How to know if a person in love with you is lying?

How to know if a person is lying in love with you? Every man searches for love that fills his life with joy and transports him to another world and he feels safe with his beloved, and in every woman there is a radar that senses the sincerity of the lover in his love or his lies and deception. , but when he discovers his lie, he wants to find a way to take revenge and identify the reasons that prompted him to do it, and we will explain each of them through the following article and get to know everything related to how to recognize a person if he is a liar in love with him.

Lying to men in love

How to know if a person in love with you is lying?

There are many methods that can predict that a person is lying in love for a loved one or vice versa, when a person feels that the other party does not respect and criticizes him in front of others and does not reciprocate the attention he gives him, it is in addition to the apathy that affects the relationship and the lack of a sense of security because he changes in his behavior unlike the Beginning of a Relationship, so he thinks of himself without considering the other party or his own feelings and feelings and acts selfishly. All these signs indicate that the person is a liar in his love, except for the disappearance and appearance in the life of the other party according to his needs and his great exploitation, and the emergence of the narcissistic personality that the partner talks about. he had nothing. One of the most prominent signs that a person is lying in his love is a lot of sweet talk without deeds to prove it.

Signs of false love in psychology

Love is a sublime and noble feeling whenever it is sincere, it goes on and on, but there are many signs that indicate fake love, especially in psychology, including:

Cold feelings and treating the other party with extreme dryness and indifference to his feelings or needs, and it is known that sincere love is based on actions that prove the sincerity of feelings, and when the opposite happens, then there is a lot of talk without actions, this indicates the lie of this love

Likewise, marked selfishness, self-love and giving priority to oneself in relation to one’s partner without caring about his feelings and what he needs, so that in false love, according to psychology, there is no altruism and no sacrifice.

A person enters into a relationship with another person until he feels happiness and love, but if he meets a fake person who is in love with him, he will not feel that happiness, but will fill his life with misery, sadness and disappointment, this relationship is nothing but exhaustion feelings and false love that need to be gotten rid of and freed from.

Fake love

One of the things that can be singled out the most is fake love, which is represented in actions and situations that leave bad consequences for the soul, because in everything it is the opposite of sincere love, where the lover treats the other party alienated, insufficient. interests, and false emotions that do not reach the heart, just as he does not feel in a false relationship. Full of false love with happiness or joy, then sadness and loss of trust and security that he always searched for and thought he would find himself with this person , but he feels betrayed and broken by the loss of feelings and energy and destroys the rosy hopes and dreams that he drew in his imagination and wakes up in the illusion and fakeness of the person who is with him, fake love It is like a cancer that exhausts the body.

Lying to men in love

Lying is one of the undesirable things in the nature of every person, especially in love with men, where he is the bearer of the relationship, and when he is described in this capacity, the other party breaks his heart and loses confidence in himself. another, and this man shows many signs by which it can be predicted that he is a liar and a deceiver in his love. In a cold, unfeeling way and the lack of jealousy towards the beloved, it proves that she means nothing to him, just as jealousy is the spice that lights the fire of love, and losing her expresses nothing but neglect and indifference to her matter, just as a man controls his lust and his interest in the body more than in the feelings of his beloved, so he strips his love of honesty and goes on the path of false love, and an important question can be asked here, why does a man lie to his beloved? Through what we have previously mentioned about the way a man relates to the characteristics of a liar in love, we can conclude the answer to this question is that he lies to his beloved in order to avoid problems, conflict with her or to tell her the truth, and that he has lost the passion and feelings that had towards her in the past, or that he does not care about her feelings or even exposes her. Injustice and exploitation, a fake man in his love does not want to take responsibility for the other party or sacrifice for her.

Lying to women in love

Signs of a lie in a woman, before we mentioned false love in a man, so there are signs of false love in a woman, which we will present in the next few lines, where a lying woman in her love will try to move away from the other party and separate from him more than once and return to him only to be exploited and treated in a rude way. She is estranged, and her lover is at the bottom of her priorities, because she does not want to continue the relationship and does not care about what he wants or needs from her or the feelings of others side cares for her, just as a lying woman creates problems and disagreements in her love only to alienate her partner, and not because of her love for him as some may think or her interest, but the truth is quite the opposite.

The concept of love in language

The concept of love has many meanings that express it, which we will mention in the language:

Where love in the language is the feelings that a person has for another and his intense desire to share his interests and all the details of his life and to stay with him and constantly yearn for him. Names that can express the meaning of love, such as adoration, affection and passion. Congratulations to those who find true love and protect it.

