Next year awaits hope

In many cases people see nothing but a spectrum of hope in times of trouble and difficult circumstances. What is happening in the world now is not tied to one country or one people.. Maybe this reminds me of the mother fish who sat and taught her daughter the dangers of fishing while the mother pointed to the hook in the fisherman’s hand. A huge net fell on them, and the daughter asked her mother: “What kind of net is this?!.. The mother said that it is a disaster that befalls everyone.. And what is happening now to the peoples of the world, East and West, is that the crisis she did not ignore the fact that dangers threaten everyone, and that the whole world is facing unprecedented challenges.

If I stopped for a while and knocked on the door of hope and traveled to the arena of dreams in front of what I want for the land of Kinan in order to overcome difficult circumstances..

> I hope that the prices will go down and that the markets will return to their old ways.. and that every citizen of Egypt will feel safe in his life, illness and home, and that those crises that threatened his existence days before will end. .

> I hope we will reconsider our mistakes and get rid of the bad in them and face the problems of teachers in their schools, doctors in their hospitals and workers in their factories.

> I hope the state will complete the huge projects it has started despite the challenges facing the Egyptian economy..and we will reform the educational conditions in schools, classrooms, curricula and the level of education and we will bring discipline back to our hospitals in behavior, treatment and care..and we will introduce controls and procedures that regulate traffic and protect people’s lives..and put an end to the specter of drugs that threatens our youth and consumes our money..and for the family to return to its old role of care, monitoring and family discipline that we missed her so much..

> I hope that we will continue the dialogue on national issues in freedoms, parties and human rights, and that all those who were not involved in the issue of terrorism will be amnestied.

> I hope that the language of dialogue will return more serious and elevated and that we will care more about the safety and stability of the homeland, and that we will understand that this homeland is a refuge for all of us and we have no other homeland.

> I hope that we will rise in the language of dialogue among us and get rid of these diseases characterized by demagoguery in what happens on social networks and that they carry transgressions, curses and insults, and that we will bring under control those who govern the language of dialogue in our conversations, dialogues and films .. and that the Egyptian house is returning to its ancient traditions in elegant social relations in respecting women, respecting their status, leading children and returning fathers to their old authority

> I hope that we encourage the spirit of work and production, and that everyone derives the right to success through their efforts and work, and that we get rid of the disease of paralysis, selfishness and fraud… and that we return to our old behavior of compassion, affection, good manners and cooperation. .

> I hope that we will renew our cultural, creative and civilizational role in beautiful art, elegant singing and fine human relations. Egypt is the one that taught the world that it should not give up its historical role and responsibility.

> I hope that we will restore the value of work, the value of talent and the value of achievement, and that man will be rewarded according to his giving, possibilities and talents, and that climbing and opportunism are not the way to reach a society that seeks construction, prosperity and justice.

> I hope that we care about human problems in order to become more faithful and aware and to get rid of our chronic diseases of illiteracy, violence, extremism and rejection of the other.

> I hope that we pay more attention to industry because it is the basis of real production in dealing with the unemployment crisis and creating opportunities for young people, it is a real addition to state resources, opens up export opportunities, reduces the volume of imports, and is the biggest source of foreign exchange… Industry is real prosperity and resources that bridge the deficit. Before that, the budget includes opportunities for employment of millions of unemployed.

> I hope that we will understand the lesson of the food crisis that threatens the countries of the world after the rise in prices of agricultural production and the cessation of exports from grain countries, Russia and Ukraine. Agricultural production is the best solution, especially since the state has launched an ambitious plan in agricultural production and desert reclamation. Return agriculture will be the best means of security and stability and securing our food needs.

> I hope that we will once again look for many competencies and talents that have been missing for many reasons, and that we will look beyond the borders of the country and seek the help of millions of our children abroad because we need them very much now. There are rare Egyptian experiences in all disciplines in medicine, universities, technology, agriculture and manufacturing, and the time has come to reacquire these skills and talents to play our part in building a modern Egypt.

