What are the indicators of emotional drought between spouses? What are the treatment methods?

Everyone goes through these difficult periods in life as a result of emotional drought between spouses, due to many things and factors.

These periods include a lot of marital boredom, long silences, routine, repetition of words and abandonment of feelings of attachment and usual love between couples.

At the beginning of a relationship, especially during the period of courtship and the first period of marriage, burning feelings become dominant, but with age and numerous life obligations and loss of passion, these feelings can disappear and be replaced by silence and alienation.

What are the signs of emotional drought between spouses?

Distance between spouses is considered one of the most important reasons that lead to emotional drought between them, because it creates a big gap between every couple that is difficult to deal with, because it is said that far from the eye is far from the heart, so the spouses must try to overcome the distance so that they do not come in the stage of dehydration.emotional in their relationship.

Marital German

With the beginning of a long silence in the relationship, make sure that you have reached the late stage of emotional drought between spouses.

This can occur after a long period of marriage, due to a repeated daily routine in life without any renewal or desire for change.

Preoccupation with mobile phone

Spending long hours on a cell phone, whether browsing social networking sites or playing electronic games, is a common symptom of emotional dehydration in many couples.

With the development of a rift between spouses, some resort to preoccupation with things that don’t seem important, but are a way of escaping reality.

Disruption of marital relations

Decreased sexual desire significantly and at a low rate of less than 10 times in one year is one of the signs of a low rate of flow of love and passion.

This is not only limited to the husband, but it is one of the most important causes of emotional drought in the wife as well.

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What is the cause of emotional drought between spouses?

Facing the pressures of everyday life and carrying great marital responsibilities, each spouse is faced with many difficult and demanding tasks that require a lot of effort and concentration.

If each of them does not seek the help of the other to overcome these difficulties, the alternative becomes an emotional drought between the spouses.

Among the most important reasons that can lead to this:

lack of communication

Daily communication is one of the most important pillars for maintaining a stable marital relationship. Loss is one of the most important signs of emotional drought between spouses, which leads to distance and creates a large gap as a result of both parties not participating in each other’s affairs.

Exaggerated expectations

At the beginning of the relationship, both parties have ideal expectations for a rosy life full of emotions and romantic moments, and one of them may exaggerate his expectations, and the woman is often the exaggerated party. But soon, each of them collides with successive obligations that lead to the collapse of all previous expectations, and therefore gradually there is a trauma that leads to an emotional drought between the spouses.

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external comparisons

Comparing married life with the life of others is one of the most important reasons that can lead to its failure.

One or both spouses compare the life partner’s traits and relationship details with others and thus become frustrated and disappointed because they do not have the complete picture in their mind.

marital boredom

The loss of passion and interest in the other party is one of the sure signs that indicate dry feelings between the spouses. The continuation of these negative feelings can indicate the imminent end of love and the failure of the marriage relationship.

get used to

Continuation of married life without any changes or renewal in the relationship is one of the most important reasons that can lead to serious dehydration and weakness of feelings. Over the years, routine dominates life, which forces couples to search for something new and of other interests.

Frequent marital quarrels

Repetition of marital disputes leads to loss of passion and interest, and can end in long silence and unwillingness to continue the marital relationship if it is not resolved and final solutions are not found.

Methods of treating emotional drought between spouses

Healing the emotional drought is a joint responsibility of the spouses. Both must understand that repairing and rebuilding the relationship is essential. By following the right methods, the best results can be achieved with a little determination and patience.

Expressive essay on ways to cure emotional drought
Ways to cure emotional drought between couples – Image source: shutterstock

These are the most important ways to treat emotional dehydration:

1- Do not give in to problems and difficulties: There is no doubt that various life challenges and economic changes have a great impact on our daily life, but we must face these things as temporary problems and urgent changes without allowing them to destroy emotional stability.
Be sure to take time to connect and spend time with your spouse, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

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2- Daily participation: Your wife is your life partner. Share with her the details of your entire day, whether happy or painful. Make important decisions together. Support each other’s dreams.
Unite your lives instead of facing your responsibilities alone.

3- Do not hide your crises from her: Everyone goes through some difficult times, financial and emotional crises, instead of hiding it from your wife, you can share the matter with her to find appropriate solutions, after time passes, you will find that you overcame that problem together and that you had a good time, which strengthens your connection.

4- Avoid sharing details with others: You don’t have to share the specific details of your relationship and the reasons for the emotional drought in your relationship with your friends or loved ones.
Instead, confront your wife about it and talk to her, maybe there are some things you’ve missed and need to fix.

5- Renewal of the marital relationship: From time to time, you may need to renew the emotional relationship with your wife in order to regain the feelings of love like the first time. Don’t ignore this to avoid going through periods of emotional drought.
Water your marriage and let it thrive to maintain a strong and enduring relationship despite the estrangement.

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