Supporting women and children is his top priority… The harvest of Sheikh Al-Azhar’s efforts in 2022.

Thursday, December 22, 2022 – 4:25 p.m

The Grand Imam, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayyib, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, attaches special importance to women and children since he assumed the office of President of Al-Azhar, and devotes a lot of time and effort to defending their rights and adoption. questions for their defense. The Grand Imam paid great attention to women’s issues and called for respecting their human dignity and exploiting their wasted energy and giving them full rights as a basic partner for men in rebuilding the country, reforming societies and building homelands. .

And Sheikh Al-Azhara wrote in a post on Facebook: A woman is the most important pillar in building a good family and civilized societies, and Islam has ordered her to respect and respect her rights. his home and the source of his happiness.

In addition, the year 2022 witnessed many rounds of support from the Grand Imam for women and children, as his eminence called for the necessity of reviving the fatwa “right to hard work and effort” to preserve the rights of working women who have made an effort to develop wealth of her husband, a claim that was very welcome.. From inside and outside human rights circles.

In addition, in a historical precedent, His Eminence the Grand Imam decided this year to appoint Dr. Nahla Al-Saidi, Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences for Expatriates in Cairo, to the position of adviser to the Grand Sheikh Al-Azhar on matters of emigration, as a practical proof of His Highness’s unlimited support. Eminences to women.

And the great imam continued to support women by emphasizing that Islam did not order a husband to beat a wife, even a disobedient one, because the Prophet did not beat his wives even once in his life, and that violence against women is forbidden by law, as Islam forbade harming her or practicing any any form of violence against her or denial of her rights, pointing out that violence against women or insulting them in any way is evidence of incomplete understanding, flagrant ignorance or lack of chivalry, which is forbidden by Sharia, in addition to his constant defense of the right of a woman to refuse her husband’s marriage with another, and that the principle in Islam is one woman, and a woman can ask for a divorce in case her husband marries her with the non-acceptance of living with another.

His Eminence’s interest in children was no less than his interest in women and their rights. His Eminence attached – as always – special importance to children, and he always stressed the need to ensure a dignified life for all children and that child labor and coercion work that is not suitable for their age is a dangerous phenomenon that threatens the most needy groups of the poor and marginalized and refugees, adding in a post on his Facebook page that this phenomenon affects innocent childhood and denies children the most basic rights to a decent life, which indicates that efforts must be intensified and binding laws and laws that provide children with effective and comprehensive social protection.

Great Imam.. Humanitarian cases and unhindered giving

The year 2022 was not devoid of humanitarian cases in which His Eminence, as always, was happy to stand by them and lend them a helping hand. Among them was the request of His Eminence to the Egyptian Medical Center in South Sudan to adopt the case of the mother of a student who is coming to study at Al-Azhar University from the state of South Sudan; Helping a student and safeguarding her future as a daughter of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, as she was forced to drop out of school and return to her country to take care of her mother, but His Eminence’s intervention contributed to solving her problem and completing her studies.

In the same context, the Grand Imam was not far away from the humanitarian situation that gripped the world with the Moroccan child, “Ryan”, who met his Lord after painstaking attempts to save him, as his eminence wanted to follow closely the events of the situation and also expressed deep sadness after his death was confirmed, and issued an official statement of condolences to the child’s family and the Moroccan people on the occasion of his death.

On the domestic front, His Eminence sent his condolences to the families of the victims of the Peace Canal bus, whose sinking resulted in the numerous deaths of the Hafiz of the Book of God – the Almighty – instructing the leaders of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif to take the necessary measures to pay immediate sums of money to the families of the dead and injured and to provide monthly financial subsidies to the needy. Among them is the provision of the necessary medical support for the injured in terms of operations and medical supplies at Al-Azhar University hospitals

Among His Eminence’s prominent humanitarian cases this year is that he led a pilgrimage for a woman who accepted atonement for the murder of her husband in Qena Governorate, and when His Eminence learned of the condition of her house, which was about to fall, he ordered the construction a new two-storey house for her in the same place, and the house was built, according to the instructions of His Eminence, in addition Those who were in charge of the general management of the accounts for Al-Azhar, in coordination with the civil societies, to quickly pay immediate financial aid to the families of the deceased in the fire in the Abu Sefein church in Imbaba, Giza governorate, and to direct the opening of the doors of Al-Azhar University hospitals to the victims of a painful accident to provide all aspects of support together with institutional hospitals. the state, as well as providing the necessary psychological support.

In 2022, the great imam’s commitment to humanitarian work was not limited to the interior, but also extended to the poorest countries, as he ordered the dispatch of an emergency aid convoy to the country of Somalia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Health and Population, and Social Solidarity and the Red Crescent, with the aim of raising attention to the suffering of the fraternal Somali people, in light of the inhumane conditions in which they suffer and the spread of epidemic diseases,

Al-Imam Al-Tayyib program: Secrets and meanings in the most beautiful names of God

His Eminence, the Great Imam, continued to present his annual program “The Good Imam” in Ramadan 2022, where in the episodes of this year’s program his virtue dealt with the most beautiful names of God and their meanings, Attributes and Secrets, and in the episodes of his program this year his Eminence confirmed that the most beautiful names are “windows.” The only knowledge without which we would not know God, looking back on our virtue during the thirty episodes, the names of God the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, the King, the Holy, the Peaceful, the Dominant and the Mighty, giving a full explanation of each of His names, the Almighty, and emphasizing a series of sublime meanings and the great connotations of these names, among which is that the vast majority of sinners and sinners are not seen by anyone, but God hides them because of the great wisdom he knows, so he called himself “the veil” from this, and that the name of God “subduer” contains divine justice opposing to those who mess with God’s servants and who are arrogant on earth, and this means that all creatures are subject to God’s will, will and demands of His knowledge in them, and many other secrets and meanings of great importance in the names of God.

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