Does a narcissistic husband love his wife and how to deal with him?

Does a narcissistic husband love his wife? A frequent question that we answered today on our pages is the extent of his love for him, because he is one of the types of husbands who confuse a narcissistic husband with a wife, especially because sometimes he treats with love and sometimes he behaves with behavior which makes him think of indifference towards him. We find him and we can apologize. He tells himself that he is not good at expressing his feelings because of his love for him.

So the question here is whether a narcissistic husband really loves his wife and what we will learn together after knowing the characteristics of a narcissistic husband and how to deal with them.

Does a narcissistic husband love his wife and how does he treat her?

If your husband is a qualifying ex-husband, he is a narcissist, so we’ll show you some ways to deal with him, including:

  • If the husband is of the narcissistic type, he must be taken care of; Because he has narcissistic tendencies and doesn’t tend to set unrealistic expectations in his conflict, which may not be important to you at first, so you have to accept him and take care of him. It’s hard to change.
  • Avoid focusing on him or highlighting him because this aspect of your part will make you want to please him permanently and you will go back to taking care of your personal needs because he can be satisfied and you won’t have to know that you won’t be able to satisfy him regardless what you give, so you have to focus on yourself. First.
  • Talk to him and discuss with him the things that are bothering you, especially if you are interested in keeping him in your life, try to express yourself and your wishes calmly and choose good words that express what is on your mind, especially about how he treats you .
  • Set boundaries with a narcissistic spouse who cares about him first and tell him what not to do because he believes he can do whatever he wants in your marriage regardless of your feelings.
  • Tell him you want to be treated appropriately, and when he gives you unsolicited advice or pressures you into accepting his narcissism, try telling him how much you resent his narcissistic traits.
  • Use threat tactics when you’re ready, he doesn’t recognize that anyone with one of his narcissistic traits is willing to give up on him, that way he’ll get out of the abuse by just waving after accepting treatment.
  • To get rid of the emotional exhaustion caused by a narcissistic spouse, try to socialize with friends and family so they can reconnect with old friends and pursue new hobbies, to develop the positive life they missed while with the narcissist.
  • Being self-aware of work and spending time with what is useful will help you stand out in front of a narcissistic spouse when he sees you succeed at work and not only go unnoticed at work, but also avoid constant fights with this narcissistic spouse at work.

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What is meant by a narcissistic husband?

  • A narcissistic husband is initially a normal person with his wife, so he loves him and treats him kindly, but over time he loses that interest.
  • And it creates problems in the relationship with his wife, we see him gradually moving away from him, and because of his value, he does not value him and cares primarily about his personal happiness, rather than his own.

Characteristics of a narcissistic spouse

Excessive self-esteem

  • We see that the narcissistic husband exaggerates his confidence because of his intense love for him, and surpasses the righteous person, and examines all traces of his family in this matter, and does not care about its consequences on his wife and children.
  • He complains excessively about the inability of those around him to absorb his ideas and believes that he is smart and the future compared to those around him.

No responsibility for errors

A narcissist cannot admit that he is responsible for a mistake because he always blames those around him, so his interest in his work and raising the level of his family is aimed at achieving himself, and that is the goal of what he does in terms of success and excellence, not out of responsibility , and does not accept to sin. anyone’s side.

He suffers from jealousy

  • A narcissistic husband is characterized by intense jealousy, because there is no emotional jealousy towards the wife, because the jealousy can be a consequence of the wife’s interest in some activities, friendships or pets.
  • She can’t bear the thought of caring for others, so she doesn’t keep anyone around her husband because she thinks they are hers and don’t care about others.

He hates advice and responsibility

He never admits abuse and does not accept anyone blaming or accusing him of what he has done, or telling him that he is wrong, especially if a woman reprimands him for his actions or tries to punish him for anything he does, even if the problems between they get serious with them, always be open.

Feeling of unrecognizability

  • A narcissist is one of the difficult things that he suffers from inside because he cannot accept his feelings and tends to hide his positive or negative feelings and does not want to openly express them with the people around him, including his wife.
  • Dealing with such a person is very difficult, especially for his wife, because he believes that recognizing feelings diminishes his ideal image for the environment.

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Priority of personal interests

  • A narcissistic spouse tends to prioritize his personal interest over many principles, because his self-love can lead him to hypocrisy in pursuit of personal interests.
  • In order to enjoy a perfect personality in the eyes of others, he constantly uses hypocrisy in his work and social context and may be prone to teasing his wife.
  • One of the most important mistakes a narcissistic husband makes is that he tries to show his affection and love for him in front of people, but does not show him any affection when he is at home.


  • The wife of a narcissist suffers from mood swings, so sometimes we think of her as a calm personality, and sometimes she is tense.
  • Sometimes she knows how to pretend to be modest, sometimes she is impatient and grumpy, and blaming her husband for these mood swings, she knows how to determine the reason for it.

Success is a priority

We often see a narcissistic husband who is interested in succeeding at work while trying to put his work first on his life list and his married life second, third or fourth, so we see that he is interested in succeeding at work and always talks about it and is not interested to solve the problem. married life.

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Excessive attention to the back

Narcissism cares more about her husband’s appearance, and she cares more about her appearance, and tries to hide the signs of aging by communicating with cosmetic clinics to let her hair grow, dye or get rid of some wrinkles, and we often see him as well-groomed, elegant and tries to organize his appearance well .

With this, we have finished determining the characteristics of a narcissistic husband and the degree of a woman’s interest in him, the question of whether a narcissistic husband loves his wife, and we hope that we will be able to answer all the questions that have arisen on this topic. .

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