-Shammari said: The World Cup was a watermark between the history of the World Cup and we should not forget that Qatar is the last country to host the World Cup because from the next World Cup it will be in two countries and more. Qatar’s legacy from the World Cup is certainly the many grand and imaginary stadiums that have been built and which Qatar will benefit from in the future, God willing. With infrastructure, Qatar Rail, hotels and more, citizens and residents will benefit from this legacy for many years to come.

He concluded his speech by saying: In the future, God willing, Qatar will provide any file to host any tournament. I don’t expect him to be rejected because Qatar is ready in all fields.

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