What are the conditions for getting married in the UAE with a foreigner or expatriate?

We will talk to you about the conditions of marriage in the Emirates, so we present, but in that article, all the information related to marriage in the UAE, because marriage is the basis of the family system, but first you need to familiarize yourself with the Laws.

As well as the legal provisions on legal marriage that applied in the United Arab Emirates and many other provisions that apply to all expatriates residing in the Emirates of various and diverse nationalities.

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Marriage without a guardian in the Emirates

UAE law allows marriage without a guardian present, but under special conditions, such as the judge who is the guardian of the woman if she proves that she does not actually have a guardian, whether he is near or far from her, and these conditions apply to the marriage of a divorced woman without a guardian in the Emirates, and are represented in:

  • That the other pillars and conditions of the marriage contract be complete.
  • The applicant must appear in person to submit the application stating that the judge is the guardian of the girl.
  • A girl who wants to get married is required to prove that she does not have a living guardian for her or that her guardian is present but absent or disconnected from her, and she does not know where he is at the moment and cannot communicate with him.
  • That the desired girl has something that prevents her from a legal marriage, such as a waiting period or delay, because they are breast-feeding brothers.
  • Bring a document that proves the ability of the suitor.
  • The dowry paid to a girl should not be less than that paid to others like her
  • If the foreign woman submits her legal residence, and anything less than that, the marriage becomes invalid, so she can get married in court without a guardian in the Emirates.

Emirati Army Marriage Conditions

There are some conditions and requirements for the Emirati army to be able to marry a foreign woman, namely:

  • The presence of a certificate proving the marital status of the applicant for marriage, whether it is a man or a woman, but it is a mandatory condition that it be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Along with the bride’s birth certificate, bring the original birth certificate of the Emirati soldier applying for marriage.
  • Bring the original passport of the bride and groom.
  • Do not forget to bring a copy of your residence visa, but it must be valid.
  • The last condition is the presence of a health certificate proving that this marriage is allowed, which is made by any medical center, but must be approved by the state.

Emirati Army Marriage Conditions

Conditions for marrying a foreigner in the Emirates

Of course, an Emirati citizen can simply marry a foreign expatriate, but the following must be paid attention to:

  • The consent of the bride to the marriage is required, and that she is completely satisfied, and that she is not forced, under pressure and threats.
  • The bride must be around 18 years of age and a judge’s approval must be obtained if her age is above the prescribed age.
  • An important condition is that the husband’s age is appropriate, not twice or more than that.
  • It is necessary to submit a certificate of the completed marital medical examination.
  • The bride and groom must also attend in person.
  • The presence and approval of the bride’s father or guardian is essential.
  • Availability of two witnesses to the marriage contract.
  • These are the same conditions for the marriage of an Emirati woman with an expatriate.

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Documents required for the marriage of a woman from the Emirates with a woman abroad

If you have made the decision to marry a foreign woman, you must familiarize yourself with the documents that are required of you in order to complete this marriage, which are:

  • Issuance of a health examination certificate that completes the marriage steps. There is also a requirement that the same must be issued by the Department of Health located in Abu Dhabi.
  • Another requirement is to obtain this certificate from the Public Health Authority which is available in Dubai and this can be through medical centers affiliated to the Ministry of Health or any center accredited for community protection.
  • The husband or wife must have a visa, and the wife’s guardian can also obtain a visa, according to his residence permit in the UAE.
  • The final condition is that both the bride and groom must be domiciled in the UAE.

Is it possible to document marriage contracts electronically?

Yes, the contract can be documented after marriage electronically without the need to go to offices that deal with such matters.

Does a divorced woman marry herself without a guardian?

It is not obligatory for the wali to be present for that woman, and this is prescribed by religion and Sharia, and this is not allowed in the Emirates except in a few cases, which we have mentioned above.

Is civil marriage recognized in the UAE?

Yes, it is recognized if it takes place within the framework of the legislation prescribed by the law of the United Arab Emirates.

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