> I hope that I will not find a single homeless child on the street and that the word about street children will be rejected forever and that businessmen and rich people will sponsor projects for the care of the infirm and the elderly and we will find homes for orphans and the elderly and free schools and sanatoriums and medical centers for the needy and that society will be more merciful, cooperative and humane.

> I hope that we will open our hearts to the new generations of young people because they are the owners of the future. Many clouds have appeared among the generations of Egypt before the past events, and we must not leave a mark in the position of parents regarding the aspirations of their children.. Young people have the right to dream. , and society must embrace the dreams of its youth, and not leave them as victims of illiteracy, ignorance, extremism and drugs… Our young people need awareness, culture and healthy intellectual construction. When we cut the bridges between segments of society and between its elders and its youth, it opens the way for the emergence of many social ills.. The youth of Egypt is an invaluable asset, and we must direct all our efforts to take care of it and ensure the climate. It is appropriate to be a constructive, creative and responsible element.

These are some of the aspirations of millions of Egyptians who dream of a safer and more prosperous future.

…and the hair remains

tell me the weather this year

That the winter of my days is long

And that the sorrows of frost…

Chasing good weather

And that the waves of the sea..

Tired of hanging around..and leaving

And the broken seagull flies…

For beaches…and palm trees

You can ask now

About my time and address

And I have not met in a stingy country

I don’t have any more time… or home…

So all the beaches of the day

In my eyes.. Neil

All the seasons I lived through..

You may ask: what is the evidence?

the wound on my eyes that I wear like a medal

whenever you cross my heart

Stories about oppression… and long madness

Love overflows like the rainy season..

The sun that never leaves the original

Fatigue teaches me..

That the enemy is behind the dream..

A pulse revives in a sick heart

An evening that teaches me..

That heat on the tops of the mountains..

Not in the humiliated leg

It was the worst thing we ever learned

From the era of slavery..

Selling a dream… at a miserable price

I realized from my travels.. and my travels..

And in my little life

that flowers die..

When weed…

palm trees

that horses die of sadness..

When nothing escapes from her throat

tell me the weather this year

Let the broken seagull pass..

between the depths of the clouds

He lived behind a deserted beach mirage

And now I have come…and in your hands

A time of fear…and alienation

What are the beaches in your neighborhood?

Will he carry me?

Castles of safety… or the specter of doom?

Which country will contain me..

Home of love

Or prison.. and the executioner..

And the rape tragedy?

Which bed will accommodate me?

Will I sleep like children in your eyes..

Or will I be right?

Allowed..for dogs?

What are the years in your quarter?

I will plant an oasis of love..

Or a home torn apart by wolves?

What scenes

Should I write in our novel?

Rituals of dreams..

Or a flying circus

Necks in his courts?

tell me the weather this year

that the earth can withstand a thousand earthquakes

And the morning screams

under mounds of earth

The weather is telling me this year

that Nile is crying

So ask the two coasts

How do the tears flow at the wedding?

Tears in the eyes

He talks about the revolution of the honorable

In the time of femininity..

And obedience… and submission

This blood on your clothes

Crying.. and time of hunger

Come on, lift my face.. and stand up

Break the driver’s silence..

And knock down the idol of submission

Come on, keep me in your eyes without fear

Pray with respect

All my life I prayed in the shrine of your Nile

Idols have no right to return

Tomorrow will shine in your chambers

A thousand lanterns

If the candles went out with zulum

The Nile will remain a minaret

and mass..

pulsating love between the ribs

Prayers and mass embrace each other

If they withhold forgiveness

In Muhammad..or Jesus

The weather is telling me this year

that hunger is a killer

And that they are spirits of darkness..

You look under the bushes

And the river cries…and the birds

run away from the horror of the earthquake

Marriage from the time of oppression..

It is null and void with the honorable

between madmen..

The Antichrist..and the ignorant

The morning is in your eyes

Sickles reap it

And the dawn escapes at every opportunity

Chains on the horizon

Don’t let the flame swallow the source..

And watered with the blood of Sanabel

oppression when it becomes wanton in the time of sin

They will not distinguish between a murderer and a murderer.

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