Beware.. These are the characteristics of a narcissistic wife and ways to deal with her

A narcissistic wife or a narcissistic personality in general is obsessed with herself to a large extent because she is a person who does not respect other people’s boundaries, she is characterized by arrogance and arrogance, it is difficult for her to love another, and she only sees in her partner that he is a person who only satisfies her needs, so she works on that to initially attract him in a hidden way to exploit his feelings and then reduce it.

Getting attached to a narcissistic woman is very difficult, because it requires a lot of endurance and control of one’s nerves, especially when clear and obvious narcissistic traits appear.

Characteristics of a narcissistic wife

As scientific research has confirmed, narcissism or more precisely “narcissistic personality disorder” is a mental condition, and more than 6% of the world’s population currently suffers from this condition.

The ratio of male to female narcissists is about 7% for men and 4.8% for women.

However, there are some traits that are common to all narcissists, it is noted that women find a better partner for themselves, while a male narcissist often needs someone to vent his anger on.

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The most important characteristics of a narcissistic woman:

1- Ability to compete: A narcissistic woman tends to compete even with her children, so she tries to prove that she is better than everyone else, including her own children.

2- Paying more attention to external appearance: a narcissistic wife pays more attention to her appearance than usual, so she likes to have attention paid to her appearance.

3- Ignoring boundaries: Such a wife does not pay attention to individual boundaries, but she needs her own space, but she constantly ignores your space and boundaries.

4- Materialistic personality: She works to hide her fears with material demands, which are expensive.

5- Defensive personality: Narcissism behaves defensively in case of an argument, it will have a hard time trying to understand your point of view, so you think that it is always right and that no one has the right to argue with it.

6- Violent personality: Narcissistic personality rules forms of emotional, mental and psychological abuse, which it can practice in a hidden way. This can appear in the form of mean comments inflicted on the person’s feelings or in the form of mental scars. These reactions are usually accompanied by a feeling of humiliation, which happens very easily.

7- Not Showing Compassion: Lack of compassion is one of her basic traits, including everything about her, even severe physical injuries and severe pain, so she doesn’t share their feelings with others in any way.

8- Constant criticism: In the case of the hidden narcissistic wife, she works to show a false interest in your condition, but in all cases she gives harsh criticism, because her goal is to make you doubt yourself. The reasons for the criticism may not be real, but it is resorted to in order to diminish the other side.

9- Intense Anger: It’s not an exaggeration, but a narcissistic wife is like a volcano that erupts suddenly, and never subsides or stops.

10- Expect a lot while giving a little: She wants to get more of everything, more gifts, praise, unconditional love, trust and everything else you can give her, but she is not obliged to give anything in return, so it becomes very stressful for the other party.

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How do I know if my wife is a narcissist?

Some of the qualities that attract you in your partner, such as self-confidence, assertiveness, and a strong personality, may actually be the same characteristics that fuel their narcissism. Not all signs are visible, but some may indicate that you are related to a narcissistic personality, including:

1- If you feel isolated: or after getting engaged, you start to distance yourself from friends and social life, it’s time to stop and reevaluate that relationship. Scientists confirm that the narcissistic personality isolates its partner from friends and loved ones through a slow and methodical process.

2- He tries to make you jealous: In addition to praising others, a narcissist may talk enthusiastically about an ex or flirt with someone in front of you. This is not a coincidence or an innocent mistake, but a strategic move designed to make you jealous, as well as reinforce your insecurities. To exert control over you and nurture her sense of self-worth.

3- Strengthen your relationship with your family: Despite intense self-love and lack of empathy, the narcissistic wife resorts to strengthening ties with your family members to start conversations with them and complain about you, expressing her concern that she is suffering from some change that leads to isolation or change in behavior, which removes suspicion from him.

4- Loss of communication: After a relationship full of emotions and love, the ability to communicate after marriage decreases as much as possible, so don’t talk to you about your interests or ask you about your plans for the future.

5- She always brags about her achievements: A narcissistic wife always shows pride in her achievements and rarely shows interest in anything going on in your life.emotional.

6- She feels mistrust towards you: A narcissistic wife continues with some hidden threats during the relationship, she is never honest in her words, but makes you feel that you can lose her or face some bad things if you don’t answer her constant demands, sometimes it’s easier Going along with what she wants, even if you don’t agree with it, is her way of controlling and manipulating you to get what she wants.

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Narcissistic female weaknesses

When you get beyond the iron exterior structure of the narcissistic personality, you will find a weak self-image in the depths of his being, which can make him feel surprisingly dangerous. There are many things that make her feel afraid, and among the biggest are the hidden weaknesses of the narcissistic wife:

Relationship Commitment: Narcissists have great difficulty finding the right person and maintaining a relationship.

As a couple, you both need to be open about the relationship in order to keep it going. However, the narcissistic wife doesn’t let anyone dig into her and see what’s inside, and she’s not very good at being a romantic interest either.

– Self-analysis: The weakness that the narcissistic wife hides is failure in her view, so she fiercely resists any opportunity to go deeper into her, because others can discover what she hides behind her perfect mask.

– Loss of interest in others: A terrible fear for narcissists is that others consider them normal people, so they always resort to attracting attention in all ways.

Gratitude: The narcissistic personality works in the opposite direction of gratitude. In the world of narcissists, the prevailing view is that gratitude is a sign of weakness, which can lead them to release control over the other party when expressing their gratitude, or to become indebted to them.

Death: Fear of death may be normal, but studies show that narcissists fear death three times more than the average person.
This is due to an intense desire to achieve an advanced position, but death does not distinguish between the powerful and the rich.

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Dealing with a narcissistic wife

Treating a narcissistic wife is a risky option and its results cannot be predicted, but following some techniques you can improve the situation, including:

1- Face the truth: The narcissistic wife lacks empathy. Focus on soothing your fragile sense of self, which is more important than being in a successful and fulfilling relationship.

2- Establish firm boundaries: with the attempt to release her control, she will face many unbridled feelings of anger, but you must be clear, direct and firm, and with repeated attempts, her behavior must change.

3- Expect resistance: It’s like sailing through a storm of extreme resistance. Always keep your hands on the wheel so you can take full control. Expect your limits to be constantly tested. Find support among your family members. Find strengths that you can hold on to.

4- No influence: As we mentioned, the narcissistic personality loves drama and even feeds on it. Instead of being influenced by his emotional reactions, he shows no effect, but continues your attempts to get rid of his control.

Finally, counseling your partner with rigorous psychological support professionals can be key to staying on track.

One of the most prominent disadvantages of a narcissistic wife is that you are drawn to respond to her with passive aggression, and it can be difficult to break this habit, so you need support to keep your psychological side safe.

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