Discuss the lack of attention and its impact on the psyche

The lack of attention that we present to you today is the fact that many people suffer from the indifference of the environment and this negatively affects them, and indifference between spouses does not end every day in a new conflict, but if it is true then it is true. Children, and this affects their upbringing and upbringing, and children suffer from personality weakness and try to appeal to anyone to get his attention, so parents and people in general must consider the interest between them in their social relations.

Talk about not caring

  • The psyche of children, especially young ones, is affected by the lack of parental attention. The father searches for a source of livelihood all day and returns home without time to take care of the children or talk to them. Also, if the mother works, this work is stronger, preventing her from raising your children. Pay attention to your youth.
  • Children resort to using cell phones and games to pass the time and avoid parents who do not care about them, which makes the child more sensitive to loneliness and loneliness, and the desire to always be away from the environment makes him a very introverted person.
  • Unlike children who receive attention from their parents, they grow up healthy, communicate socially and humanely, and tend to always show love to people besides wanting to leave home and interact with society.
  • Small children should be given time and not denied socializing, even for a few periods during the day, in order to heal the child’s psyche and normalize relations with people and society.

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The effect of indifference in the treatment of the spouse

  • Social relationships are greatly affected by indifference between individuals, especially between spouses, because marriage is a close bond between two people based on love and compassion.
  • If there is an imbalance of interests between the spouses, this leads to a decrease in the feeling of intimacy between them, which leads to problems with the simplest things. grow.
  • A woman’s neglect of her husband and his indifference make him distance himself from him mentally and physically and look for another woman outside the home who would appreciate and care for him, and thus indifference opens the door to betrayal between spouses.
  • The opposite can happen when a man ignores his wife and does not hear the words of love that every woman needs, so he can resort to observing someone else more closely, especially if the woman or man does not know the teachings of their religion.
  • In the end, lack of interest can be the gateway to separation between spouses, especially if there is a lot of silence between them and not giving each person space to talk to the other.
  • So husband and wife must take care of each other in various matters of life, in order for friendship to continue, marital relationship must always be of interest, intimacy and conversation between spouses to solve problems and solve problems.

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How to restore interest between spouses?

  • Husband and wife must constantly strive to improve each other’s lives in order to avoid many problems that negatively affect their relationship and to raise their children in a normal and sustainable environment.
  • Interest between spouses can be returned as follows:
  • May the appearance of husband and wife always be beautiful and beautiful, the smell of a person beautiful and pleasant.
  • He tries to repair the marital relationship between the two parties, since this is one of the most important areas of interest.
  • An attempt by the wife or husband to move away from the continued silence, which has many reasons, and open the way for renewed conversation.
  • Technology and mobile phones have become a major cause of isolation and indifference between spouses and therefore these phones should be turned off when couples get together to create an opportunity for conversation.
  • Going out and spending time outside to improve the relationship between the spouses and change the routine.
  • Talk about the reason for her indifference, as well as for the husband to find the causes of neglect and eliminate them.
  • Stubbornness and trying to start a relationship from either side should be avoided, because stubbornness is one of the most important causes of neglect between two partners.
  • Care must be taken to protect privacy between spouses and not reveal secrets so as not to affect their relationships.
  • The wife or husband must be given time so that neither side of the relationship feels that the other is constantly preoccupied with them and that they are not pushed.

The effect of lack of attention on the human psyche

  • If there is no one to take care of her in an emotional relationship with her family or partner, a person feels constant sadness and a desire to distance herself from people and an attraction to the world of her own creation, and some may resort to using a large number of mobile phones or laptops and this may be interrupted. Some young people smoke and do drugs because of their parents’ indifference.
  • If a woman does not receive the attention of her husband, then her spirit is seriously affected, and this affects the upbringing of her children, which often irritates her and frees her from anger because of the children, which ultimately leads to the improper imprisonment of those children.
  • If a child is not interested in his family, this makes him grow up to attract the attention of everyone he meets, especially girls, so we believe that most of the problems faced by women in adolescence stem from the indifference of the father and mother. towards them and their lives.
  • If the husband does not draw attention to his wife, or starts looking for that attention outside the home, or if he does not do it, he often gets irritated and makes mistakes in his actions due to his bad mood and constant anger, and the feeling that something is missing in his life.
  • At an older age, if parents do not attract the attention of their children, they feel very weak and that everything they do in life is of no use to them, and such children become disobedient and alien to them.

Talk about not caring

  • Caution is unnecessary.
  • When will they understand that women need more attention than love?
  • I am ashamed to care for someone I will never meet, and it hurts me to deny someone a lighted candle.
  • The best part of it is being something valuable to someone who is afraid of losing you one day.
  • The attention of the heart does not stop.
  • Sometimes all we need is to feel important to someone on this planet.
  • Caution is something that cannot be said.
  • Maybe at some point. We must stop caring about the struggles of anxiety, fear, longing and jealousy towards people whose feelings do not flow towards us in the same way.
  • When I cared for others, I did it quite freely, with disdain, and every praise was mine because my self-confidence increased somewhat.
  • The more attention you pay to what is worthless, the stronger the shock you will experience later.
  • The more attention you pay to what is worthless, the stronger the shock you will experience later.
  • Smart women don’t want attention, but they refuse to be appreciated!
  • Not caring about people means not underestimating them, but exaggerating them. Be a little careful and ignorant in the middle.
  • Painful, careless behavior from the window of loved ones.
  • Sometimes ignoring and not paying attention is the hardest way.
  • It’s lucky that you don’t care about the world because sometimes ignoring it gives you a pleasant happiness.

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