Interpretation of dreams about the marriage of the husband and crying for Ibn Sirin

Interpretation of dreams about marriage and husband crying Many married women suffer from excessive jealousy of their husbands, which exposes them to unpleasant dreams; Most of them dream of their husband’s marriage and her crying in a dream because of the intensity of anxiety, discomfort and fear that it will become a reality. .

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Ibn Sirin’s interpretation of the dream about the husband’s marriage and his crying:

  • In interpreting the husband’s vision of marriage in a dream, Ibn Sirin said that it might be good for his wife to be a virgin and beautiful, so the husband will soon have a lot of money for shopping, and so can his wife.
  • If a man marries another woman of another religion, then he commits a sin that he hid from his wife.
  • It is good for a man to marry his wife in a dream and to be satisfied with that marriage, and in most cases a good child can have a relative or in reality easily give birth to his pregnant wife.
  • And if a young man marries a married woman, then troubles and difficult things await him.
  • Marrying a man who in his dreams is married to a woman who does not live with him for a long time and who dies quickly in his sleep is an act that he must do despite difficulties and fatigue.
  • For Ibn Shirin, a man’s marriage with another is a new life that he revives with his first wife, but his second wife seems to indicate the good in a new life, a new home or a new job.

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Interpretation of a dream about a husband getting married and a married woman screaming:

  • If a married woman sees her husband marrying another woman and cries in a dream, then this is a woman who loves her husband very much and is preoccupied with him, so she prepares for him, which causes subconscious anxiety and worries her. about her comfort.
  • But if a woman sees her husband as another beautiful woman, then it is fortunate that she has a very beautiful daughter from this woman, and that her parents love her very much because of her beauty and kindness to them.
  • But if she sees that her husband is married to someone she knows, then this is proof of her pregnancy, because she is pregnant, and she may not know it, and usually she is a pregnant woman.
  • But just seeing her husband marry another woman who is not apparently beautiful or bad does not necessarily mean that she will give birth to an ugly girl.
  • But if you saw your husband having sex with another woman and you did not see him, then it is a success in his business life.
  • If a woman sees that her husband is a woman, then this indicates a good for her that is greater than the good of a man, an increase in her status with her husband and an increase in his love for her.
  • It is especially good if a woman cries in a dream about her husband’s marriage.

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Interpretation of a dream about seeing a husband crying for a pregnant wife:

  • Ibn Sirin says that seeing a pregnant woman marry her husband in a dream is evidence of what she is carrying in her womb.
  • If her husband dreams of marrying another woman without getting angry, then he will have a daughter or a son, and this is the reason for their happiness in this world.
  • And the second woman, if she sees her pregnant, can be a new job for her husband or a great opportunity that he will gain by changing his life.
  • But if in a dream she was angry and wanted to divorce her husband, then it is psychologically, emotionally and stable as a family with her, that is, it has an indication of the opposite of the reality of the vision and its influence on the soul.
  • And if a pregnant woman sees that her husband is engaged to another woman, it means that she is expecting something desirable, which will most likely make her happy and her husband will bring her closer to him.

Interpretation of a dream about a husband marrying a married man:

  • If a man sees that he is marrying another beautiful girl, then it is good news for him.
  • But if a married man sees that he is marrying someone other than his faith, then the search for lies or false belief in which he lives affects his faith and the well-being of his life and the Hereafter.
  • But if you marry a virgin and open a new home for her, she will enter a new life that she loves, wants and looks forward to.
  • A husband’s marriage with his sister or mother, or his female relative, is invalid and leads him to break his relationship and his family.
  • But if a man marries a dead woman in a dream, then he represents something forgotten or achieves a goal that was difficult to achieve in the past.
  • If a married man marries another woman and does not recognize him and does not see him in the same dream, then the vision indicates his imminent death, especially if he was ill.
  • But if a married man knows his second wife in a dream, then he has attained a high position and earned a lot of money, and he has also gained a reputation in his wife’s house among his family and others.
  • The interpretation of a dream about a husband who marries his first wife a second time with the same woman is a sign of a woman’s love for her husband, not love for her husband.
  • It is also a sign of his superiority over himself or others.
  • But if a man sees that he is betrothed to one of his mahrams, then it is wrong, and he must follow him and stay away from him.

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Interpretation of a dream about a husband who marries a single woman:

  • And here to dream of the wedding of her husband, that is, to see a single girl as her husband while she is married to another person… Here the girl means that she will soon marry a person who does not suit her.
  • And if a single woman sees that her husband will marry after meeting her, then this is a good deed or a job that a man can get for himself, or an opportunity for success that will come to him soon.
  • In the interpretation of most cases that witnessed the marriage of the husband, it is also said that the new wife was in a dream.
  • If a married man sees and knows him, then it is good, the source of his existence and good news, but if the first husband saw and knew him in a dream, then it would be good behind that woman.
  • But if a husband gets married and tells his wife what he is doing in a dream, then it is better for both spouses to go for Umrah or Hajj.
  • If a woman could see such a vision because of her trouble and saw that her husband is marrying someone else, then she is suffering from the most severe crisis and wants to leave, then this indicates that the trouble is being solved for her.
  • Also, the fact that a man marries his wife in a dream indicates the closeness and intensity of the relationship between husband and wife and this woman.
  • And if her husband’s second wife, whom you see in a dream, is a woman he already knows, but there is no love and peace between them, then the marriage of this woman with the husband of the sleeping woman is the best of the relationship between them and their rapprochement.

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