What is true love?

One of the most common questions that a person, whether a man or a woman, has is what is true love? Any answers? We will try to talk about it in the next few lines:

Sincere love can be considered the way a partner treats their partner with great respect and appreciation and shows tenderness and care, which makes the other party feel safe, happy and satisfied with the relationship, while some consider it to be sincere love when the other party acquires their full confidence on the basis of numerous situations in which it is proven, that in addition to preference over himself, joy for his joy, sorrow for his sorrow, and his constant and continuous desire to satisfy his needs and ensure a stable and happy life. Sincerity is also a sign of sincere of love and not betraying the partner or underestimating his value, as well as tolerance and ignoring mistakes that can cause problems and sadness between the two parties.

Does true love change?

Love can be represented by a flower when it is cared for and taken care of. Love increases, remains and continues. When neglected, apathy sets in, feelings change, and love declines. True love declines or continues according to the way a person treats his partner. Feelings and passion are not enough for the continuation of true love, but a person prefers his partner to himself. In everything, giving him happiness and comfort, and sacrificing everything precious and valuable so that he was a happy and maintained relationship The answer to this question is relative and varies from person to person depending on what true love represents for them.

The types of true love that are not fake

True, genuine love is not only between a boyfriend and a girlfriend, but there are many types of true love that unite friends, family, self-love and others. True, genuine love is represented in the love of a friend for his companion, which is bound by sincere feelings, common principles and interests, and the existence of great understanding between them and giving without expecting anything in return.

There is also self-love, where we do not mean selfishness or narcissism, but those who love and appreciate themselves and do not exhaust them by getting into failed relationships that drain their energy, and by constantly trying to give themselves success and attention. they deserve it.

While there is true love that is not false to children and is free from any selfishness or exploitation, since that relationship is based on kindness and tenderness towards God’s loved ones, and last but not least, true love that is based between spouses on affection, mercy, respect and mutual trust between them so that they can create a happy family and raise normal children. able to interact with others.

Traits of a lying man in love

Most men who claim to love share certain characteristics, because a lying man in love is characterized by lying and deception in everything, inventing events and falsifying the truth just to avoid disagreements with his partner and hold her responsible for what is happening.

He is characterized by marked selfishness and narcissism which he practices over her in every possible way, he does not see that she is wrong, he does not want to give in or make sacrifices for her or for the sake of the continuation of the relationship, and his indifference. and indifference to her cause, and this trait appears very quickly in a man, which confirms that he is a liar in his love. .

One of the most important traits that confirms that a person is a liar in his love is hypocrisy, because he is hypocritical towards his partner in the emotions and feelings he shows her.

The difference between love and fun

When a person connects and enters into a love story, he becomes worried and increases his desire to find out if this relationship is true love or fun, and below we will try to distinguish between them, because love is characterized by distance from desires, sexuality. instinct and love of the body One, and one of the most obvious manifestations that this relationship is for fun, is not true love, disregarding feelings and easily hurting the other party without looking at the effect on him.

Liar and traitor

We have previously touched on a lying man in love and his characteristics, but who is a deceitful man and how to detect him? We will try to identify this, because some signs appear on him that confirm his betrayal, so a sudden and excessive interest in himself and his appearance in at times other than when meeting with a partner, and deliberately not listening to the other party and pretending to be busy. Mostly, this is by monitoring SMS messages to get to his phone and hide them from his wife or lover, as well as harassing and belittling her.

Dealing with a liar in love

When a woman discovers a man’s hypocrisy related to him and that he is a liar in his love, she becomes confused and wants to know how she should behave with him, because we will give you some tips and methods that she can follow, and this is not as an obligation, but what is diligence from us, where can she start confronting him Talk to him about it, blame him and tell him about your feelings She must accept his reaction, no matter how painful it may be, and she must be ready for all possibilities, whether she forgives him, repairs the relationship or breaks up with him.

Signs of fake and false love

One of the signs of fabricated and false love that can be recognized is that a person deliberately ignores the other party, and constantly forgets the opportunities in which he can express his love.

This is in addition to the reluctance to do something that proves his love, because he does not care about his cause in the first place, because he exploits the other side and asks him for strange students who can go beyond the allowed range, which confirms the lie and lies of this love and the affected side must withdraw from this relationship.

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