“Hatta” .. picturesque nature and cultural heritage

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The city of Hatta, that peaceful place of Dubai geography, with its beauty, majestic mountains and rich nature, with its falay, valleys, dams and green farms, gets “the most beautiful winter in the world” and “Dubai destinations”.

With a series of unique and distinguished activities and events and a package of projects and initiatives to improve the quality of life, all implemented under the direction of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, and the continuation of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, and His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

The “Hatta.. Mountain Dubai” campaign, packed with various initiatives, affirms the uniqueness and uniqueness of the region by providing a tourism experience associated with adventure, mountain sports, mountain character, heritage and ancient heritage, making the region a worldwide tourist destination for years.

The “H” is missing.

Promotional activities to launch the “Hatta .. Mountain Dubai” campaign began with a person visiting the city to discover the absence of the letter “H” in the name.

In the search for the missing letter, everyone’s attention was drawn to the meaning of the letter, which is located in a 12-meter-long model in the garden of the Dubai Mall, and the visitors were interested in what the letter means and is associated with HATTA, and thus the campaign is called and everyone is encouraged to visit a picturesque place.

Promotional advertisements for the launch and launch of the campaign include modern and attractive advertisements on social networks and various channels and on public streets, especially Sheikh Zayed Road, inviting everyone to visit the area under the slogan “Hatta is closer than you can imagine. “

Explore adventures

The campaign invites everyone to visit the city of Hatta to discover its mountains and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and incredible wild atmosphere, the Hatta Terrain Trail and the “Magic Trails with Hatta Products”, that unique experience in the region, providing the first hotel trailer that allows visitors to camp on along the banks of the Hatta dam in a trailer.luxury.

As well as providing the pleasure of walking in the beautiful nature of the region. Hatta provides the visitor with an unforgettable experience as he sets out to explore the city and its surroundings in the Hatta Dam, its mountains, garden and picturesque nature, to experience an incredible journey in the bosom of nature.

Visitors can discover the culture of Hatta amid its stunning nature and enjoy visiting the heritage sites of falaj, dams, towers, forts, ancient city, heritage village, bee farm and many other sights to learn about the nature of Hatta’s treasures.

Hatta Express bus

The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai has allocated many tours for those who want to enjoy visiting the city of Hatta, as it has invited visitors to embark on a series of adventures using buses dedicated to the city without the need for a car, so that the visitor can have the Hatta experience , but he has to take the “Hatta Express” bus for €25 Just one dirham to get to know a new side of Dubai that you haven’t seen before.

The authorities have provided city tours from 7am to 7pm, to and from the Dubai Mall area, at the rate of a trip every two hours, with a capacity of 55 passengers. From 7 in the morning to 9 in the evening.


The infrastructure in the Hatta region is prepared to improve the quality of life and encourage movement through non-traditional means, as paths for electric bicycles and electric scooters are provided, and they are connected to the most important points of attraction in the region. , such as the bus zone, parks and the Hatta Dam.

As well as the preparation of mountain bikes, with the provision of trails connected to existing mountain trails, with the creation of stations and parking lots for electric scooters and shared electric bikes.

investment areas

The infrastructure in Hatta has been prepared by providing investment spaces for the acquisition of food carts or commercial shops, the introduction of green areas and paths in the shade, and the development of the entrance to Hatta on the main street.

In addition to works on the decoration of the main street, beautifying the walls with the Hatta logo, installing information and information boards along the path, defining safe crossings, establishing parking lots near public places, as well as building a bus stop in Wadi Hub, and many other equipment services in the area. Region.

Vehicle parking

A service street and additional parking spaces have been implemented in front of shops near the bus station, and parking spaces have been provided at Hatta Dam, Wadi Park and Dubai Municipality Park, while improving the capacity of the existing road and adding a lane for traffic moving from the Fort Hatta roundabout to the bus terminal. station, with the addition of flexible mobility centers by implementing a mobility hub next to the bus station.

Activities and events

The “Hatta.. Mountain Dubai” campaign includes a variety of unique and different festivals, activities and events to welcome visitors this year, held in collaboration with the relevant authorities and according to a specific schedule.

Where the Culture and Arts Authority is organizing “Hatta Cultural Nights” at Hatta Heritage Village, which started on December 21 and will continue until early January, and “Hatta Honey Festival” from December 27 to 31 this year at Hatti Hall in Dubai Municipality, and the activities of the Dubai Shopping Festival from January 13 to 15 in Wadi Hub, in cooperation with Dubai Festivals and Retail Corporation.

Activities and events during the upcoming period include a number of sports activities that are compatible with the nature of the place, including “Dubai Hero” on February 5 in the Wadi Hub region, in coordination with the Dubai Sports Council, practicing mountain biking along a mountain track that has been carefully designed to give practitioners of this sport provided a certain degree of excitement in competitions and enjoyed the natural landscape around them.

Activities also include the organization of the Hatta Triathlon event on February 19 at the Hatta Sports Club, in coordination with the Dubai Sports Council, along with the Hatta Hills Running event on March 5 at the Hatta Fort Resort, in coordination with the Dubai Sports Council, etc. One of the exciting and interesting activities related to the nature of the place.


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