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There is a fine line between narcissism and pathological self-love, and self-confidence that gives a person the balance they need in life without negatively affecting their human relationships.

A narcissistic personality is often a personality in which self-love grows so much that it turns into a kind of addiction. Also, a narcissist is one who exaggerates his actions, no matter how simple they are. This personality is usually not good at building healthy interpersonal relationships. All the owner of this personality needs from those around him is to reinforce his sense of excellence, success and beauty.

With the proliferation of social media, it is now difficult to identify a narcissistic or self-obsessed personality. Anyone who permanently posts photos of themselves on social media is not necessarily a narcissist, Klas Heinrich Lammers, head of the psychiatric department at Asklebois Nord Hospital in Hamburg, Germany, told the “Apotekhin Umschau” website. But the transition from self-confidence to narcissism is not difficult, especially for those who suffer from personality disorders.

Dealing with the owners of these personalities requires a lot of understanding of the nature of the personality, since a narcissistic person cannot take criticism. And in the event that a narcissistic person is found near colleagues or even superiors at work, it must be understood that this person is insatiable praise. Most of his relationships with others are superficial. And a narcissistic person is not introverted, they have an interesting charismatic personality early in the relationship.

Given that the narcissistic personality has no regard for the needs of others, it is important to set clear boundaries at the beginning of the relationship. Your connection to a work or neighborhood relationship with a narcissistic personality increases your need to make it clear from the start that you are not always available to him and that you will not always fulfill his every wish.

Mistakes to avoid

One of the big mistakes that some people make is believing in his ability to change the owner of a narcissistic personality, so dealing with the personality disorder he suffers from will increase his stubbornness and resistance to change, which stems from his inability to tolerate criticism, because he ends up believing that is better than everyone around him, according to the report of the German newspaper “Die Welt”.

As for trying to make fun of a person with a narcissistic personality, it usually does not end well, as the response is often characterized by endless anger and a lack of regard for any personal or human considerations, as the narcissist perceives the ridicule as an attack. to his “wonderful” personality.

And if there is a personality of this type in your environment, it is important to avoid taking on the role of mother or father with him and try to direct him, because such behavior makes a person with a narcissistic personality under pressure and makes you completely alienate from your environment.

When it comes to emotional relationships, a person with a narcissistic personality is usually not looking for a life partner on the same level, but is looking for a mirror that he hopes will reflect the diversity he sees in himself. These people often forget important dates for their partner, such as Christmas. It’s also not surprising that these people neglect to ask the other party about their health or the details of their day at work.


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