Engineers for Orient: Legacy works on projects for generations of athletes to come

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Engineers for Orient: Legacy works on projects for generations of athletes to come

December 22, 2022 at 7:00 a.m

Muhammed Al-Aqidi

A number of engineers confirmed that the Public Works Authority “Ashghal” contributed to the implementation of a wise strategy and vision in coordination with different sectors of the country regarding the infrastructure of the country before and after the FIFA World Cup in Qatar as well, noting that all projects are represented in infrastructure, road network and public parks And many other projects that have been implemented in the past 12 years have been, and still are, fruitful and honorable results for the State of Qatar, whose infrastructure is in excellent condition and remains and continues for future generations.

Although there were some obstacles and difficulties faced by Ashghal during the implementation period of the projects, including road networks, gardens and others, he was able to overcome them with ease, which prompted him to announce the completion of his implementation ahead of time, as per the set deadlines.

M. Ahmed Al Jolo: Ashghal has implemented major projects for generations

Engineer Ahmed Al-Julu said: The Public Works Authority “Ashghal” implemented a package of projects over a period of 12 years according to the specific time period it had to complete and was able to do so according to its experience, explaining that all projects were in line with Qatar Vision 2030, emphasizing that Ashghal today has a plan in the process of managing and operating these projects, which will remain a legacy for future generations, through the implementation of periodic maintenance of these projects.

He added that Ashghal has completed the implementation of projects in order to remain the basic infrastructure in the country that serves all sectors, including the tourism sector and other sectors, since our dear country Qatar is today in the focus of world attention and it is certain that in the coming period we will witness a tourist movements that will last for many years, therefore these projects will serve all citizens, residents and visitors.

He pointed out that the Public Works Administration has the ability to maintain projects that have been in the works for more than a decade.

M. Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti: Implementation of periodic maintenance to ensure its continuity

Engineer Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti sees the need to carry out periodic maintenance works for all projects that have been carried out in the country over the past years, with the aim of ensuring their preservation and continuity as a legacy for future generations and the well-being of our country, in addition to the need to expand these projects if necessary in order to keep pace with the population growth and the increase in the number of tourists in the country during the period in the future, in which the number of tourists is expected to increase after the Qatar World Cup, clarifying that what guarantees the survival of these projects, including metro stations, road network and parks, their maintenance, constant renewal, occasional supervision and emergency interventions to eliminate faults on them.

He explained that tourism has a major role in the introduction of these projects and the attraction of tourists to tourist areas and public parks that have been realized within the framework of the development plan that the country has witnessed in recent years, and this is through the presence of information centers that belong to cities and distribute to tourist areas in the country such as Souq Waqif and others, and provide tourists with maps and brochures with sufficient information about them.

Mohammed Hassan Al Nuaimi: Ashghal has managed to establish future projects

Engineer Mohammed Hassan Al-Nuaimi confirmed: The infrastructure projects completed by the Public Works Authority and Qatar Rail are considered to be one of the major investments that have been made since Qatar was announced to host the World Cup 12 years ago. 200 billion dollars, and these projects have changed the face of the country in a civilized and advanced way, which is now full of stadiums, new hotels, train networks, main roads and dozens of tunnels, bridges, parks and public beaches, which represent cultural heritage for generations and call for preservation of the same for future generations, who will be proud of what the current generations have given them. From the planning and implementation of huge projects that were realized in a short period of time and at a high level of quality and development, which made dazzling a recognizable sign for all visitors to Qatar who were present during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022.

He added that Ashghal’s success in completing an integrated road network with international specifications and standards serves all the projects established in different regions of the country, especially those related to road networks, bridges and tunnels in the regions of the country, and ensured its continuity for the coming years and generations. from which they will benefit.

He pointed out that Ashghal has made enormous efforts in recent years, because it worked on the implementation of road networks that contributed to shortening distances and serving the residents of the regions, and the most prominent of these roads, which have been opened in recent years, are Lusail Road, Al Khor Road, Al Majd Road, Al Khor Road, G-Ring Road and Al Rayyan Road, next to To Sabah Al-Ahmad Corridor, and Fifth Ring Road.

M. Abdullah Al-Baker: Her work does not stop

Eng. Abdullah Al-Baker emphasized the continuity of work without stopping until the end of the World Cup, since the core of his work is usually in developing the country’s infrastructure, also overseeing projects, and making appropriate plans so that these projects remain a legacy in the country that will benefit from it over the years.

He added, “Ashghal’s work is recognized, as Ashghal has developed a fiftieth plan that guarantees the reform of the projects in the coming years, which indicates the joint work of all parties in the country to ensure the continuity of these projects and make them a legacy for generations.”

Ashghal has worked on the construction of many public buildings, for which the World Cup is one of the most important incentives in the fields of health, education, tourism, heritage, communications and transport.

Al Baker emphasized that Ashghal aims, through all its programs, projects and services, to promote best practices, encourage innovation and adopt new technologies with a focus on achieving environmental sustainability, with the aim of achieving the sustainable development goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030 to achieve a balance between economic growth and environmental protection.

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