Mark Sharbati, VP of Al Mal: ​​£800 million, Schneider Electric engineering services revenue during 2022.

Schneider Electric Egypt achieved a turnover of 800 million EGP, which is equivalent to 30 million euros, in the field of engineering services during the year 2022.

Eng. Mark Sharbati, Schneider Electric’s vice president for Egypt, North East Africa and the Levant, revealed that the company holds about 30% market share in the field of engineering services in Egypt.

28 billion dollars of global sales We aim to increase the local component in Egypt

He added that the total volume of Schneider’s business and sales in the world by the end of 2021 was about 28 billion euros, which shows the company’s strength and presence on international markets, and that it is one of the leading companies in the field of digital transformation, along with energy management and automatic management .

He explained that Schneider Electric’s investments in Egypt amounted to 300 million euros over 30 years, including a factory in Badr City for components of electrical networks, which, along with digital transformation, contribute to the process of sustainability, the production of low-voltage and medium-voltage transformers. , kiosks and some other electrical supplies.

Investment of 10 million euros during the last year by adding a new production line

He said the company had pumped in investments of €10 million, which were operational during 2021, as part of the company’s plan to increase the production capacity of its factories to keep up with the growing demand for its products, in addition to signing a contract to launch massive control centers in Egypt and some neighboring countries.

Sharabati added that the engineering services sector is one of the most important sectors of the company, especially because Schneider has solutions for the production of alternative products and equipment for products that have been discontinued, since the company renews the engineering parts embedded in the projects so that the client is not affected, except for installation and maintenance to increase efficiency.

He hinted that the engineering services area regularly conducts periodic maintenance for factories and companies for all equipment and products so that the customer does not have to stop or delay deliveries for his factory and to maintain the viability of his production lines.

He explained that the company also deals with the maintenance of sudden failures, in addition to predictive maintenance in order to avoid possible malfunctions in order to prevent their occurrence or to stop the customer and take the necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of these failures, and the company also carries out inspection and installation of equipment and testing of the same before work.

Sharabati added that Schneider provides consulting engineering services for all assets and equipment available to the client to contribute to the introduction of the latest technology and the implementation of digital transformation that contributes to the reduction of operating costs in the factory, while monitoring the production trends of all equipment and reducing the cost of energy used in factories and companies.

The company recently opened a control center in Sharm El-Sheikh in record time during the COP27 climate summit.

He explained that the company includes Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Iraq in Northeast Africa and the Levant, clarifying that Egypt is currently the largest volume of business in the region.

Through the “Badr” factory, we export to 14 countries at a rate of 25% and try to increase it annually

Sharabati said that Schneider exports to 14 countries in Africa and the Middle East through its factory in Badr City, Egypt, explaining that the company exports about 25% of the total factory production, and there are about 1,500 workers in its factory in Egypt.

He added that the company, in addition to the location in Egypt, also owns a factory in Saudi Arabia, but assembly takes place in other countries, explaining that the two most important countries in terms of volume of business in the region are Egypt and Iraq, noting that the former accounts for about 80% of the volume of its activities in the northeastern region. Africa and the Arab East.

He emphasized the great interest of the head of the global company in the Egyptian market, especially because it is considered the gateway to the African continent, and at the same time it is a huge market due to the volume of constantly growing demand.

He discovered that the latest solutions that Schneider produces are digital services by tracking parts and equipment through the Internet of Things system, which is divided into 3 phases. On all information, control costs and contribute to saving operating costs or raising efficiency more in some others.

Sharabati said the company’s third-tier product includes data analysis of that equipment through software that Schneider Electric sells to its customers.

He pointed out that the digitization technology produced by the company can save operating costs between 10 to 40% for the customer, if the interest in switching to digital service continues, and also works to produce products that reduce heat emission, in addition to reducing the use of resources to conserve resources to efficient way The biggest thing that saves the customer is the ability to buy new products and equipment, which contributes to the consumption of more resources.

He explained that the Russo-Ukrainian war has affected Schneider Electric, especially in light of its factories in Russia, and some employees have been deported to the company’s factories in other countries, noting that the war has contributed to the increase in production costs due to the increase in the prices of raw materials and minerals.

He explained that the rise in the prices of raw materials contributed to encouraging companies to invest in sustainability and the transition to digitalization, which contributes to the reduction of operating costs, while encouraging all investors to local production and the expansion of production within countries, which helps to deal with supply chain problems.

He emphasized that the problem of obtaining dollars in the domestic market does not have a significant impact, considering that the company produces locally, and the percentage of the domestic component in the products reaches 60 percent, which helps it to supply a large part of its products for its projects in the Egyptian markets, in addition to exports in order to obtain income in dollars through the financing of import operations.

The vice president of the company said that the lack of dollars caused a slight slowdown in the realization of some projects due to force majeure, which the Egyptian government and partners understand, noting that the company is doing its best to absorb any increase in production inputs.

He stressed that the Egyptian government is able to overcome these crises over time and boost local industry, which helps the Egyptian economy withstand the shocks.

He pointed out that the company is strongly interested in safety and security factors in its factories and in training employees in this regard, explaining that for the first time Schneider celebrated the passage of about 1,300 accident-free working days in North-East Africa and the Arab Levant.

He added that the company won a contract to change the system of the Cairo Festival City branch, and also installed digital solutions for the benefit of Orascom in El Gouna, in the facilities and hotels there, which contributes to the reduction of electricity consumption. energy.

He revealed that the most prominent clients of the company in the field of engineering services are the ministries of “Health”, “Electric Industry”, “Nafta” and “Tourism”, as well as some international oil companies.

The company has also carried out projects in the administrative capital by installing smart building products, expecting it to be the smartest city in the Middle East, in addition to installing digital control systems in the new city of Alamein.

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