Duration of love for a man.. Does distance increase love for a man?

male love period, This may be shocking to many people, but in reality there is a certain period of love after which all these feelings disappear and turn into other things that differ from person to person, and this article will give you a lot of details related to this topic, so let’s read the following .

Duration of love for a man

Duration of love for a man

One of the things that always mislead women is their belief that a man’s feelings can last forever, but in reality, for men, they are for a certain period, then the feelings turn out to be something much stronger than love, or they start to accumulate until they completely end and the relationship ends after that. starts to collapse.

But a woman has a great ability to control a man’s feelings, so whenever they start to wane, she may be able to bring them back much better than before if she understands well how to handle him and provide him with the basic needs he wants, and she also has to be careful because she might increase the amount of attention she gives him. It doesn’t work with the man and makes them withdraw from the relationship because they are bored.

Duration of admiration for a man

Admiration for a man lasts from three to four months, then his fascination begins to gradually disappear and he becomes ready to withdraw from this relationship in any way, but if the period of admiration lasts longer than that, it is a sign that his feelings are on a serious path and he will later want to take the official route to complete his life next to the girl he loves without wasting time.

Admiration is mostly due to a man’s fascination with something about the woman in front of him, be it her looks, her way of thinking or some other things, and these feelings soon disappear when he starts to get used to her presence by his side, and it is better for women to try to understand the feelings men when they feel attracted to them so that they don’t get into a lot of bad things afterwards.

Where does love begin and how does it end for man?

Love begins for a man when he finds something very strong in the woman in front of him that attracts him and which he cannot resist. Although it is common for men to be attracted to women’s bodies first, many may pay attention to their way of thinking or the sound of their distinctive laughter, and these feelings they are not real. In general, it may end shortly after their acquaintance or it may continue to be a great love that pleases all parties.

A man’s feelings stop when his relationship with his beloved overcomes a routine situation and his inability to bear it, and he resorts to getting out of it in any way, so when a woman’s interest and appreciation of a man with her declines, he begins to gradually withdraw from this relationship, and that he is not even aware of it, and this usually happens when he is accompanied by numerous problems. Without finding appropriate solutions for it, with a lot of neglect without facing it, the situation gets worse and worse.

Stages of love in a man

physical attractiveness

All men are initially attracted to women’s bodies, but what makes things develop with him is that he finds something very special in the woman in front of him that is not present in many women, and this makes him very attached to her and wants her to closer, and then the man starts trying to get her attention so he can get what he wants from her and have her heart.

Early stage of acquaintance and friendship

This phase allows the two parties to get to know each other well and get closer to each other more than before, because each person begins to list their weaknesses and strengths in front of the other and maybe they can come to a good agreement or realize the great size of the gap that reigns in their relationship and they immediately away, and the man at that stage is under the influence of hormones secreted by his body and hastened his steps without calculating them well.

Tell everyone about his beloved

At that stage, the man reached the highest levels of love and went very deep into that relationship, because he began to greatly control his thinking, and this appears in all his actions, and people around him begin to notice his change, and here he feels a great an uncontrollable desire to tell everyone about this darling who has transformed his being and begins to receive blessings and congratulations from those around him.

phase of recognizing love

There is no specific time in which this happens, because it is relative and varies greatly from person to person, because it is an automatic behavior that is recognized automatically and without any prior planning. With enough courage to allow him to do it, and that requires him to do it for a very long time.

Attachment phase and continuation of the relationship

At that stage, each party has expressed their feelings towards the other party, and the relationship begins to take a different curve during this period, and each party begins to show their appreciation and respect for the other party during this period, and go through crises and difficulties hand in hand , and warm and romantic feelings are what dominate the relationship in that period. Each of the parties is aware of the other’s intentions towards her and knows how the relationship will develop in the coming period, whether it is in the long or short term.

