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In the past, children helped their parents.

Childhood.. protection and security

The children of the past play their games in safety

Today, Vision 2030 is developing their capabilities to serve the nation

Childhood is the most beautiful phase of life that a person remembers throughout his life. It means innocence, happiness, immersing himself in the game, trying to discover the external environment around him and enjoying the care of his parents and the environment. and it reached its peak in this prosperous era. Before, man rejoiced in the presence of the children he had who would help him in the harshness of life and the difficulties of life, because from an early age the child was at the service of his parents in agriculture and trade and in difficult living conditions. in many stories we find that even before puberty the child works with the father in the fields, trade or industry and fulfilling the interests of the house, and even some of them travel in search of a means of living in trade, diving or hard work such as serving others or practicing a craft, in order to returned to their family with money they can raise to help them with their financial affairs. Facing the adversities of life and ensuring existence, and some few more affluent ones force their child to live a beautiful childhood and do not involve him in his work, but instead take him to writers before the opening of regular schools, and how many of us live among us who have not been helped by living conditions and who did not learn and remained working and toiling with their father until he had a hard time making his way in life.

Live generously

Today’s generation enjoyed their childhood thanks to God, and then thanks to what our wise government has provided for a decent life from the first moments of its existence in this life, because modern hospitals for maternity and children have spread, and the infant now finds care and attention and receiving vaccinations and good food, and kindergartens are open before entering For the elementary stage, and in today’s time, the competent authorities in the Kingdom are interested in the rights of children, as in all countries of the world, which see the importance of the child as an essential component of society Care for wise guidance about rights of the child from his birth, and one of the most important reasons is to emphasize what is decided by the Islamic Sharia and international regulations and treaties to which the Kingdom is a party, which preserve the rights of the child and protect him from all forms of abuse and neglect and ensure that the child is protected from all forms of abuse and neglect and their manifestations to which it may be exposed. in the environment, ensuring the rights of children who have been exposed to abuse and neglect by providing the necessary care, and spreading awareness of children’s rights. To the child and introduce him to him, provide him with help and treatment, and even work on providing shelter and social, psychological and health care, the necessary help, and take the necessary legal measures to hold the perpetrator accountable and punish him, and spread awareness. among members of society about the concept of abuse and its consequences, and deals with behavioral phenomena in society that indicate the presence of an environment suitable for cases of abuse.

national strategy

The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 paid great attention to the issue of childhood, striving to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the child, which will enable him to develop abilities and skills, protect him mentally, physically and psychologically, and instill positive values ​​among children by developing an educational and educational system with all its components . The Saudi National Committee for Childhood is also responsible for coordinating the efforts of government and private agencies for children, including monitoring the implementation of the provisions of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. This coordination is carried out through a number of mechanisms, including: A Senior Council for Childhood chaired by the Minister of Education, and a membership of representatives from government and private agencies involved in child care, and undertakes the following: Develop a national strategy for child care that assists authorities dealing with childhood in the Kingdom to improve aspects of the care that children need, coordinate the efforts of government and private agencies dealing with childhood to achieve integration and prevent duplication, recommend what each agency can do within its scope of work, and propose programs and projects related to team. Childcare entrusts competent state bodies, civil institutions and associations, and recommends them A, Encouraging research and study centers at universities and others to contribute to issues related to childhood care and to monitor the activities of the Kingdom of international and regional organizations that relating to childhood.

Growth stages

When we talk about childhood, we mean a certain age group of a person, which is the age phase that extends from childhood to adulthood. In developmental psychology, childhood is divided into the following stages of growth: small child (learning to walk), early childhood (playing phase) , middle childhood (school age) and adolescence (pre-puberty), and the law defined a child as “any human being under the age of eighteen.” This international definition is in accordance with the definition of a minor in the Kingdom, and the regulations and instructions that the Kingdom applies to the child include: As follows: First: From the birth of the child until his seventh year of age, he has no responsibility or task … Until he reaches the age of ten years old, he is considered distinguished and begins to train and teach him about worship, how to behave towards others and to take on some responsibilities and duties without being punished for them. It is dignified and disciplined without harm, and its guardian bears the responsibility for returning the rights that the child took to their owners. Fourth: After reaching the age of fifteen to eighteen, the child is asked about the actions he committed in the appropriate place and in an appropriate way for the sake of his preservation, guidance he takes into account his interest and the completion of his upbringing, because he is punished disciplinary. Educationally-directive, and if necessary he stays in one of the homes for social counseling in order to keep him healthy and sane. a sound replacement for his environment for a period of time to improve his behavior.

Zaman’s childhood

And when we talk about the childhood of yesterday’s generations, we see that things unfolded in a way that reflects the reality that people live in terms of material condition and educational status. What made them struggle with their parents from an early age to ensure their daily support, and a few of those children who were helped by the financial conditions of their parents found their way to school education before the spread of formal education or who had a birth defect that prevented them from working with their parents, such as someone who became blind and was destined to he goes to the book to learn the Holy Qur’an, memorizes it and studies forensic medicine, and after the improvement of his material condition and the opening of regular schools, the children found themselves in front of a new era, where the child spends the day playing with his peers, and when he becomes an adult for schooling, he joins elementary schools and spends most of his time in entertainment, study and learning. after the progress of education, kindergartens and crèches are opened, which start receiving children at an early age, and the children encounter all the proper care and concern. Oh, physically and educationally.

luxury life

Children in our time live a luxurious life – thank God – thanks to God, and also thanks to the fact that our wise government devoted unlimited attention and care to all children, because the services included the beginning of their vision of life, by establishing a modern hospital, which includes departments for women and childbirth, and even beyond that, private hospitals for childbirth and children are established in larger cities, as well as the provision of health and social care, and access to education, kindergartens, early childhood education and kindergartens were opened even before when the child started elementary school, and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 paid great attention to the issue of childhood with the aim of providing a safe and healthy environment for the child, enabling him to develop his abilities and skills, protect psychologically, physically and mentally, and instilling positive values ​​in children by developing the educational and educational system with all its components. The Saudi National Committee for Childhood is also responsible for coordinating the efforts of government and private agencies for children, including monitoring the implementation of the provisions of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. The child was also significantly represented in the recently adopted Personal Status Law, including custody of children According to the new Law on personal statuses, where Article 124 defines guardianship as “guarding someone who has not become independent from what harms him, his upbringing and taking care of his interests, including upbringing and treatment”. , guardianship is the act of raising a child and taking care of his affairs until he reaches puberty. A certain age for non-discrimination, because it includes education, care, food, clothing, housing and education, because care lasts from the early birth of the “premature baby”, newborn health, nutrition and vaccination of children, health in schools, child safety development and early care childhood, education of children, children with developmental difficulties and protection of children from Internet content, as part of the initiative of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman. , heir to the throne and prime minister, for the protection of children in the cyber world The child protection system was established by royal decree in 1436 AD, which guaranteed the protection of children from abuse, and the Kingdom acceded to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. So, according to the royal decree of 1995, with the Kingdom’s reservations on all articles that are not in accordance with Islamic law.


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