Zamalek club balances

Zamalek club balancesToday, Wednesday, the Court of Urgent Matters will make its decision in the lawsuit filed by the club’s president, Mortada Mansour, regarding the decision to seize the club’s bank account.

Reservation of Club Zamalek’s balance in banks

The Court of Urgent Matters, convened in Abdeen, decided to reject the appeal of Mortada Mansour, president of the Zamalek club, against the confiscation decision Zamalek club balances in one of the banks.

Continuation of reservation procedures on Zamalek club balances

The execution judge rejected the appeal of the president of Zamalek and ordered the continuation of the confiscation procedure Zamalek club balances And execution in favor of Mamdouh Abbas after inspection of the papers and assurance of the truth of the judgments, and the case was submitted to the Court of Urgent Matters, which made a decision.

When pronouncing the decision, the court confirmed that it had decided to continue with the confiscation Zamalek club balances And execution in favor of Mamdouh Abbas, after reviewing the papers and verifying the validity of the judgments passed in favor of the latter.

Club Zamalek balances in Egyptian banks

It is important to note that lawyer Kamal Shuaib, the agent of Mamdouh Abbas, the former chairman of Zamalek, earlier issued a statement to the media in which he revealed details of the decision made regarding the confiscation Zamalek club balances in Egyptian banks.

Mortada Mansour’s surprise for Al-Abyad fans, see details from Here

And Kamal Shoaib revealed that no booking was made Zamalek club balances Only from one bank, and that after the conversation of Mortada Mansour, the current president of Zamalek, about the existence of financial liquidity at the moment estimated at half a billion pounds, as circulated by some news websites and social media pages of Mamdouh Abbas on Zamalek club accounts in all Egyptian banks, so it was necessary to clarify some facts.

Shuaib emphasized that Mamdouh Abbas refused to initiate any enforcement action regarding the final and enforceable judgments, except after the completion of all sports tournaments in which the club participates and the end of the sports season, so it does not affect any of the sports teams, despite the continuation of daily insults to which he is exposed, has Mamdouh Abbas from the current management of the club.

In another context, Zamalek achieved a well-deserved victory at the expense of their colleague Haras El Hodoud, with a clear four, in a meeting that ended shortly at the Cairo International Stadium, as part of the eighth round of the Premier League encounter.

Youssef Osama Nabih’s Zamalek quartet opened the scoring in the 15th minute, then Ahmed Sayed Zizou scored the second goal in the 55th minute, and Shikabala consolidated Al-Abyad’s advantage with the third goal in the 78th minute, then Zizou finished the Zamalek quartet with a penalty kick. in the 88th minute of the match.

Other half
At the beginning of the second half, there was an offensive in favor of the Haras El Hodood team, whose players completely abandoned their defensive caution, and Zamalek began to exchange attacks, in search of an equaliser.

Ferreira started the second half with two offensive substitutions, with Saif Al-Jaziri and Muhammad Ashraf Rouqa coming out, and Samson Akinola and Nabil Imad Dunga coming in instead.

And Ahmed Sayed Zizou manages to score Zamalek’s second goal against Haras El Hodoud from a counterattack in the 55th minute, so the result becomes Zamalek’s progress with two clear goals.

Ferreira is pushing Zamalek captain Shikabala to step up the offensive aspects, after sensing danger from the Borders side, who have completely abandoned defensive caution and attacked Zamalek aggressively, but blames his players for not being able to finish attacks properly.

Nabil Emad Dunga hits a curved ball towards the goal in the 72nd minute.

The referee awards a penalty kick to Zamalek due to the reckless intervention of one of the border guards, Zizou comes to him and shoots, and the goalkeeper defends him, because it bounces to Zizou who easily hits it in the goal.

Zamalek formation in front of Haras El Hodoud
Zamalek started by forming:

Goalkeeper: Mohamed Awad.

Defense line: Mohamed Abdel-Ghany – Mustafa Al-Zanari – Hossam Abdel-Majeed – Ahmed Fattouh.

Midfield: Omar Jaber – Muhammad Ashraf “Rouqa” – Imam Ashour – Ahmed Mustafa “Zizou”.

Forward line: Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri – Youssef Osama Nabih

And on the bench were: Muhammad Sobhi, Hamza Al-Mathlouthi, Nabil Imad Dunga, Amr Al-Sisi, Youssef Ibrahim “Obama”, Mahmoud Abdel-Razek “Shikabala”, Sayed Abdullah “Neymar”, Youssef Hassan and Samson Akinola.

Zamalek leaf
Zamalek entered the match with a roster that included Muhammad Awad, Muhammad Sobhi, Omar Jaber, Muhammad Abdel-Ghani, Hossam Abdel-Majid, Mustafa Al-Zanari, Hamza Al-Mathlouthi, Ahmed Fattouh, Muhammad Ashraf “Rouqa”, Amr Al-Sisi, Nabil Imad Dunga, Imam Ashour, Youssef Ibrahim “Obama”, Sayed Abdullah “Neymar” and Mahmoud Abdul Razeq “Shikabala”, Ahmed Mustafa “Zizou”, Samson Akinola, Youssef Osama Nabih, Youssef Hassan and Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri.

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