A man’s way of expressing himself as he goes through the stages of love

  1. At this stage, a man sees his beloved as a person who has many advantages, and in front of others he speaks about her in a very good way, showing her virtues, elevating her status and highlighting her great place in his heart.
  2. His attempt to maintain mutual trust between them and not to sabotage it in order not to suffer the loss of his beloved, and in this he is helped by his strong love for her, which makes him unable to see other women beside her. , while she fills his heart and mind.
  3. He always made her feel safe around him and protected her from any danger that could befall her, and he also provides her with all the support she needs when she finds herself in a life crisis.
  4. That he doesn’t make her sad at all and that he tries to please her immediately when there are disagreements between them so that she is comfortable with the idea of ​​continuing her life with him and so that she doesn’t feel stressed.
  5. He shows his ability to take a lot of responsibility and manage the relationship well to make him feel safe.

When does a man weaken in love?

  • A man in love is greatly weakened if his beloved supports him a lot in his difficult moments and does not leave him at all, and this thing increases her position in his heart and makes him unable to leave her at all.
  • Women’s tears greatly influence a man to feel a distinct weakness towards them, especially if it is a woman he loves very much, even if in this case he is the culprit, he immediately reconciles with her.
  • A woman’s feeling of fear in front of a man who loves her makes him very weak and with a great desire to restrain her and join him so that these feelings would no longer control her.
  • When the woman you love gives you a lot of attention and love and makes you happy in life, you become weak towards her and cannot resist her or make her sad at all.

Stages of love for a man

  1. Stable and calm feelings: In this case, the man is fully aware of the truth of his feelings for the woman in front of him and is convinced of his desire to continue his life next to her.
  2. Persistent thoughts: He becomes obsessed with thinking about the woman he loves, so he always finds himself thinking how to please her and surprise her with something she likes, and she becomes the controller of his thoughts in all situations.
  3. Feeling of anxiety and fear: A man always finds himself in fear that he will lose the woman he loves or that he will be exposed to any kind of injustice, and that is why he does not allow mutual differences to be prolonged and does not stay away from her for a long time.
  4. Leave everything for the beloved: If a man had many women in his life and fell in love, and his beloved rejected the idea, he would leave everything to please her immediately and without hesitation.
  5. AndFor excessive jealousy and possessiveness: A man becomes unable to bear the thought of her being around other men or dealing with them under any name and of course leaves his private space for her without restriction so that she does not feel disturbed.
  6. Perception of perfection: He doesn’t feel like he’s enough all the time and always wants to do more to impress her and give her more attention.
  7. The constant desire to see her and not separate from her: The happiest moments in his life are when he arranges to meet her, and the saddest when he lets her go home.

How long does true love last

True love only lasts a maximum of three years, but it can turn into more, more continuous and lasting feelings, and the exact opposite can happen and things turn in a very bad way, and if two parties want to complete their life together, they have to renew from time to time feelings of love between them and do things that strengthen their relationship. That it does not stop and both are very sad.

A man’s way of thinking about love

  • He wants to see the desire he loves in all its states and accepts it in every situation.
  • The simplest things you do are always the most impressive to him.
  • He wishes his time with her would never end.
  • He likes to take her opinion on many things in his life and he likes to see her speak in front of him.
  • He always wants to win her approval even if it is at the expense of his own comfort.

Signs of love in a man

  1. He begins to take great care of himself.
  2. He can accept you in any situation.
  3. He values ​​you very much and dedicates some time in his day to you.
  4. It provides support for any issues you may encounter.
  5. He will be himself in front of you and will not pretend at all.

Signs of a man withdrawing from love

  • Deliberately causing problems without any logical reasons.
  • It avoids looking for solutions to the things that bother you and simply bypasses them.
  • He always belittles you and tells you to improve your situation.
  • It does not support you in times of crisis.
  • To pretend and lie that I didn’t meet you.
  • Spend more time with his friends.

What is love in men

Love in men is when he finds a woman who has many things that always fascinate him and make him feel distinguished from many around her, and in that case he starts taking great care of her and giving her a lot of attention and respect in the relationship and in front of others.

The beginning of love in a man

The beginning of love for a man is in his automatic smile when you appear in one of the places where he is, and his inability to take his eyes off you at all, and to invent arguments to open topics with you and take the opportunity to infiltrate your heart.

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