Does a narcissistic personality like it? Briefly about Egypt

Does a narcissistic personality like it?

Does a narcissist love a personality and to give a satisfactory answer to this question, we need to know the nature of the narcissistic personality and the concept of narcissistic love, and we will also learn many secrets about this personality through Egypt Brief, for example: how to deal with a narcissist.

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Do you like daffodils?

Do you like daffodils?

“Does he like a narcissistic personality?” To know the answer to the question, we must first know what love is for a narcissistic personality:

  • For a narcissist, love is self-love and greatness, and a narcissist loves himself and cannot love anyone more than himself.
  • A narcissist can love with a purpose, and that purpose is to gain the love of the other person and find someone who respects them and then surrender to them.
  • A narcissist sees love as a benefit and aims to enjoy it, so a narcissist cannot have true love.
  • A narcissist can withdraw from a relationship, and if the relationship turns into an engagement or marriage, it becomes full of problems, coldness and anger.
    • Because a narcissist cannot show love and care to others.

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What does narcissistic personality mean?

  • Many say that narcissism is self-love and vanity, and that a person sees his strengths and not his weaknesses.
  • This is not true at all, because the narcissist sees himself as complete.
  • In psychiatry, there is what is called narcissistic personality disorder, and this disorder is defined as a psychological condition that makes a person narcissistic and selfish, and copes with arrogance and arrogance towards those around him.
  • In addition, the narcissist always needs praise and praise from the environment, which exposes him to turmoil in the relationship.
  • Does he like the narcissistic personality? In the lines of our journey on this topic, it should be noted that narcissism is more common in men than in women and that it begins in adolescence or a younger age.

Causes of narcissistic personality disorder

There is no clear and known reason for the emergence of a narcissistic personality, but there are factors that increase the likelihood that a person will develop a narcissistic personality disorder, including what do you like about a narcissistic personality?

  • Heredity is one of the biggest risk factors.
  • Neurobiology, where the connection between the brain and thinking translates into aggressive and destructive behavior.
  • The environment in which a child grows up and the education it receives are the cause of a narcissistic personality, for example, excessive love for a child or, conversely, constant criticism.

How is narcissistic personality disorder diagnosed?

We cannot say that every arrogant or selfish person has narcissistic personality disorder, but a narcissist should have at least most of these traits:

  • To focus on yourself and to see yourself as the person who needs the most attention, to see yourself as the most beautiful, the smartest and the best.
  • Difficulties in dealing with people, their contempt and disparagement of others, no matter how important and successful they are.
  • Not understanding other people’s feelings and having difficulty understanding the needs of those around that person, the narcissist becomes insensitive to others.
  • Hypersensitivity and repulsion towards others, arrogance in speech, and dissatisfaction with others, their way of speaking and behavior.
  • Showing arrogant body language and sarcastic gestures such as eye rolls and hand gestures.
  • Dysfunction of distinguishing between good and bad person, sometimes flattering and praising an unworthy person.
  • You seek knowledge and a lasting sense of greatness.
  • Exploitative nature and opportunistic personality.
  • Some physical properties, such as retaining a different shape than others.

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The most prominent behaviors of a narcissistic personality in love

Anyone dealing with a narcissistic personality in their life wants to know the most obvious behavior of a narcissistic personality with a lover, family or friend, and the most prominent behavior of a narcissistic personality:

1_ Behavior of a narcissistic personality towards himself

Because the narcissist has such a strong sense of self-importance, he lives in a constant state of suffering because of the size of his ego.

A narcissist seeks the attention of others, tries to be everything, everyone around him is attracted to him and always wants to be in the center of events.

2_ The behavior of the narcissistic personality towards the family

If the father is a narcissist, he will be a tyrant over the children, while the son will be arrogant and will not listen to anyone.

A narcissist puts his feelings and needs first and sees himself as a more important person than the rest of the family.

3- Narcissistic personal behavior with friends

A narcissist can always demand unrequited favors from his friends, complain a lot and seek attention and sympathy in every possible way.

A narcissistic friend can be the type who likes to give and take, i.e. compliments and compliments, even if it’s for attention and love in return.

4_ Behavior of a narcissistic personality with a life partner

A narcissistic personality has many different ways of dealing with a life partner, be it a lover or a spouse; For example, a narcissist is very nervous and often abuses his partner.

Violence and physical abuse can occur if a narcissistic husband and wife do not care about each other and ignore their own wishes, especially if the husband is a narcissist.

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How to deal with a narcissist?

Here are some tips on how to deal with a narcissist because he exists and we can meet him anytime and anywhere:

  • It is best to stay calm, not get upset by the narcissist’s behavior and not get angry or show interest in it.
  • Never try to imitate or act like a narcissist and don’t think that you will upset him because the psychological effect on you will be stronger than the effect you will have on him.
  • Ignore outbursts of anger and do not be aggressive, because in a conversation with a narcissist you cannot beat him whether he fights or shouts.
  • Set boundaries when dealing with a narcissist and don’t try to reason with them because that takes an expert and the discussion will be pointless.
  • We recommend that you don’t let narcissists harass you and treat them personally as abusers, but if someone directly abuses you, you must exercise your right.

Treatment of narcissistic personality disorder

The best treatment for narcissistic personality disorder is psychotherapy because the patient is treated kindly and friendly:

  • Psychotherapy is conducted in some sessions by a specialist, and in these sessions the patient is talked to in order to understand the reasons and motives of self-love and contempt for others.
  • Numerous experiments have shown that drug therapy has no role in the treatment of narcissistic personality disorder, with some exceptions, such as the appearance of other symptoms such as depression.

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We finally know that a narcissist is in love? We have presented the most prominent behaviors of a narcissistic person in a state of love and the most prominent traits of this personality and how to deal with it, and we hope that the article was useful to you.

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