Moroccan newspaper | The Neapolis Children’s Theater Festival: a space for viewing, criticism and treatment

“Ten years” is the motto of the thirty-fifth session of the Neapolis Children’s Theater Festival. “Ten years” is the title of hope and the annual meeting of beauty creators and consumers.

Artistic creative material, ten years, experience, memory, encounters, spectacle and joy drawn on the faces of children, with the exchange of experiences of world dramatists.
France, Croatia, Brazil, Spain, Algeria, Iraq, Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates are taking part in the current session, along with Tunisia, the country organizing the festival whose activities began on December 19 and will last until December 25. of the month in the city of Yasmine Hammamet and the House of Culture Nabeul. Cultural complex Tataouine, city of culture and Ibn Rachik festival.
Neapolis is the most popular
Neapolis Children’s Theater Festival, an event and the most prominent event in children’s theater in December every year, a demonstration that celebrates theatrical creations aimed at children and young people, the best Arab and international works visit Nabeul for a week in a rhythm of two shows every day, an opportunity to meet between playwrights and their difficult children’s audience, because a child does not know politeness, and when the play gets tired, he leaves the hall and leaves, unlike an older spectator.
The Neapolis Children’s Theater Festival, hosted by Nabeul State, is a theater wedding for children, the most popular event according to statistics for the past dates. Monday, December 19, 2022 with the play “Ghost from Baghdad”, directed by Rayan Al-Qairouani, preceded by the expected event “The Neapolis Gathering”.
Over the course of a week, children encounter theater performances intended for children and young people, works that stimulate imagination and invite the recipient child into the worlds of dreams.
In the new term, the activities of the festival changed from the Nabeul cultural complex to the city of Yasmine Hammamet, but the audience remained loyal to the response and follow-up.
Theater is a space of freedom
Practicing a noble artistic act, turning to children to offer them a space of freedom and sleep, Neapolis Festival leaders and creators in the field of children’s theater bring joy to children’s hearts and spread joy. Those who work in children’s theater are the closest to children’s hearts, the most sincere in their dealings with creative material As part of the activities of the thirty-fifth session, the festival honored its pioneers who showed a lot of work and love for this art, such as Abdel Sattar Al-Dheeb, Hammadi Dimassi, Radi Gullal, Fahri Hamali, and the four of them are pioneers theaters for children in Tunisia.
The Neapolis Festival is an event that takes care of the formative aspect, and the organizers believe in the importance of theater for change, especially for children. Theater is a therapeutic method. For children, specifically, deaf-mute children, i.e. with determination, they have extraordinary absorbing abilities, and her doll, Al-Lamushi, works wonders with these children.
Bride therapy is an educational, cultural and therapeutic method, and the musical is a meeting place and teamwork. Theater is a way for a child to get out of the closed circle in order to become a social being and free himself from his shackles. is the aim of the integration workshop led by playwright Hammadi Mellouli for the benefit of children with the autistic spectrum. Young children suffer from mental and social illnesses and overcome physical illnesses, because theater addresses the spirit and encourages imagination and creativity.
Is the “snooze” page turned?
The Neapolis Festival, the oldest manifestation in Arab and African countries specializing in theater for children and young people, has extinguished its thirty-fifth candle, which was and remains the destination of those eager for good and different performances.
Neapolis is a space for the expansion of civic culture and the victory of art and man. The festival has been suffering for years from the problem of “support” that falls and rises according to the “mood” of the former ministers of culture. in the past sessions the festival was almost canceled due to the procrastination policy led by the ministries of culture, women and education, but the demonstration in 2019 was held thanks to the will Festival people want to keep “Neapolis” as a free candle that does not go out (my 2020/2021 dates were absent due to the Covid pandemic).
The current session, i.e. the 2022 session, was attended by the Minister of Family, Women and Childhood, Ms. Amal Musa, and gave an opening speech in which she praised the efforts of the Festival Association and its role in promoting children’s theater. .Education of young people on the values ​​of freedom and creativity, will the page be turned to “absence” and “procrastination” that the ministries were striving for before? With reference to the seriousness of the Minister of Family, Women and Childhood, Amal Musa, in her work with all files concerning children.
The Neapolis Children’s Theater Festival is a continental event that celebrates children and youth, a growing and evolving theater experience, research laboratories, scientific seminars and a large number of plays that have reached 90 performances in the current season. The festival deserves to be a financially independent institution because it deals most seriously with theater for children.

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