Riadske newspaper | Dean of Historians “Al-Riyadh”: Al-Ghamdi is a historian who has carried the torch of sports history since the dawn of the establishment of clubs in Riyadh

Abdulaziz Salem Al-Ghamdi, the athletic pyramid, is one of the flags of the bright stage in our sports history

Dean of Historians “Al-Riyadh”: Al-Ghamdi is a historian who has carried the torch of sports history since the dawn of the establishment of clubs in Riyadh

The deceased’s first interview with Prince Faisal bin Fahd after his appointment as president in 1391 AH – may God have mercy on them –

He recited the Qur’an every three days.. and died fasting

Son of a late critic: My father’s first article 76 years ago…he wrote in 10 newspapers with four names

First article 76 years ago

The deceased critic was engaged in writing at an early age, and he had talent and love for it, and he became acquainted with journalism at the age of 17, and published his first social article in the Saudi newspaper Al-Bilad – formerly the Voice of Hijaz – under the title (Fathers are responsible ) in 1368 AH, and from there he started publishing his articles, He wrote in 10 Saudi newspapers, starting with Al-Bilad, Al-Nadwa, Al-Qassim, Arabian Gulf, Al-Riyadh, Al-Jazeera, Al -Dawa and Okaz, in addition to the magazines Al-Yamamah and Al-Malab Al-Siyadiyyah.

His love for the union and youth

He was a prominent writer and influential pen. He wrote dissertations and articles in which he criticized the negative conditions in sports clubs during the eighties and nineties of the Hijri, while his preferences were for the Al-Ittihad club before he moved from Jeddah to work in Riyadh was associated with the Youth Club, and he strengthened his relations with the club’s higher-ups, such as Uncle Saleh Zafran Al-Ghamdi and Raed Sports Uncle Abdul Hameed has a diagnosis – may God have mercy on them -.

in the youth administration 60 years ago

His association with the Al-Shabab club was not only media-related, but went further than joining his (Sheikh of Clubs) service through administrative affairs as a member of its board of directors 60 years ago.

The late writer was interested in his life in the Al-Shabab and Al-Ittihad clubs, and he remained their follower from afar, despite his illness and absence from writing for the past 20 years.

They write four names

In an interview with Al-Riyadh, the son of the late critic, Professor Salem Abdulaziz Salem Al-Ghamdi, former assistant director general for educational supervision at the Ministry of Education, revealed that his father – may God have mercy on him – used to write four different names in that newspaper : (Ghamed Boy – Abu Siham – Al-Damghi in addition to his triple Frank name).

He added: “My father worked in 1370 AH as a royal hospitality employee during the reign of King Abdulaziz – may God rest his soul in peace – and continued during the reign of King Saud – may God have mercy on him – then moved on to working in the Ministry of Agriculture until retiring as the Director General of the Department of Planning there.”

A reference in the history of sports

Salem Al-Ghamdi indicated that his father was tired in the last two months of his life..and before that he was normal and had a good memory..and said: “He always answered what others asked him about historical information in sports and others, and he didn’t leave his old friends and he always called them and asked about them and visited them.”

He died fasting

In his last years, he used to finish the Holy Qur’an every three days, and he continued to fast every Monday, Thursday and white days, and he fasted on the day of his death, may God have mercy on him, the mercy of the righteous.

Al-Saati: I have included Al-Ghamdi in my encyclopedia

And the dean of historians, Dr. Amin Saati, named Abdulaziz Al-Ghamdi in his encyclopedia “History of the Saudi Sports Movement” when he talked about the flags of the first sports critics.

Al-Saati touched on the late writer and his most prominent memories with him since the seventies of the Hijra in an exclusive interview with Al-Riyadh, saying: “May God have mercy on my dear friend, Professor Abdulaziz Al-Ghamdi, who is considered one of the sports historians in print who have carried the torches of sports history since the dawn of club history in the capital Riyadh His speech was sober and important historical stages. May God have mercy on this sports pyramid, which was one of the flags of the bright and important historical stage of our sports history.

The dean’s love met between us

He added: “I had the honor of meeting my brother Abdulaziz for the first time in Jeddah when I was a player in the Saudi Clubs Club, Brigadier, Al-Ittihad Club, in the second half of the seventies of the Hijri. And when I visit the capital, Riyadh, I will definitely meet my brother Abdulaziz in the youth club.

We differed in historical stations

Although the history of the association in Jeddah used to bring us together, in the history of the clubs in the capital Riyadh we differed in some points. And I knew in my brother Abdul-Aziz steadfastness of principle, especially in great events that he stood there in rank and adhered to steadfastness of principle. And the loss of some of his sequences, and when Abu Ghazi wanted to correct it, Professor Abdulaziz would carefully pause and stick to the previous sayings and would not accept the corrections of Professor Abdul Hameed Mushass.

Abu Ghazi forgot his son in the club!

The diagnosed patient suffered from forgetfulness, and he often forgot his son in the club, so his youth carried him home, and then “Abu Ghazi” remembered that his son became a victim of his forgetfulness! May God have mercy on Professor Abdulaziz El-Ghamdi and may God have mercy on Professor Abdul-Hamid Mushass and we ask Him, the Most High, to grant them the highest Paradise, and we belong to God and to Him we shall return. .

History is not written by competition!

Professor Abdulaziz Salem Al-Ghamdi – may God have mercy on him – was a prominent critic who contributed his pen to many sports topics and expressed positive opinions to resolve dilemmas, including the issue of sports historical documentation, which is still being debated. in the sports arena to this day.

As Al-Ghamdi had previously proposed solutions to this in a lengthy article he published in the newspaper Sports Stadiums in 1404 AH, addressed to the Olympic Committee, and its title was: (History is not written by competition).

Illumination of Al-Ghamdi’s commentary on Al-Hilal’s victory over Al-Ahly in Al-Qassim newspaper in 1383 AH

Abdulaziz Salem Al-Ghamdi – may God have mercy on him – finished the Qur’an every three days

Illumination of Al-Ghamdi’s letter of invitation to attend the celebration at the headquarters of Al-Hilal at noon in 1381 AH

Along with the great athletes Abdul Hameed Moshakhs and Abdullah Al-Tuwaijri – may God have mercy on them – next to Ibrahim Al-Shami, Abdul Rahman Al-Aleeq and Major General Ali Saleh Al-Ghamdi in 1389 Hijri.

Abdulaziz Al-Ghamdi in a photo of a conversation with his sons: Salem and Dr. Mohammed and Dr. Saud

Dean of historians Dr. Amen watchmaker

The oldest picture of the youth team from 1370 AH, published for the first time from the Al-Ghamdi archive, shows its president and player, Abd al-Rahman bin Saeed, “third from the right, standing”, flanked by Muhammad Ibrahim Makki and Abdullah bin Ahmed, “first from the left, sitting.” May God have mercy on them.

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