Watching the match between Saudi Al-Fateh and Al-Taei; Tomorrow Thursday 12-22


Watching the match of Saudi club Al-Fath and Al-Ta’i, Al-Fath vs. Al-Ta’i; The Al-Fatahawiya club team meets the Al-Ta’i club team, and the third competition is at the Cup of the Guardians of the Two Holy Mosques, which will be held tomorrow, Thursday 12/22/2022, in the 16th round competitions, live broadcast of the competition between Saudi Conquest and Al-Ta’i and its scheduled date.

What is the guardian of the King’s Cup of the Two Holy Mosques in Saudi Arabia?

Cup Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques is considered the second championship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after the Saudi Football Premier League. In the premium class, it soon reappeared in the football season of 2008. It is worth noting that it is considered one of the most expensive cups on the Asian continent, according to the value of the material prizes received by the winning teams that won the title.

On the other hand, 14 teams from the Premier Division and 16 other clubs from the first league participate in that tournament, until there are two places left for which 123 more Saudi clubs from other divisions are competing, and for the most the team and the Club that passed this cup and the title is Saudi Al-Ahly Club with 13 championship titles, so it will be the first Keep Royal Cup in the old version. And the last to get it was Al-Fayhaa club and its technical director Al-Habib Bin Ramadan Al-Maghribi, including watching the match between Saudi Al-Fateh and Al-Taei.

Live stream to watch Saudi Al-Fateh vs Al-Taei match

The fans of the Al-Fateh and Al-Ta’i teams are preparing to watch the match between them, which should take place on Thursday, 22/12/2022, at the Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Sports City Stadium. in the Saudi city of Hofuf, precisely at five o’clock Riyadh time. You can also follow all the competitions of the Egyptian and Saudi leagues and the Custod of the Two Holy Mosques Cup on our respected website, sports index. It is worth noting that it is a specialized sportsman that contains all the matches, such as watching the Saudi Al – Fateh and Al-Tai matches.

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Channels to watch the match Saudi Al-Fateh and Al-Taei

Different channels and frequencies are broadcast to watch the match of Saudi Al-Fateh and Al-Ta’i and to broadcast the expected clash, which will be of great caliber next Thursday, which fans of the round witch and Saudi and Arab sports are waiting for. For this season, it is scheduled to be broadcast by Shahid VIP electronic channels, as it has received the rights to broadcast the King’s Cup and Saudi League Online in SD, HD. This season, along with all the matches of the Asian continent, Shahid managed to get his exclusive broadcast of the matches on SSC sport 1, the exclusive broadcaster of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s competitions in the Middle East.

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Time and date of watching the Saudi Al-Fateh and Al-Taei match

The date of watching the Al-Fateh and Al-Taie match

Everyone is getting ready to follow and watch the Guardians of the Two Holy Mosques Cup in its new version, where the top clubs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia compete to win this prestigious title. I match the date of watching Saudi Al-Fateh and Al-Ta’ according to the time in Makkah, taking into account the time difference. Here are the top 5 countries to search for online, as follows:

  • Tripoli / Cairo / Khartoum: at five o’clock in the evening.
  • Riyadh / Damascus / Doha: precisely at six o’clock in the evening.
  • Sultanate of Oman / Dubai: seven o’clock in the evening.

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The composition of the club Saudi Al-Fathawiya

The first team of the Saudi football club Al-Fateh continues training last Sunday, 18.12, with its club in Al-Ahsa, in preparation for the meeting with its counterpart Al-Ta’i, such as watching the match between Al -Fath and Al- Ta’i Saudi Al-Fath vs. Al-Ta’i; Next Thursday in the final round of prices, which will play with several expected lineups and with the following 4-2-4 plan:

  • Goalkeeper: Jacob Rennie.
  • Defense line: Abdullah Al-Youssef – Marawan Saadan – Fran Feliz – Nawaf Bouchal.
  • Midfield: Petros – Majed Kanbah.
  • Forward line: Hussein Ali Al-Maghawi – Christian Kueva – Murad Patna – Firas Al-Buraikan.

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Al-Taeen team composition

While watching the Saudi Al-Fateh and Al-Ta’i match, Al-Ta’i Sports Club is preparing to meet its counterpart Al-Fatah, while watching the Saudi Al-Fateh and Al-Ta’i match, which will play with with the following 4-3-3 plan:

  • Goalkeeper: Victor Braga.
  • Defense: Hussein Qassem – Abdul Mohsen Fallatah – Adrian Martini – Nawaf Al-Qumairi.
  • Midfield: Mukhtar Ali – Alpha Semedo – Denergomez Clement.
  • [FrontAttack:AmirSaeed-KnowledgeMusona-GuyMpenza[Frontnapada:AmirSaeed-KnowledgeMusona-GuyMpenza[جبهةالهجوم:اميرسعيود-كنوليدجموسونا-غيمبينزا

Predictions for the result of the match Al-Fathawiya and Al-Taeen Saudi Arabia

Predictions for the result of the match Al-Fathawiya and Al-Taeen Saudi Arabia

It is expected to be a match and meeting of caliber as the two teams strive for victory in the 16th round and placement in the 8th quarter-finals, and the competition will start with Al-Taie’s strong defense and Al-Fateh’s violent attack received the first goal in the Al-Taie team’s net , which will make the Saudi Al-Ta’i team more fierce and powerful, scoring goals in the opponent’s net, so the game ended with the victory of Saudi Al-Ta’i Club 2 against only one for them as they watched the game of Al-Fateh and Saudi Al- Ta’ija.

Who is the commentator of the match?

He is a sports commentator, Jaafar Al-Solih, for SSC sport1.

Who is the coach of the Saudi club Al-Fateh and Al-Tai?

The technical coach of the Saudi Al-Fateh club is Nassif Al-Bayawi, while the Al-Ta’i club signed a contract with the Portuguese coach Pedro Miguel Marcos Da Costa (BIPA) for the 2022-2023 season.

Who are the winners of the King’s Cup, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Saudi Arabia?

The most awarded among all teams are:

  • Al-Ahly 13 times.
  • Al-Ittihad and Saudi Crescent (9) times.
  • Victory (6) times.

Where will the Saudi Al-Fateh and Al-Taei match take place?

It will be held at the Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Sports City Stadium in the Saudi city of Hofuf.

In conclusion, competitions remain, such as watching Al-Fath and Al-Ta’i Saudi match, Al-Fath vs Al-Ta’i; And the channels that broadcast it tomorrow, Thursday 22.12.2022, and their expectations, Thursday 22.12.2022, and the formations and expectations of the two teams.

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