How do you deal with someone who wants to control you?

How do you deal with someone who wants to control you?

How do you deal with someone who wants to control you? Who is the controlling person? While many people face a direct confrontation with people who like to control their environment, in the following lines Ziada answers in detail the question of how to deal with someone who wants to control you.

How do you deal with someone who wants to control you?

The fact that many people try to control other people’s lives, decisions and the right way of looking at things causes some kind of pain in life.

Therefore, there are several different methods to follow in order to get rid of this psychological tension by following the following:

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First: the interference of a dominant person in life is essential

Sometimes a dominant personality can result from exposure to the symptoms of a psychological disorder, resulting in a narcissistic or introverted personality.

A person becomes obsessed with controlling their life and their decisions, and this can be overcome by offering help and involvement in all different aspects of life.

Since this is one of the factors that significantly reduces control symptoms, it may be necessary to see a psychiatrist who specializes in such cases.

Second: choosing the appropriate way to solve the problem

Dealing with a controlling person is often very difficult at first, so you need to be calm and polite, especially if the controlling person is old or in a high position.

It is necessary to choose the right time and the appropriate way to talk to him, and it is not recommended to talk to him about rights because he is often not recognized, and one of the ideal solutions to treat control symptoms is to follow the following. A calm way of dealing with a controlling person and choosing words that match the controlling style.

A dominant person usually does not listen to slander because he is bossy and boring, but he often knows how to listen to statements that show how much he suffers from receiving bad orders, and it can be said better. .

A dominant person is usually prone to constant stress and nerve damage due to fear of the future and anxiety due to their addiction, which makes them feel a lot of pressure in life.

A controlling person begins to distribute the energy of anger in himself to the environment in order to reduce the feeling of stress and fear, so in such situations he is generally advised to absorb the anger and speak up. It calmly forces him to improve his mood and get rid of the feeling of excessive control.

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Third: Be patient with the dominant personality

One of the most important factors in breaking free from someone else’s control is to be patient and calm when you feel irritating anger at the controlling person’s behavior.

Various psychological studies have shown that feeling calm and patient when dealing with a controlling person can create a sense of power that facilitates the process of controlling the person who wants to control you.

Fourth: Reducing the relationship with the controlling person

When a person’s control increases and cannot be controlled by speaking quietly, and the real results cannot deal with it, in many situations in life one should avoid dealing with it immediately, because that person cannot deal with it. An exaggerated sense of control and control, apart from undergoing a psychiatrist.

This is because a dominant personality does not stop criticizing and trying to appear fake to those around them in order to prove their desires, which can lead to some bad things that can lead to insults.

Fifth: Setting limits on interactions

One of the things that increases the sense of control for many people is to provide enough distance for those around us to control and control the things and decisions in our lives, so it is best to set boundaries when dealing with these people.

This is achieved by being polite but not friendly and often reluctant to spend time with them.

Sixth: Use body language when dealing with this person

Body language is one of the best ways to express that the dominant person is not interested in what they are saying, it is a set of signs that help set the necessary boundaries in the agreement.

Seventh: Do not listen to the lies of the controller

A controlling person usually manipulates others and controls their behavior through some lies that make him completely control them.

Eighth: Follow the test method

Controlling people often take advantage of the idea of ​​not asking victims questions, which allows them to learn as much as possible about them, thus increasing their chances of being in control.

Tips for getting out of control in relationships

Once you know in detail how to deal with someone who wants to control you, there are many tips that can go a long way in helping you get out of control in relationships and they are as follows:

  • The controlling person should be observed and talked to regularly in order to change the controlling behavior.
  • If the controlling person shows their anger and resorts to shouting, they should not respond by crying or moving, but the best solution is to tell them that you cannot talk to them normally.
  • It is necessary not to enter into various discussions with the controlling person, because the desired result cannot be achieved in order to get rid of the feeling of control.
  • Show interest in what the dominant person is saying or doing so she doesn’t feel empowered.
  • A person must first get rid of guilt in order not to reveal a weakness that would allow the controlling person to impose their complete control over them.
  • It is necessary not to show feelings of anxiety, indecision and tension in front of the controlling person, which allows him to use this point to create greater forces to impose a greater sense of control.
  • Setting boundaries and conditions that are different from the controlling person is one of the most important steps in a relationship, and this reduces the controlling person’s desire to impose their control over the people around them.
  • The control of the controlling person must not be violated, which leads to a loss of self-confidence, so all negative feelings caused by the controlling person should be eliminated.
  • Reason and logic must be used to deal with many different situations, as the use of emotions in judgment is one of the most commonly used methods of control.
  • All the secrets of the controlling person must not be revealed, so that she does not use them as weaknesses that help her to impose her control more.

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In this way, you will learn in detail important steps and tips on how to deal with someone who wants to control you, and we hope that we have provided you with useful information.

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